Building Vibrational Wealth

This is my most favorite selfie of all time.

I remember this moment – the moment I declared myself FREE. Free from everything and anything that ever got on my stage.

What stage?

My stage.

Lately, when I find people get in my head, or the ways in which I should live my life get in my head, I have to remember that it’s my stage, my show and that sometimes (most times!) these extra characters don’t need to be on my stage – if anything, they are annoying evil flying monkeys that buzz around and cut into my space, my thoughts, my life. (I was the WWoftheW in my 5th Grade musical!)

I’ve got GOOD at telling them to shut up and get off the stage. They have no place in my thoughts or mind.

Guard your thoughts, very carefully. Be selective in who you let on your stage.

I say this because there are times in your life, many times actually, when staying in alignment with your purpose, your path, means that you aren’t heading in the same way as what you think society, your best friend, your kids, your partner thinks you should. How ludicrous is it that we allow other people to tell us what is best for us! They aren’t in our mind, heart or body – yet, so many people throw out their opinions for our lives, and we listen – we are good listeners, great followers.

I heard the best quote yesterday while driving, and I’m sorry, I don’t remember who said it!

Truth is a PATHLESS journey.

There are no paths to your truth. You always have to be the one creating that path – and don’t get me wrong – it is easier to listen and follow! It’s easy to be a sheep. It’s so damn hard to cut through that forest with a machete and find your own way. But we all have to do it. To be true, most of us just want the path paved for us.

I know I do. God, that would make my life so easy and simple.

I know my clients want that too. Human behavior is that we always choose the path of least resistance (because it’s paved, and our heels don’t get wrecked on it!), and it leads usually to the wrong place my friends – Take it from a RECOVERING PEOPLE PLEASER!

Yesterday, I had a great day. However, I didn’t make any money. (Yes, this is a real thing in the life of the self-employed/entrepreneur!)

I hate to say there are more days that I don’t make any money than there are days in which I do make money.

In fact, FACT: I have only in the last 204 months in business, I have really only met my goals – the goals I set out for myself THREE TIMES!

Yes, 3 times out of 204 months have I actually made the money I said I was going to make. Holy POOP!

And I haven’t quit.

GEEZ, just realizing that, according to society, would make me a massive failure. According to most “corporate guys” that I know, they’d have fired me long ago – AND THANK GOD! I would never want to be part of their competitive business-in-a-box structure anyways – I BALK at business done with focus only on profits and not on people. (I do know you can have both and in abundance too! Zero-Love companies you can smell a mile away!)

But here’s the truth about yesterday that I wanted to share with you, to encourage you financially.

My job, as a money healer and teacher, is to bring you WEALTH not just financially, but in all areas of your life.

Yesterday, was the BEST day.

I was able to stretch, do my yoga outside on my front porch, get my girls ready for school, go on a 5km walk through the farmer’s field, saw 2 MOOSE (super cool!), spend 3 hours with a brilliant monk (for lack of a better word – he’s like my new spiritual guru and he really is a monk!), where I was able to hang on his every word and discussed spirituality and how we can make the world a better place through our respective businesses, and then I got to serve my sister for the rest of the day and my nieces and nephew and spend some time with them because my sister fell and hurt her knee so bad. I was so blessed I was able to come and help her out and even massage her legs and knees for over an hour while we talked! Then I got to spend an hour in my favorite car, praise God for the gorgeous mountains and countryside as I drove the back roads back to my house.

“I banked pennies in heaven today.” I thought as I kissed my kid’s goodnight.

I put my head on my pillow. It was a GREAT day.

I maybe didn’t make my goal – not even close. I worked for about 1 hour in the morning on paperwork and that was it.

But on a day like yesterday, I could feel my vibrational currency in FULL.

ABUNDANCE. A deep peace knowing that even though I didn’t “make” money, I had all that I needed, plus MILLIONS more.

I help people with money. Sometimes, my job is to sit with my clients, hold their hands and tell them that this isn’t their season for making money, and that’s okay.

Sometimes, we spend seasons of our lives building our vibrational currency through giving of our time, love and compassion.

And, so many people need to hear that it’s OKAY (especially us women!). It’s OKAY to not make money all the time. It’s OKAY to sit with a loved one at the hospital, or raise kids or help out a friend and not be so worried about the BOTTOM LINE all the time.

It’s also OKAY to not contribute to your RRSP or follow the step by step process for building wealth according to all the textbooks. (However, it is important that you have a WILL and proper risk management in place – such as life insurance, disability, and critical illness insurance – THAT IS NO EXC– USE! I said you can be easy on yourself for not saving or making as much money as you’d like – YOU CAN’T BE FLAT OUT STUPID about it! 2 different things! 😉 Said with LOVE! xo)

So, I encourage you to consider all your wealth, and where you are building it at this time, this season of your life. And remember that you don’t have to build material wealth, you can build your vibrational wealth too, both or however you choose to build – JUST BUILD! (And don’t tear down other’s for not building the same way as you!)

On that note, I want to work with the women (and men – for that matter!) that really want to build REAL Wealth – in all areas of their lives, not just the material wealth. The people who resonate with this message, who get that there is abundance in all forms of wealth and want to focus on building that. This is my gift, and I want to share it with you – but only if this is your heart’s desire. I only want to work with clients that really know deep down they are here for more, more than just to serve themselves, but are called to serve on a greater level through business or other ways. I want the people who care more about their money than I do. If that’s you, then pop me a note. I want to buy you a coffee or skype with you and I really want to meet you. Because joining people in a greater mission and purpose with alignment can only result in magic! xo