For The Matriarchs

This is not your regular Mother’s Day post.

I have more to say than some nice sentimental hallmark card to the mother’s out there.

This is a call to arms for mothers around the world. Almost a ‘KICK IT UP A NOTCH’ post that I dare you to not just read, but implement in your life as a MOM of ANY AGE!

See here’s the thing MOMMIES – You aren’t really playing MOMMY at the level that you need to be. Okay, I’m not for a second saying you aren’t a good mom when it comes to your kids, because, shit, I just let my child watch hours of Netflix and eat a bag of chips, and then probably got all pissy at them as to why the house was a mess. So, I NEVER point fingers. Plus, I know we are all doing our best when it comes to this mess of motherhood.

HOWEVER…today is more about the bigger picture. What I’m talking about today is MOM-SUPERSIZED.

The one role as a mother you may have overlooked or not even really considered for yourself.


You aren’t calling yourself/acting like/taking actions like a MATRIARCH.

OKAY, I know what you are thinking. Matriarchs are like old, snotty, wealthy, cricket-playing women and sit on their throne approving arranged marriages, or something like that.

I want to share with you my view of a Matriarch and I really encourage you to consider these words as you play out your days here as a MOM.

This is what I believe a Matriarch is:

A matriarch is full of grace.

A matriarch is patient.

A matriarch grows assets & children.

A matriarch is meticulous and aware of everything happening under her roof. (And doesn’t meddle in the affairs under other roofs!)

A matriarch is wealthy with love and claims her abundance for her and her family and it is given.

A matriarch is involved with the education, resources, and environment for future generations today.

A matriarch gives and receives.

A matriarch is confident, courageous, stead-fast and abundant.

DAMN, where do I sign up?

Historically, patriarchs ran the business (make the money) and the matriarch ran the home business (pay the bills, keep the home running, manage all assets, raise children). At the end of the day, we all know it isn’t 1950 or 1850 – HOWEVER, most moms are making the money, and running the business, and raising the kids, that they leave the “money part” to their partners or let me be frank and tell you what is really happening, THEY DON’T HAVE TIME FOR IT! (Okay, they really don’t make time for it – I see this all the time with my clients! We are worn out MOMMIES these days!)

First of all the reason why it’s so important that MOMS step into the role of financial leadership in the family (or at least know every bloody thing that is happening under their roof, especially where money is concerned) is because men die. No, still true, men still die younger than women and it will be up to the MATRIARCH to efficiently effectively prepare the next few generations that follow her to manage the family dynasty for future generations. Even if the patriarch lasts longer, don’t think for a second that the matriarch’s role in her family is not important, and can be sluffed off to the patriarch.

MEN barely hear us ROAR – especially when it comes to money – they hear us roar about dirty clothes on the floor long before they hear us talk about money! For the record, being a matriarch is not about having power over men or anyone else, it’s about purposeful stewardship of all one’s resources.

Now, the family dynasty could mean anything you want it to mean, like making sure wealth isn’t squandered, or that children are educated properly about how to manage money & resources, or that money is gifted to the community or to a cause, but mostly it means future generations benefit from the stewardship & growth of past generations, as we all have today.

Right now, we seem to be all about feminism, women’s rights, and gender equality these days. However, as a woman, and especially as a MOM, when you try to give that power away or play down your role as a mom or when you don’t fully allow the blessing of motherhood to really sink in and try to be equal to a man, you will fail miserably. YOU WERE CALLED TO BE A MATRIARCH.

And let me be clear, even if you don’t have children yet or never did have children, you are still called to be a MATRIARCH to whatever your soul purpose is – be it caring for animals, a mom to kids without parents, or even to contributing back to your community or people you care about – helping along side cause that stirs your soul. These are equally as important so just because you don’t have kids, doesn’t mean you get to slack off either! Financially or otherwise!

Matriarchs need to FIGHT for the future and on behalf of her dynasty or tribe. (PS. You can define that however, you see fit – there are no rules here!)

These are divine roles you fully have the choice to choose. You don’t have to be a MATRIARCH, you can be a regular old mom or person, die scared, not sure of what’s happening with your money, leave it all to your husband to manage, and basically, give into fear that abundance isn’t really for you or your family. In other words, you can ignore your calling.

It’s okay to act like the QUEEN when you are one.

To all the moms out there, I challenge you this for the remainder of your days.

  1. Claim your title of Matriarch and own that bitch! Declare you are MATRIARCH of your family. Buy a mug or t-shirt with matriarch on it or write it down somewhere – I don’t care how you do it, just make sure everyone knows that you be wearing that crown!
  2. Claim yourself as financial leader of your empire, of your tribe (ps. being a leader doesn’t mean you don’t have partners – leaders NEED partners – husbands, financial planners, accountants or otherwise! And don’t wait around for someone else to take control, this is your job!)
  3. Make it a POINT to think about the next generation when planning your financial affairs (it’s not about you and the side note here is – guess what?! You can’t take it with you when you die….when you plan for your family financially, you will reap the most from it! I guarantee it! Financial blessings and blessings you won’t even dream of, the good stuff God will blow your mind away with!)

FFS, you still don’t have a WILL – do you? You still haven’t bought life insurance or bought life insurance for your children to secure millions for generations to come (for only $50-$100 a month!) And you still haven’t asked me how to do this! (Oh yeah, cause I haven’t told you yet how the government funded millions of dollars for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren – maybe you should ask me about that if you are serious about being a matriarch!!!)

So, my loving moms, stop aiming to be the inside of a HALLMARK card and start claiming your power (financially too!) and living up to the GREATEST ROLE you were CALLED. TO. BE.