Here’s something that I’ve really been struggling with over the last few years, trying to make sense out of.


That sounds pretty funny right, because well, I do “MONEY” all day long.

And, well, spirituality, is me in a nutshell. I CRAVE meaning (or making my own meaning – as we all do…), and deep connections with all living things.

Somewhere, somehow, money & spirituality got all mixed up for me. As if they were 2 totally separate unrelated things.

Nothing makes me happier than when I meet someone and we have this deep connection like you’ve been friends forever, or you can bear the deepest part of your soul to them, and well, you just know – it is meant to be. I LOVE these connections. For me, they make life DAMN good. And they happen all the time for me, probably because I’m open to them, AND I literally meet strangers on the street and can have deep mind blowing conversations with them instantly, and get right past the fake shell and down to the heart. BEST. THING. EVER!

So, let me share my dilemma with you.

Long ago, like 4 years ago, I finally got over one of my biggest money blocks, which was that I deserve to make money.

Okay, and I did make money (it felt good), however, there still must be some money blocks there, because I’m still way too happy to give away the farm for free… I’m sure a few of you can relate. Hey, I’m a nurturer (that’s my main money archetype – FYI – more on that another day) so ya, it makes sense that lots of the time I send my clients away with a HUG and not a bill. But, on a spiritual level, I’m totally fulfilled. I know I just FREAKIN’ changed/helped/transform someone’s life, so ya, I’m smiling big, but my bank account isn’t.

So, here I was, finally knowing it was okay to make money and feeling I had money & spirituality figured out at this point! But I’m a seeker (naturally, I’m a life long learner – says the letters behind my name, and growing!), and then came more spiritual books, a constant stream of journaling and examination, energy work, country music in the country (maybe a cigarette – maybe) and a period of deep prayer & searching (not for GOD by the way, I know Jesus is my homeboy – LOL, this was more finding my deep soul rooted connection to source, and finding out how I can stay connected in the way in which I can access abundance all the time – which I will say again for you who don’t feel or believe it. ABUNDANCE IS YOUR BIRTH RIGHT. Okay, you go me now?)

Then, I found that dang PEACE THAT PASSES UNDERSTANDING DOWN IN MY HEART. (yes, peace that you can’t explain at all!) AND HOLY CRAP….

Wanna go for a mental trip up?

I say dang because it messed me ALL UP! I had just kinda got my EGO full blown and wrapped around on this making money thing or at least allowing myself to finally MAKE money because I finally thought “SCREW THIS” if so-and-so could do it or if those UGLY OLD MEN could do it, so could I. (UGLY OLD MEN: See Forbes Global Billionaire List – which I hung on my wall as a reminder that MONEY DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE WHEN IT COMES TO HOW YOU LOOK – most of those old men are NOT ATTRACTIVE, even with BILLIONS of dollars….)

And then in my spiritual journey, I did find deep peace, the peace that none of it really matters. None of the daily stuff, sales targets, what’s for dinner, how clean your house is, really NONE of it really matters. The guy who dies with the most toys is still dead.

And then came the, “What’s the whole point of this? What’s the point of life? What’s the point of literally paying off debt, or saving or making billions, or what’s the point of ANY OF IT?” VIVA LAS VEGAS baby. Live and Let Live. You only live once.

Right, you’ve been there too I imagine. Caught in the balancing act of living for the now and living for the future you….

It really plays with your head. Because once you realize, there is no point to it, and really, life is empty and meaningless, then you can go down that whole depression spiral and be like – WHAT’S THE POINT? And, you can even take it further and yell at God and say, what’s my purpose here? What’s the point of all of this?

And you probably won’t get any answers, well, if you did you probably already wrote a book about it! Because, I’ve worked on this with my life coach, reading books and again more prayer and meditation, and deep, deep conversations with dear friends, and it can really get you into a spin – spinning your wheels going NOWHERE FAST!

So, I was back at square one. Literally, I felt like what’s the point of money?!?! (and this is a problem when my career/business/life is a Financial Planner!) I’m already in the top, say 5% of the world, maybe even 1% when it comes to income or living in Canada or however you want to say that we are super rich and blessed, and I know I’m not going homeless anytime soon, mostly because too many people love me to let me live on the streets or go without food… you get what I’m saying. Yes, my mind can go really dark, really fast. It’s what the brain does. Brains are good at this.

And then, also, there’s the point in life (and maybe many don’t get to that point), but the point where stuff just doesn’t matter, sure don’t get me wrong – I love me some PRIVATE JET & CHAMPAGNE & 5-STAR HOTELS & LOUBOUTINS (funny, just realized I have had all that!), but, I don’t need it. I walked away from everything once, and it was so good for my soul, and to know that you could lose everything, and life would go on, and it would be more than okay! (Talk about freeing your soul!)

Money doesn’t make me feel less or more of a person these days.

Oh, and it used to! I used to feel that money mattered, as in I was only as worthy as was my bank account or my “stuff”. Remember, I had my dream house and 5 (slum) rental properties, with my 2.1 children, and back then I even had a dog, nice trips and cars in the driveway all at age 30! I used to equate my personal self-worth with how much money I was worth!

Are you starting to see my BIG DILEMMA now? I know MONEY does amazing things, I BELIEVE YOU & I can make and have as much money as we want, and I believe GOD/UNIVERSE calls you to that.

Then, on the other hand, I’m still like, what’s the point?! What’s the point of all of this? Seriously, you are dying anyways, why bust your butt? Why do you need to be financially free? Why do you need millions? Why save money? I mean, after all, you could move to Belize and live on the beach, right? Beer is 10 pesos. You don’t need much to survive.

It seems so ironic, doesn’t it?

Remember the story of the fisherman off the coast in Mexico, that was approached by a businessman to turn his fishing into a fish empire, and sell millions of fish, only so he could make millions and get stressed out running a large corporation, all to make more money, save money, to end up spending his remaining retired days, quietly back on his small fishing boat just catching a few fish and living simply?

Here’s my big finish… and it’s GOOD – it’s what you’ve waited 1000 words for…

  1. Money is spiritual. Making loads of money is what you are called to live in abundance – it’s your choice!
  2. You’re gonna die. (I know it still takes people by surprise every day!)
  3. So, YOU HAVE TO KNOW YOUR WHY! You have to know YOUR why… Because no one can answer that for you and so you have to create it for yourself. And life won’t work for you if you are living someone else’s why….

I know my WHY.

This is what I’m looking for, and maybe you can help.

I’m looking to work with the people who’s WHY is that they want to do something BIG. They want to LEAVE THEIR MARK on the world. They want to CREATE, BUILD, and MASTER their LEGACY. They have a DEEP DESIRE to help people, their families, children, future generations. They want to BE the change in the world, not just wait for some “foundation” to come along and rescue the world. They want to be the FOUNDATION. The foundation for their family, for their money, for all the AMAZING GOOD that God put in us, and they want to LET THAT SHINE.

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