Why Seeking Validation Is Hurting Your Wealth

Why Seeking Validation Is Hurting Your Wealth

Seeking validation for all your decisions and choices is hurting your wealth.

You are looking to ‘the others’.

The partner, the children, the parents, the society.

God forbid, the banks.

You forgot the emerald rule somewhere along your yellow brick road.

The emerald rule that just passes the golden rule for living.

You are here to be you.

To follow your path.

To listen to your truth.

Not the rest.

The rest of the mortals will get in your head.

They push and we get so tired of holding our own that we allow all their judgments and opinions to take over the whole show in our heads.

Enter: The Gong Show

But I don’t need to tell you this.

You already know you committed the cardinal sin and let in the vampires.

They have been sucking the life right out of you for so long.

They’ve taken up residence in your brain and you can barely hear yourself think, let alone be able to tune in and follow your own gut on what’s right and wrong for you.

Why does this hurt your wealth?

It’s hurting your wealth because if you are looking to others to validate you and your dreams and plans, choices, decisions, etc. (and act upon their recommendations) then you will never stay heading in one direction, you will change directions a hundred times and be pulled in a million different directions, because as we know – 100 people will give you 100 different opinions.

You will have no consistency or persistence in your money goals or any goal for that matter.

You will never make it when you stop, start, stop, change, change, start, flounder, fall, win, stop, start….

It’s a disaster!

Your financial life will be a disaster when you don’t follow through.

Your financial life will be a disaster when you are constantly seeking outside validation and listening to every Charles, Henry, Bob, Tom, Dick and Harry that passes you by. (Just Pick One! Dick is usually good a good choice.)

Well, it doesn’t just hurt your wealth, it also hurts your relationships and if hurting your wallet and heart aren’t bad enough, it also hurts your health.

Being in a regular state of allowing ALL the people to speak into your life – instead of a very select few – creates confusion!

Confusion creates dis-ease in the body.

Cells go WACKY and out of order!

Why not select a chosen few that you absolutely trust, admire, respect, want to emulate?

Like your own personal mastermind in your head.

Do you have your short list?

Is it short enough? Is it focused enough? (This is key!)

And I’m going to be REAL straight with you – many times those people on your short list AREN’T the people closest to us.

Yes, you heard me right.

My short list is very short.

Like 2, 3 if you include Jesus.

But, like, it’s a real short list.

Here’s the other thing.

The people on my short list I have never even met in person (yet)!

They are mentors of mine.

Mentors I absolutely want to be like, in every way!

So, what I’m really saying here is that practically NO ONE can really sway me to get off this path I’ve designed for myself because my mentors don’t even tell me what to do, I just choose to follow them.

(And like I say to all my people, the same that is said to me: You already know your truth, it sometimes just takes connection to others to reveal it to you. That’s all a mentor or coach is anyways – a PERSONAL TRUTH REVEAL MASTER! There’s nothing to be taught. There’s only jewels inside to be uncovered!)

The only time you don’t get to where you want to go is when people pull you off your path OR you haven’t even created a path for yourself in the first place. (Back to my posts on creating Clarity….)

Sometimes you realize that you absolutely need to say

“Thank you but no thank you”

to virtually every well meaning person in your life.

And when you do you get to step back into the driver’s seat and take back your life.

You have to stand up for Y-O-U because no one else will.

Not even your BFF.

You get to make this good.

You get to stop asking for Validation.

So, stop looking for validation through others

and start VALIDATING yourself.

You are the only one who needs your approval.

So buy yourself an “APPROVED” stamp at Staples

and like the “That Was Easy” Button,

take that stamp and APPROVE yourself.

Approve your dreams.

Approve your choices.

Approve your wardrobe.

Approve ALL THE STUFF you chose.

Because it’s great and it make you you.

And when you are you, you most definitely…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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