Sucking @ Grace

Sucking At Grace

Okay, this is where you may need a kick in the pants.

In your grace dispensing.

To Yourself.

I’m not going to sugar coat it because I see this all the time.


People come to me all the time apologizing they aren’t where they want to be.

You still aren’t at your ideal job, education level, income….

You still have debt, not enough saved up, got set back due to illness, care-giving….

The LIST, my friends, is endless.

There’s a million excuses.

And, guess what – NOBODY CARES BUT YOU.

You are the only who cares about the excuses you have as to why you aren’t where you want to be right now.

Somewhere in your head you are still making this mean something about you.

You are still making this mean that you are not good enough.

You still haven’t accepted and embraced that, well, first of all, life is naturally at minimum 50% of crappy un-ideal STUFF to work through and that secondly, that’s how you grow.

You don’t grow without challenges.

You are still apologizing.

You are still apologizing for being you.

You are still apologizing for not being in the NOT YET camp.

Where’s the grace?

Where’s the grace you need to be shown by you for you?

Are you finally starting to adopt the “I don’t care what my neighbor is doing, I will focus on my own journey” attitude?

The second you start apologizing for being where you are right now – in this season of life – is the moment you have compared yourself to something.

Many times it’s the ambiguous “SOCIETY” in general.

I’ve had clients many MANY times ask me how they are “doing” for their age financially. People always want a benchmark to compare themselves to.

It’s like if you are above the average that makes you better.

It doesn’t.

It really doesn’t matter what you earn or what debt you have or ANY OF IT.

Because too many people are still tying that to their self-worth and letting it get into their head and it’s blocking them from doing the REAL WORK – their purpose work, passion work, the SOUL-EXPLODING-WORK that they were called to do.

And that’s because all they are focused on is getting above average results.

When you are focused on getting above average results, you will never get GREAT MIND-BLOWING RESULTS.

This goes for anything in your life.




All of it my LOVES, all of it!

And all because you are apologizing for the season of life you are in.

Don’t apologize for being in a season of life that maybe is pulling you further away from your goals.

It’s OKAY.

Own the season.

Own the fact you are raising kids and the braces cost a fortune.

Own the fact that you not where you want to be financially because you took a year off and traveled the world.

Own your past choices.

The reason for your debt – love it.

Learn from it.

Call it your greatest lesson.

The reason you had to go bankrupt, quit your job, got let go, aren’t making as much as you want right now – it’s all there for you to overcome, for you to grow, and…

for you to learn how to heap loads of GRACE on yourself.

Have you ever thought the lesson here for you right now is just a lesson in learning how to love yourself?

Learning how to give your soul, spirit, body, mind and heart some GRACE?

What if that’s just the lesson?

What if it’s not more complicated than that?

Here’s my big reveal for you, it’s usually and A-HA for most people.

You will never be able to HATE yourself rich.

You will never be able to HATE yourself to losing weight or your best body.

You will never be able to HATE yourself to any GOAL you desire.

You have to love yourself if you want the goal to stick.

You have to be your own best cheerleader.

You have to let yourself be the biggest loser and still be able to laugh at yourself and fail while still pouring out grace and holding the belief that everything works out for your highest good.

You have to stop SUCKING at GRACE!

When you do, that’s when you….

Live Your Legacy.

xx Lisa

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