There’s More to Clarity (Part 2)

There's More to Clarity

There’s more to clarity….and I’m going to tell you what it is!

Last week I talked about clarity (Blog: There’s Something Missing In Your Life)

Getting super clear on what it is you want.

(And photo cred to MOI who is planning away at ROSSO – one of my go-to coffee shops!)

So many people give lip-service and meme-service to this, but I can tell you this for a fact – most people actually stop after setting the goals.

And make no mistake, for you to have a goal in the first place is fantastic – it puts you in the top 10%-20% ( or less!) of people on the planet. (A fact according to me…)

You know it – I know it.

But let’s get REAL CLEAR here – that’s the beginning of this journey.

I mean don’t get me wrong, setting goals, creating clarity around what you want in life is H-A-R-D work.

It’s so hard your brain actually burns more calories doing goal setting than a work out. (I don’t know this as fact either, but I get super hungry after a good “session”!)

So, what do you do after the goal has been set?

You get out your calendar and SCHEDULE in the actual tasks that must be done.

I’m brilliant at this with EVERYTHING except when it comes to food.

But business planning, financial stuff – I will go out and say I have far more clarity and more plans and calendars created than the average duck.

I will even go out and say my planning is rock solid….now.

It definitely wasn’t always this way!

I’m a natural born organizer, however, there was always a piece of the puzzle missing – and for me that was always the answer to the question, “What do I want out of life?” (It’s hard to have great plans when you don’t know which direction your super-sexy boat is headed!)

And to be honest, this is REALLY hard for me as a natural adventure-seeker and someone who will buck authority/status quo/the “crowd”/society/norms till kingdom come.

So, yes, as an entrepreneur and financial planner – I really love to plan, but hate to sometimes carry out the plan.

Mostly because that sounds boring AF (as firkytoodle – look it up – the politer version).

However, that being said, I do have one magical secret that has helped me get to where I am today, as far as making plans and carrying them out – and that is…..

  • Really connecting into what you want.
  • Really being spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically connected to what you want out of life – what you want to experience in your life, what impact you want to make and what mark you want to leave on the world.

And this is what I see.

Everyone (being the “corporate world”) making these SMART goals that aren’t really SMART at all because they completely LACK the energy behind them. (See my podcast on SMARTER goals!)

Not only that, we are so programmed to create goals that are just useless words on paper.

What you need to do is get those words to come alive to you!

You need to create words that set your heart on fire and get you to get excited and enthusiastic about life.

  • Most goals don’t inspire.
  • Most goals don’t touch your heart.
  • Most goals, ESPECIALLY DOLLAR AMOUNT GOALS, don’t mean anything unless you can connect them to a fabulous feeling/emotion or something fun to step into.

And this is what happens.

Your goals don’t even get off the ground because of these 2 things:

  1. You haven’t scheduled them into your day, week, month, year. (Time will always get away from you!)
  2. You don’t have any feeling or real desire behind them – they are just what you think someone said you should have as goals – not YOUR real dreams or desires.

The only reason your goals haven’t manifested your goals yet is because they aren’t an energetic match for you – yet.

They will be, I promise, but you have to do the work.

But you have to up-level that energy to a point where what you are desiring is flowing into your reality without resistance.

When you are unclear, when you have no desire or emotion behind your goals and when you don’t have a written scheduled plan for those dreams – YOU WILL NOT ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOALS.


So do the 3 things:

  • Create Clear Goals
  • Schedule Your Goals
  • Desire Your Goals

And you will be a much better match for bringing it home and no doubt…

Live Your Legacy!

xx L

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