Time To Show Up

Sometimes you will feel like you have absolutely nothing to say, nothing to give.

There are always 2 options when that happens – neither is right or wrong.

  • retreat


  • show up as is

You may have nothing to give at this moment.

You may be feeling like you are shell of a person.

You may be in a complete state of surrender.

You may be praying for a miracle or worse – to just be finished running the damn race…

You can’t make a wrong decision, because ultimately – you know everything is working for your highest good.

Let me assure you that whatever you are going through right now is all meant to be and perfect in it’s imperfectness.

Retreating has its purpose, however, my guess is it’s used more as a avoidance tool than it actually is used for proper rest and retreat.

Of this I am certain.

As for showing up when you’ve got nothing left, when you are at a crossroads, when your soul “feels” empty, when you’ve left it all in God’s hands, when you’ve really surrendered the outcome, when you are empty…

When you’ve ‘Let Go & Let God’

take over…

You sometimes come to the table feeling like you have nothing of value to share, feeling useless on this earth for the moment anyways, and you don’t know what your next steps should be….

You show up.

That’s when you show up.

You just show up.

You don’t need to be fake, or put on anything special.

This isn’t like PROM. This isn’t dress up.

This is when you get to be who you are – where you are – right now.

Come empty.

You see, God won’t use you if you are “full” of yourself.

God is looking for the open, the empty, the tired, the weak – SO HE CAN FILL YOU UP and work THROUGH YOU.

When you are at your emptiest, that’s when the Universe gets to work through you and, make no mistake, that fulfills you – on a whole new level.

He can use you as an instrument for the gifts you’ve been given.

He can materialize those gifts into sales, and money, and all the things that you are so desperately seeking.

He can make all those dreams come true.

But you have to stop holding on to the past.

Stop holding on to your dreams so tight that you are strangling them!

Wanting something so badly is a sure fire way to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Choking your plans, goals, and pushing so hard that you forget why you are doing all this work in the first place?

Money works the same way my friends.

BIG TIME – if you haven’t figured it out.

The more you want it, the more it will run from you.

The more desperate you are for it, the more it will want nothing to do with you.

And so it is with all things – desperation never leads to the right outcome – and if it does, I will bet you that it’s something you really thought you wanted until 5 minutes after you got it and realized it was nothing like what you wanted.

And that’s how she rolls….

So, how do we get what we want?

Show up.

Show up when you are empty.

Show up over the fear.

Show up to the sales calls, the work-out, the date, the hard conversations, the things that you just don’t want to do but know you should….

Show up.

Be open to the gifts the universe wants to so badly bestow on you – the ones you don’t even know you want yet.

Show up with an open heart.

(Oh, this is the biggest problem I see is most people show up with a closed heart to many things they don’t want to do or be at!)

Open heart will always equal a little bit of magic!


Cause, once again, the universe can’t use a closed heart.

So open yours….

  • to the money
  • to the love
  • to all the things

Show up, Open up.

That’s when you will surely….

Live Your Legacy!

xx L

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