Chase The Energy

I believe that in life there are VERY few things that you should chase.

In fact, I would most times say the very act of chasing leads to not attaining the exact thing you are chasing.

The desperate act of chasing naturally pushes what you so desire away.

Anyone ever try losing weight only to gain weight?

Ya. Point in fact.

Which makes sense, because of course, law of attraction kicks into high gear and attracts to you more desperation and the chasing of the thing you so desire.

And hence you don’t get it because you are actually pushing it away by wanting it so badly.

Follow me here?

So, why then chase the energy?

Let me step back and ask you this –

Do you remember a time when you were so full of life, lit up, excited about something and it naturally made every part of your life naturally flow and you felt like nothing could take you down and it just felt like your life was on easy street – or you could’ve been the lead character in your favorite musical?

Yes, we all have times in our life when we have felt lit up about something.

That naturally attracted all the other things we wanted to us more easily.

It’s because you were in flow.

And I’m also not suggesting that one will always stay in this state of flow – however, that’s where chasing the energy comes into play.

If you were to actually hustle, or chase or go after one thing – it would be to create how you want to feel.

That’s all you are after anyways.

The feeling.

That’s all anyone really wants – it’s the feeling of a healthy fit body, the feeling of what it’s like to have lots of money, the feeling of being in love, etc.

We are all chasing feelings without actually chasing feelings because most of us still think it’s the weight loss, lover, money – all the stuff outside us that will make us feel good.

But it won’t.

It may help for a short period of time – but once again we humans get BORED!

Yup, we get bored.

Let’s be honest – accomplishing any goal is great for like a day – but that wears off and we are onto climbing our next mountain and back to feeling like we will never reach our goals – even if we’ve already climbed 10 mountains in the past year.

You got me here?

So, you actually want to manifest your life faster, climb that mountain faster, get to the goal faster?

You have to chase the energy.

What does that actually mean?

You actually only have one job.

I’ve mentioned this before, but now with a different spin.

You have to protect your HIGH VIBE at all costs.

You have to find what’s really REALLY going to light you up and do that thing.

And it may change.

It may change daily, weekly, monthly – whenever the thing changes, you need to change, otherwise you will get sucked into a “I’m Bored” or “I don’t know what I want to do” or “Life Sucks” energy field.


I wrote the book on this one – I’m sure you can relate.

What jazzed you up a while ago no longer does.

You either need to find a way to breath new life into your projects, relationships, jobs, etc and find a way to get EXCITED about it again.

It’s all part of the programming – re-wiring the brain.

Tony Robbins is all about this if you ever study him and his work.

Physically moving is a great way to get the energy flowing and get out of your rut.

So is focusing on a project that will literally light you up.

That’s chasing the energy. (because, duh – you are chasing good energy not bad energy I’m guessing….)

That’s going for what it is you want and that is how the rest of your life falls into place.

Isn’t that also known as TRUSTING?

Trust in the flow.

Trust in the energy you are co-creating with God.


God didn’t create you to be boring.

If it’s boring you – then it’s sure to be boring to God!

God doesn’t want you to live a BORING LIFE!

So, get that energy moving, flowing, GOING!

Do what you need to do to get yourself out of your funk and get chase that energy.

You’ll find in seconds, if not minutes after focusing, playing your high vibe tunes, jumping around, dancing – whatever it is that you do – that you will bring the energy, the fun and all the things you are so desperately seeking into your life.

And then you will find you…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa


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