Ugly Hard Conversations

Hard Conversations

I have a new life motto. I wrote it. No seriously, I scoured the internet looking to see if this was already a quote – and it wasn’t – so you are welcome to coin me here…

“Progress is made by having hard conversations.”

Lisa Elle

Yup, you can retweet that and everything.

But seriously.

The hard conversations of life:

  • every relationship ever
  • are we on the same page conversations
  • sales conversations
  • asking for the sale
  • asking for money
  • telling someone hard new, bad news, sad news
  • diagnosis
  • firing someone
  • breaking up with someone
  • teaching
  • messaging
  • forgiveness
  • standing in your truth
  • standing up for yourself

You can create anything, but you have to share it – hard conversations – if it was easy, we’d all be millionaires many times over.

You can stay put in your life where you are right now and suck it up – but if you really want to go after the life of your dreams, that’s going to involve many a hard conversations.

Getting right down to it:

Is one hard conversation keeping you from peace, love, money, health, your dream relationship – RIGHT NOW?

I bet you, you are only ONE conversation away from making a dream come true or shifting your life in a radical way.

Maybe 2 or 3 or 4.

But I can guarantee you it’s probably less than 10 hard conversations you need to have with one or many people in order to get what you want to get.

(Okay, unless it’s sales, then you need to have about 100 hard conversations to get one BIG YES!)

But you get my point, it’s really just a few AWKWARD conversations to get you to where you desire to go anyways, why are you waiting?

Why are you waiting and procrastinating on having the hard conversations?

I can tell you why I procrastinate.


I HATE conflict, confrontation at ALL COSTS.

Avoid like the plague.

And it’s hindered me in almost every area of my life.

I had a hard conversation yesterday.

A conversation I had been dreading for weeks, and guess what?

After I had it, I felt like a million pounds had been lifted off my chest.

So, there you go.

Not only will you possibly get what you want, even if you don’t get your desired outcome (which I didn’t for the record yesterday!) – you still get to FEEL good and be proud of yourself for having the hard conversations.

And nothing feels better than feeling proud of yourself.

I’m so glad I had a hard conversation yesterday.

I really do believe this – you are one hard conversation away.

Do this and you will….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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Queens forgive, move nations forward, stand tall and don’t let the little things bug them and throw them off course.

Queens make plans and send them forth with providence knowing they will work out and don’t bash themselves up when they don’t.

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