The Lighthouse, The Trapeze and The First Kiss.

If I were to ever give my BEST 3 pieces of advice to anyone in life, including my children they would be this:

Lighthouse Analogy

This is probably the most profound thing I ever heard. It’s guided me well thus far, and I’m sure it will guide me again and again.

It is this.

Be the lighthouse. Draw the boats to you, don’t go out looking for the boats.

Lighthouses stand tall and bright.

They do not go in desperation to find the sinking & lost ships.

The sinking & lost ships find them.

We need leadership more than ever before.

Leadership is not the same as management.

In fact, leadership is so convoluted these days.

But I will make it simple for you.

Leadership is setting the example you want others to follow.

That’s it.

You want people to do what you are doing – DO IT FIRST.

Show them.

Be the light that shines in others lives.

Do you.

People are always drawn to the light givers because they are bright and you can’t help but be attracted to light.

The key is this:

You need to tune out other people – maybe not entirely, but in a nutshell, yes. (Such as, don’t tune into anything that can possible bring you down or ruin your high vibe, especially if you know without a shadow of a doubt you did your best. You stay in integrity with yourself and the opinions of others will never matter to you. You stay focused on your goal.)

You need to listen to yourself, the Holy Spirit within, Your Higher Power, Your God, Your Universe or Unlimited Intelligence that has 100% been bestowed upon you as a human be-ing in this world.


It’s from God. He’s the light.

You tune into him and you don’t need approval from anyone else.

Not your mom, dad, spouse, friends, children.


When you have God on your side, you’ll shine brighter because you are tuning into the frequency of pure love.

Love always wins.

Love shines bright.

Be the lighthouse.

Trapeze Analogy

I heard this idea from Barbara Huson. But I’ve known it most of my life as letting go and jumping off the cliff. And I think this is the hardest one every time you are tying to step into something bigger than yourself or reach a new unknown level of what you define as success.

There is this moment when you MUST let go of one rung and be suspended mid air with no net before you can cling on to the next rung. The trapeze artist knows this full well and takes the chance every time they let go.

Release the outcome.

It’s scary. It’s not comfortable. It will give you diarrhea or make your stomach churn – but seriously, I think all those are signs you are doing something BIG and exciting and that’s how you know you are stepping right out of your comfort zone.

If your life is peachy-keen, then maybe its time to do a review and see if you are dreaming big enough? Actually stepping into who you were called to be? Growing your big vision and sharing your gifts with the world?

The adrenaline rush, the fear, the sick to your stomach are all good signs that there’s something big brewing in your life. Not everyday, but you definitely need to learn to love that feeling of fear of BIG THINGS to come and how it manifests in your body.

Take the jump and be suspended in mid-air. That’s the sweet spot.

First Kiss Analogy

The third thing is really not about kissing, but really more about procrastination.

Don’t procrastinate.

It does nothing for you.

It’s about the speed at which you come to your decisions that is what will propel you forward and working the decision making muscle will help you in life.

Like your first kiss, that was awkward until it happened, you just got to go for it. This means, any decision, any big or small decision – there is no time to worry if it’s going to turn out or not.

Set the intention, commit, and release – like the trapeze, you need to do this quickly.

Like waiting for the right moment to kiss someone new, decision making without procrastination can be awkward at first and sometimes it will not end up the way you want it – but many times, it will be the best thing that ever happened to you.

Don’t procrastinate. Take those steps, jump in – sometimes it’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done and other times its mind blowing amazing – and the point is this:

Start before you are ready.

You went for it, you didn’t sit and hum and haw about it, you knew that you had to try it and usually, it works out pretty damn well…

This is actually healthy for your soul, the same way kissing is healthy for our health and if you REALLY like the person may actually release all sorts of feel good chemicals, such as oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine.

It’s all connected.

Go get it.

Don’t sit around and wait for it to fall in your lap.

Your life will pass you by.

I sure hope you don’t procrastinate about kissing like most people do their decision making.

The Lighthouse, The Trapeze and The First Kiss are all ways to….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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