Spend Yourself

Spend Yourself

I know there’s a “spending” epidemic in our world right now, however, I do notice the opposite when it comes to the beautiful humans and our lives.

There is a SAVING epidemic.

We are all trying to save ourselves.

I just wonder what we are all so busy saving up for?

I see people everyday using excuses to not step fully into what they are called to do.

And the excuses, although some sound legit in our brains (like caregiving, health issues or lack of capital), are usually because we truly like where we are in life and doing that ‘thing’ that will SPEND US is actually terrifying and uncomfortable.

I would examine your ‘legit’ excuse holding you back.

Take me for example.

Next week.

Big Launch of what is probably going to be my work for the next decade of my life if not my life’s work – something I’ve been developing over the last 5 years! 5 YEARS! {This is going to award me the Order of Canada!}

I’ve cringed over the money we (okay, I) are spending.

I’ve had moments of incredible hope and adrenaline rush only to come down crashing hours later. It’s exhausting!

I’ve called my coaches crying in total breakdowns and fear and needed to talk through the impact of bringing this vision into the world.

I’ve talked myself out of this idea and into this idea so many times.

I ‘ve justified this idea to kingdom come.

I’ve had nightmares of how this project will pan out.

I’ve literally had stomach issues – stress causes constipation or the opposite! TMI – LOL – but don’t laugh – this is really what happens when you actually take the stand and SPEND YOURSELF.

(Side Note: Your health gets way worse when you save up yourself and keep everything bottled up! But the spending yourself health issues that arise are usually short lived – are are more inline to birthing pains, which usually are worth it!)

You manifest all sorts of crazy things in your life – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually!

All because truly SPENDING YOURSELF is scary.

You are getting rid of the back up reserves – the saving.

And that sucks.

You are hanging on the ledge. {That’s not my idea of fun!}

You are emptying the tanks so you can fill them up with something BIGGER & BETTER!

And all this draining and spending calls for a nap! HA!

Especially when you have NO IDEA if your dreams, planning, vision will ever even come to fruition.

But the same way you shouldn’t buy things that don’t align with you or lift you up is the same way you should not spend yourself in ways that don’t align with you. 

I realize there are different seasons of spending and some seasons for saving yourself. 

Saving yourself may include educating yourself or taking a well deserved rest.

However and a big however. I have seen so many people who GIVE up before they start or saving up themselves so much until everything is perfect or until they make a million dollars.

{You make a million dollars one dollar at a time.}

And guess what my BIG LAUNCH next week is not 100% yet. It’s about 85%. But I know to launch before you are ready.  

Because the trick to life is this – you’ll never be really ready for what life has for you unless you go for it and spend yourself – which also means putting yourself out there in all your imperfect perfection.

It means. Full-Frontal. 

Well, at least that’s what it feels like.  {I remember so many days past I’d rather stand naked in front of the crowd instead of being this vulnerable!}

So here’s the question:

What area of your life are you saving yourself for and not going full-frontal with?

There’s always an area. 

  • It could be telling someone you love them.  
  • It could be forgiveness.
  • It could be your business.
  • It could be stepping out on your own.
  • It could be your art, your song, your invention.
  • It could be your health. (FYI, your health gets way worse when you save up yourself! But spending yourself is usually short live
  • It could be sharing your story.

Whatever it is…. maybe it’s time you start spending versus saving. 

Saving up when you know you should be spending yourself is like a cancer that needs to be released.  


Spend yourself. 

Spend yourself as an investment in yourself.  

The returns – I promise you – will be worth it. 

You are your best investment. 


So go out and….

Live Your Legacy! 

xx Lisa

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