How to Accomplish Any Goal

My life has shifted a LOT – and I want to tell you the how.

How to SHIFT your life to accomplish the goals you want.

I’m queen of this.

No, really, I am.

It’s because I tap into my power and know how to do that.

Connect to source.

(Side note: I also know 100% when there is a goal for another season of my life or if there is something I really am not ready for yet, or don’t want. Discernment over goals is key too! That’s wisdom.)

BUT it took a long time to work through MANY past teachings and come to some conclusions on my own and truly tap into my power.

Okay, so I’m going to walk you through some very deep and personal things, but only in efforts to help you out.

I’m seeing way too many men and women with so much potential that just can’t seem to get it together.

Spinning their wheels!

And with love, I’m sharing the 100% biggest 2 secrets to help you get it together.

AND both of these 2 things, I have failed MISERABLY at.

I don’t want you to stay in the miserable places that I’ve been.

Sure, I know that sometimes you have to figure these “mistakes” out for yourself, but I also believe to my core:

a) there is no need to fail

b) there is no need for life to be hard

Those are choices.



Learning from others will help you collapse time frames and ultimately get to your goal faster.

Oh, and this isn’t about happiness.

I’m usually pretty happy.

The first thing I learned was that happiness was my choice and not about anyone else.

Even when I was going through the hardest times, joy was found.

Joy is always available even if it doesn’t manifest as a smile.

It’s something deeper.

Okay, so now I share the 2 parts to this!

The #1 reason you are not receiving the outcome to the goals you want to accomplish is this:

You are 100% not in integrity with yourself or others.

So, the first part.

You are not in integrity with yourself.

That mean, you are NOT doing what you told yourself you would do.

You are not standing up for yourself. (Is there someone you need to set boundaries with?! A partner maybe? A child? A boss? A friend?)

You are not properly taking care of yourself. (Did you schedule in the time to meditate, have alone time, body self-care, sleep?)

You are not spending money in a way that is fully aligned with you. (You are spending money on something, when deep down you wished you spent it on something else.)

Your calendar.

a) you don’t keep a good calendar

b) you have no integrity around time or planning

I’m not perfect, but I have learned a few things that really help – ESPECIALLY if you want to do BIG & GREAT things in the world.

You will NOT be able to do GREAT things in the world if you do not have INTEGRITY with your TIME MANAGEMENT – which also means with yourself.

I have developed a practice of deep integrity with myself in certain areas and the other areas, I still need help with.

Oh, and trust me I have coaches and masterminds and they are all fantastic – however – this is something only you can do – only you can honour yourself in this area.

No one can do it for you.

Second part.

You are not in integrity with others.

You said you were going to do something and you bailed or lied or cheated.

Which is fine, but trust me – your invitations will slowly cease because people expect you not to show up. {And that’s because of an underlying fear.}

Don’t be that person.

And even worse, many people don’t even communicate period.

That’s just flat out disrespect – and then – from your own soul’s energy – you expect respect from other humans, but can’t give it to other humans?!

OKAY – obviously you get that – however, there is a DEEPER issue here – and it is NOT about other people at all..

It’s about you.

Your energy field is clogged – to say the least.

You are in disrespect with YOURSELF!

And that sucks to hear. Truly – you are the meanest person to you.

People who have deep integrity with themselves NATURALLY show up in the world for others with deep integrity in all they do!

I personally do not care if people show up late or not at all (that stuff doesn’t affect me – truly), however, I do recognize that people who do not show up are not in integrity with themselves – and trust me – that’s going to cause you a whole lot more pain than it will me.

I’ve been there – done that.

And it feels icky and yucky.

And quite honestly – it’s horrible to have to be so out of integrity with yourself.

It’s self hate.

It’s a deeper problem that needs to be rooted out.

And that’s the whole point of this soul message today.






Trust me when I say, you life will begin to show up roses a whole lot more and you will be able to expand and show up in greater ways for other people.

Do you really want to accomplish some great goals?

Weight loss? 100% about integrity with yourself.

Making Money, Growing Money? 100% about integrity with yourself.

Relationship/Love/Friendship? 100% about integrity with yourself.

Body Building? 100% about integrity with yourself.

Leadership? 100% about integrity with yourself.

Are you NOT accomplishing your goals?

Then you need to find the integrity cracks and fix them.

Forgive yourself and move forward.

No need to apologize.

{Another side note: every time you break integrity it breaks a small part of your soul, it leads to dis-ease in the body, it leads to pain. Breaking integrity is sinning against yourself.}

Deep respect, deep honesty, deep relationship building with yourself will lead to great things.

Why settle for good when you have the ability to be GREAT?

Alberta Lee Cox

Greatness starts by holding integrity in all you do.

That’s how you crush any goal and stay in flow.

That’s how you….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa