Things I’ve Learned Before 40

These are lessons I’ve learned before 40 or had to re-learn a thousand times, or God smacked me upside the head with….

  • People are full of good intentions, I’m full of good intentions – Intentions are just the starting point – but your follow through has to be killer or you’ll just be a liar to yourself (& others)
  • You can walk through fire and be okay. (I did a fire walk earlier this year and walked through the hot bed of coals 3 times unscathed. I recommend you try it if you ever get the opportunity.)
  • The fiery hell in your life that you feel God is putting you through right now is for at least 2 reasons while you are here on earth: 1) To deliver you from the fire to build your faith (so you can be an example to & encourage others). 2) To pull you through the fire to refine you (so you can be the best you).
  • There’s always going to be a fiery hell in some area of your life – embrace it or at the very least let that energy move through you, don’t hold on to it.
  • You are the hero to someone – act like it.
  • In every situation, you always have the choice to help and be love.
  • Do a gut check – it’s usually correct – when it’s not gas.
  • Steal cuddles, hugs and kisses from your kids every chance – they become teenagers one day and it will be harder for me to tackle them to the ground.
  • Living at 4200 ft. above sea level is cold. We get snow every season. This morning is no exception.
  • Life isn’t fair, yet we still think that we deserve it be fair.
  • Every person on the planet is unliked by someone and discriminated against by someone. People are people are people are people. I refer to men in my industry as stale, pale & male… Although funny and partly true, I’m not helping the situation. (And to be true, I adore older men!) Be aware of your prejudices and judgments against others.
  • I believe the more we talk about injustice the more injustice we create – just food for thought…
  • Look deep into others eyes. When you do you will only have love for them. It’s when we don’t look people in the eye when all the things fall apart (we sneak, we lie, we hide, we make ourselves bigger than we are.) There’s something about looking deep & long into someone’s eyes that you can’t help but be connected to them and love them. Try it with a stranger. (It’s also so uncomfortable which is why we don’t do it often enough. You will be humbled. I try to catch myself often with this.)
  • BE with people. Just BE with them. That’s all they want. (I was able to BE with an elderly woman this year who was legally blind in her below standard of living basement-suite with no money and all I could offer her at the time was a big hug – I know it made her day as she probably doesn’t get many hugs living in a cold-clammy basement and there is no better feeling! I hope to see her again soon because she was a magical blessing to me.)
  • You need to make your end of life plans (wills, organ donation (please!), memorial service, money, life insurance, legacy work, charities, business succession planning, etc). You have to have the hard conversations with all your family members & business peeps and draw up documents – you have no idea how that will be the greatest gift to someone someday when they are in their darkest of days.
  • Be very careful with your goals & dreams – you may actually hit them.
  • Be very clear with your intentions and goals – you may actually hit them and they may not look at all the way you intended! (I hit my CRAZY goal this year and double my business plus and it’s not at all how I wanted my business to look like…. just saying…)
  • Cash Flow, Cash Flow, Cash Flow! (I would say more important than net worth…like yield is more important than ROR.)
  • Money is just money – it’s not evil, it’s not scarce, it’s not limited, it’s not finite – it’s available, infinite and provides you with options to be fully self-expressed and if you want to make a BIG long-lasting difference you will need to steward & allocate LOTS of it at some point.
  • You can get your fair share of money – you also get to determine that exact number for yourself – and whatever number you choose for yourself is not wrong. (Don’t let anyone tell you it’s too little or too much!) You are choosing your income every day.
  • You were called to ABUNDANCE in all areas and to live life to the FULL. I was called to ABUNDANCE and life to the FULL. We can all have ABUNDANCE and life to the FULL. Life’s not a zero-sum game. If it were then we would not be able to create or even pro-create for that matter.
  • Figure out what you really value: one of my top values is FREEDOM.
  • Leadership is so much more about you than it is about others. You always need to be a do-it-first leader, people will take note & follow.
  • Exercise is great and I swear what has kept me mentally sane and healthy.
  • Weight loss is all energy related. You have to do a whole energy-overhaul to shift that energy if you really want to lose weight. When I’m happy I drop weight effortlessly – when I’m stressed or not fully self-expressed in one area or another, I will not let the weight go as it serves my hidden agenda! (I’m fully aware of my hidden agenda! 🙂 )
  • I have a solid morning routine which keeps me on track. I feel miserable when I miss any part of my morning routine, which is also why I go to bed early. (One day, people will ask me why I’m so successful and I will attribute it to a solid morning routine! I also wrote about it in my book – Chapter 1 – cause that’s how important it is! This is my fuel, my connection to source, my mornings are literally my favorite time alone and favorite time of my day! I do it on holidays & travel too. It’s non-negotiable.)
  • Call 911 when you need to and save a life. Learn First Aid.
  • Do common sense things, like get vaccinated, save a little cash for rainy days, don’t drive slow in the left lane.
  • You can’t control ANYTHING but yourself. So stop worrying about everything you can’t control, which is virtually everything.
  • I feel most sad for people who have no faith and peace around death/illness/accidents/bad stuff and feel they still have to control what only God can. I feel sad for the inner turmoil & suffering people have and only wish they could find that perfect peace you get when you connect to a source greater than you. I have found this peace and here’s the great news – it’s always available to you.
  • Surrendering your life and laying down control will give you the most freedom.
  • Peace, true inner peace, is what will create the biggest shift in the world. Fighting for peace, or fighting for anything will just bring more conflict.
  • The LAW of ATTRACTION comes to life for me more and more every year. Take note to what you are attracting, not just stuff, I’m talking the experiences you witness and circumstances around you. Quantum physics is fascinating stuff. You really can think yourself to ANYTHING! You are really that powerful. Tap into that power that is so fully bestowed upon you when you ask in faith. So why not think yourself to greatness, to make great changes, to do great things?

Why not LIVE your dream life and….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa