Bad Advice

Bad Advice

You get bad advice all the time without even knowing it!

(This post included!!)

Minus the obvious bad advice that we get –

like that one time in grade two when some boys advised me to stick my tongue on the monkey bars in winter –

there is so much advice we get that is bad for us, but at first never appears to actually be bad advice.

Advice wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Pretty advice in designer boxes with beautiful ribbons.

We trust it.

It looks nice and fluffy and how can a cute little sheep give us bad advice – after all – look around –

ALL the sheep are doing it.

Ya, so you know what I’m going to say here.

But I want to mention this.

Stop giving your power away to all the people who are trying to give you well meaning advice.

Now, this is coming from a “financial advisor”.

First of all, I will never call my self a “financial advisor” again.

I realized years ago that I’m more of a financial options person.

In my practice, I just want to educate and provide all the options for my clients so they can make the best decision for them.

I literally just say – “Here are you options, what works best for you.”

I dread giving advice – cause then I’ll have to eat my own words at some point (or all the time!)

You see, my path, my calling, my business, my life, my financial DISASTERS and my money lessons are mine.

Yours are yours.

And yet we all know this, however, we are still so desperately seeking the manual.

You know, the manual that tells us how to live life, what to do and what not to do.

The manual.

And when there is lack of manual or written step-by-step guides for us to follow, we then turn to the sheeple.

Sheeple who give us advice.

I get it.

How great would it be some days to just turn off the brain, shut the computer down and fly on auto pilot for a while and just coast through life? (wow – lots of mixed analogies there! 🙂 )


I’ll be the first to say so, but NO LUCKO BELLO!

So now we are faced with all the words, all the videos, all the talks, all the friends & family & co-worker’s advice.

We are literally getting it from everywhere.

And here is what I think is happening.

We are listening to all the people instead of truly being decisive about which messages are for us and which are not for us.

I’m the queen of this.

I think what everyone has to say makes sense for the most part.

And this seriously has lead to my demise….well almost.

I learned years ago not to take all the advice that was handed down to me, especially from well meaning people who are close to you – that’s the sneaky advice that gets into your brain and slushes around there for a while.

I got (and still get) advice on how to birth babies, how to raise kids, how to eat, how to exercise, how to run my business, how to cut back on expenses, how to grow marketing, how to do my hair (so I just don’t now! HA!), what surgeries to get (seriously), what to wear, what not to wear – I mean come on humans – the list of advice we get is overwhelming and ridiculous sometimes.

Google gives out some good advice as well, sometimes.

And here is my point for those who really want to accomplish something extraordinary with their life.

Choose very carefully who you receive your advice from.

99% of the advice is not for you.

Sure, it sounds good.

Sure, it makes sense.

Sure, it’s even common sense.

Sure, it came from a “trusted” source.

Sure, it’s what everyone else would do.

BUT it’s probably not for you.

The more you learn to TRUST yourself and TRUST that voice inside of you – your God voice – that is when you will be able to say to no to advice.

You will be able to gracefully smile and nod and be respectful when well meaning “bad” advice is thrust upon you, and then continue on your own path.

You will be stronger in saying “NO” to things, events, relationships, jobs that no longer serve you.

Your boundaries will become clear.

You will have extraordinary clarity.

And I forgot to mention the biggest thing about receiving bad advice and that is that it is the biggest time waster when you entertain it and go down its rabbit hole!

Bad advice actually pulls you away from your goals!

It puts you two steps back.

Bad advice pulls you right off track and out of alignment.

I’ve received advice that I would entertain, maybe for days, and then to realize it wasn’t for me, yet I think deep down I so hoped it was.

I wanted the answers now. I wanted other people’s advice for my life to be right so I could just push my brain into auto-pilot.

But we aren’t that lucky.

We were put here for the GREY areas.

You know – that place in between my two favorite colors (and entire wardrobe!) BLACK & WHITE.

We were put here on the earth to sort through the grey and make our own paths to our black & white.

We get to choose what words we keep and what we throw out.

And all that well meaning “bad” advice will have to be put aside so we can do what we came here to do.

Your soul will be miserable if you don’t tuck 99% of that advice aside.

That’s what’s at stake.

Live Your Legacy.

xx Lisa

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