Keep Going

Keep going.

Keep going.

Keep going.


keep going.

keep goING.

Keep Going.


K E E P G O I N G!

keep going –

keep going.


K E E P G O I N G!!!


It’s okay to stop.

It’s okay to quit.

It’s okay to do whatever the heck you want to do – seriously.

It’s okay to give up.

At the end of the day, none of this matters – don’t forget that.

Really just here for your soul to learn the lessons it needs to learn, for the experiences it needs to experience and for the soul to express its divine purpose.

So there’s no right and there’s no wrong way for you to do life.

Oh, yes, I know, people be like – “there is right and wrong” –

But there is no right or wrong way for you & your soul to travel this earthly plane.

You will travel it as you see fit and learn the lessons you are here to learn.

“They” will have their own journey.

“They” will have their own truths and opinions for you – yet still…

You will live your life – that’s your call to make.

Consequences for every action.


LOTS and LOTS of consequences (or nicely put “lessons”) that we are always stuck in receiving mode of these lessons – many of us choosing not to listen.

But your actions, choices, decisions and beliefs are all yours to make.

You are allowed to keep going or to stop, go up or down, side to side or backwards.

Just remember that today when the world throws you yet another curve ball –

cause it will.

It always will.

You are a divine creator of what this show looks like.

And don’t forget the best news ever –

If you messed it up, if it sucked before, if you had a bad run at it –

You can create a whole new story for your future.

You really can.

And in that story you create you really can have it all….

I am in a place in life where over the last few years it feels like I’m climbing uphill…. wait a minute – isn’t that the definition of climbing?!?!

Wasn’t that what I signed up for?

To get to the top of a few amazing mountain tops and look out at the view (and new perspective) from that vantage point.

Wasn’t that what you signed up for when you decided enough of this shit life? I want more for myself, and by golly, yes, you should want more for yourself and others!

I really believe – as one of my core beliefs – that we can have it all – whatever that all looks like for you.

I know I can.

This means your body, health, family life, friendships, lovers, career, job, business, financial situation – all of it!

And one of my WHYS is so that I can show it is available to others who also want to transform their lives into their dream life – not just the life handed to you at birth (albeit good or bad).

Just so you know, your soul – YOU – deep down know what your next step should look like – it’s now a matter of honouring your soul and taking that next step to keep going.

So all this climbing and half way up the mountain mud slides, pulling you back down – is just another opportunity for you to keep going.

keep going.

Keep going

Keep Going.


K E E P G O I N G ! ! !

Because your soul knows that it’s all possible.

So keep going and….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa