Start with Suck

Start With Suck

Do something as a beginner.

It’s beautiful.

Seriously, you are at an age – any age really – when we do feel we ought to have figured it all out and done it.

We are experts.

And once we reached expert status in our chosen field, we decided to not be a beginner again.

Can you really blame us?

It took us years to go to school, get a degree, read books, school of hard knocks more than once – more like a million times – and so we rightfully do deserve expert status in our lives, our love, our careers – all of it.

So we deserve it and then we stay there.

We hang our hats on our profession, our titles, the roles we play.

HOWEVER, what happens to most of us who’ve been around the block before is that we get stale.

We still have dreams lurking inside us and the fear of starting something new is too great.

Because starting something new means we have to go back down to “Beginner Status” which, as we’ve already determined we’ve long since passed.

And I don’t mean about “fun” activities, like trying parasailing or skiing for the first time at age 50.

I’m talking about the things that your heart desires on a deeper level, the things you know without a shadow of a doubt you know you can help other people with but it may take you to step into a new skill or try something totally out of your area of expertise.

It’s going to be something that pushes you to the next level.

BUT what stepping out into your dreams for most of us means we are going to have to be a beginner at something.

And yes, there are the odd people to which stepping out in something they REALLY desire doesn’t even phase them at all.

I so wish I was like that.

Working on it.

And the truth is that let’s say a majority of us, if not 98% of us, really have fear about stepping into try something new.

Especially when society thinks we should perhaps already have that skill.

In fact, I sit with clients all the time in their 40,50,60,70 – and 80’s – where they say things like, “oh, I know I should know by now how to invest but I never did pay attention to it and now it’s too late.”

2 Things.

You shouldn’t should yourself.


It’s Never too late.

I see so many people in my life, not just clients, but so many women who know there’s something they want to do or learn but they feel it’s passed them by.

Everything from being on TV to learning tech to learning how to invest in the stock market or real estate to learning a new language.

The thing is this.

It’s okay to suck at something.

You have to put your SUCK out there.

Take me for example.

I got a D in college English 101.

I knew I sucked at school from about grade 10 to 12.

I was also told not to write any story – ever!

That was in college.

My stories sucked.

I know why now, but back then I thought writing (and art / music – ALL OF IT) was so stupid to MARK, GRADE & JUDGE because it is so subjective – which just frustrated me even more!

But then in my growing wisdom, yes, wisdom – I realized I had a message that I wanted to share.

I realized this 10 years after I left college.

And then after 10 years of no writing – just math – as I had entered into the financial world – I decided to start writing – knowing full well – at the age of 30 that I was a bad writer AND knowing full well I failed English in college (except for the begging to my professor to pass me and the promise never to write short stories ever again!)

So I started writing.

And it was bad.

And it was bad.

And it was bad.

And it was bad.

And I did it every day and it was bad.

And my friends and colleagues would look at my writing and point out where it was bad.


About a million words into it….






I became more confident.

I stepped into my own voice.

I stopped caring completely or at all what any one thinks about my writing or my message.

I got even better at grammar and spelling to the point where I type and now may only find one or two mistakes in a whole piece.

But it took practice.


The kind where you have something so important you want to get out of your soul and into the world kind of passion.

And it will drain you, make you sick, fill you up, challenge you in all the ways to SUNDAY, light you up and take you down to meet the devil himself and you will still feel like a failure even when you succeeded and it will play with your head until you stop letting it.


Emotional. Physical. Spiritual. Scary. Work.

But it must be done.

Your soul won’t allow it not to be done.

It’s like part of the package that the stork dropped you off with.

The suitcase of dreams and desires that were always there. You dragged them around with you your whole life.

You just finally allowed them out to play with you.

Here’s my point. The bottom line. The finale.

You have to be a beginner often throughout your life especially if you want to create something great outside of yourself.

You have to not just begin but you also have to continue on before you become an expert at something, which is hard and exhausting!

You have to decide not to quit when you suck.

You will suck.

You will suck for sometime.


You will get better.



You will be AWESOME!

You will blow your mind and the mind of others.

And then, my darling, my beautiful soul,

YOU WILL IMPACT and TRANSFORM the world in your own way.

It will be a beautiful display of endurance, perseverance, consistency, and practice.

You will inspire others by doing the thing you are doing.

You will inspire new generations to be doctors, writers, artists, athletes, investors, business owners, trades people.

You will have lived your legacy out today.

So don’t quit.

Start with the suck.


Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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