What Metrics Are You Judging Your Success By?


When I say the word “Metric” that will make most economists water at the mouth, it will make the rest of us “normal” people cringe.

Personally, I love me a good metric – when it relates to me or the work I’m doing.

HOWEVER, my blurb today on metrics has nothing really to do with numbers at all.

I think this topic is something so many people, including businesses, don’t take time to think about.

AND they need to.


Because when you don’t think about the metrics you are judging YOUR success by you end up defaulting to the worlds metrics for success – which by the way – are just the metrics you have conjured up in your head of what and where the world think’s you “should” be, which again, is some HOOEY-BALOOEY thing your brain is stuck on because it hasn’t taken the time to PROPERLY set METRICS for your life.

Things, choices, decisions that YOU get to choose to judge YOUR success by.

No one else gets to judge your success.

We need to know what success looks like.


Because we NEED to feel proud of ourselves.

One of the core desired feelings I personally want, and I know most people want is to take pride in their work, their lives, what they’ve created.

I want to feel proud.

And guess what….

When you are judging yourself compared to the world and the things you haven’t accomplished yet, you will feel unsuccessful – which is a crappy emotion to bear and will only bear you more of that in your life…


It’s like going back to goal setting, but a little different – this is about setting up what success really looks like for you so when you hit it, you know you are there…


you can make the choice to go on to bigger and better, while still feeling successful and not feeling like you are on the never ending hamster wheel never going anyplace at all.

You were meant to climb many mountains in this life.

You weren’t meant to stay on one mountain your whole life.

But this is why defining your success metrics are so important.

At some point on the mountain, bottom, middle or top, you need to look around and say “It is good.” (Yes, also known as ‘enjoying the journey not just the destination’.)

Like what God said when He created the world and looked around and said “It is good.”

Just like that.

You need to know what’s good.

Doesn’t mean it’s perfect.

It means you succeeded at something you set out to accomplish.

Okay, here’s the ideas list of possible metrics to judge your success by to get your juices flowing and determine what success means to you. (AND yes, I encourage you to journal on this, write it out, state it out on paper for your business, your company, for your family!)

  • Work From Anywhere – Lifestyle Metric
  • Work Whenever You Feel Like It – Lifestyle Metric
  • Work Maximum 10 or 20 Hours a week while making the money you want to make to cover what you want to do – Lifestyle Metric
  • Gross Revenue Goal – Business Metric
  • Net Profits Goal – Business Metric
  • Consistent Cash Flow Minimum Goal – Business Metric
  • Time to Spend With Kids/Family/Caregiving – Love Metric
  • 3-6 Months Travel or Vacation Per Year
  • Growing Your Client Base by a certain % per year
  • Getting rid of clients no longer serving you or your vision!
  • Growing Your Team By a certain % per year
  • Completing a Massive Dream Project
  • Making enough money so you can complete a massive dream project on the side
  • Changing/Impacting/Transforming One Life or a Million Lives This Year with your work
  • Having Your Home Paid Off or other dream project
  • Saving up for something CRAZY!
  • Having Enough Passive Income to Not Worry About Money
  • How Many Dogs & Cats You Can Care For
  • Being In Love – Relationship Metrics

I mean, these are literally a few off the top of my head – brain dump to be certain – but there are millions more and the best part….








I have clients who are insanely successful doing exactly what they want to be doing, and they ain’t millionaires – they just have enough passive income to live the life they want to live.

It’s beautiful to witness.

It always makes me tear up in happiness to witness these people.

They are successful.


I think if we were to tune in and really see what it takes to be a success in our eyes only, the picture would look a lot different than what we think success should look like.

MEANING SUCCESS CAN LOOK LIKE MAKING $40,000 a year and NOT A $1,000,000 a year.

Side Note: THIS IS NOT A TALK ON WORTHINESS! You are worthy AND you are allowed to aim for success metrics. One is a deep knowing you are worthy and good as you are, the other is a choice, responsibility to utilize & share your God given gifts.

It’s interesting because what success is to one is not success to another.

And that’s wherein lies the problem as we discuss success metrics with the other humans, not having defined it for ourselves.

We get swayed.

We get PUSHED.

Too often.

Wanna know my success metrics?

Some of them are very steep mountains. (I have signed up for rock climbing I’m sure of it!)

They are all different mountain tops and will occur in different seasons of my life, as will yours.

Writing and publishing a book was definitely one of my dreams and thus a success metric for me.

That to me is the success metric.

Do I feel proud of what I’ve accomplished, what I’m creating?


Now, am I any where I want to be yet?


But, I am still a success.

I’m very happy & proud of the body of work I’ve created.

My business has grown this year. – I would say by at least 30% or more. I don’t actually know the exact numbers off hand, but knowing it’s in the right direction is all I need to know to keep going and growing. (You can ask Pam what my numbers are, she knows and tells me and I smile and nod and just know there’s more work to be done, do I don’t really care about the numbers – in that sense, I just need to know I’m headed in the right direction at this point.)

Success Metrics.

Did I do the work? Did I do it the best I could? Did I love the best I could?

What are yours?

Live Your Legacy.

xx Lisa

PS. Want to learn more about money metrics? Check out!