Your Second Act

Your Second Act


It’s striking me right now.

When you feel you have nothing to give, (I know you are feelin’ this with me, especially when it relates to homeschooling!) and then you reach in and seem to tap into a hidden abundance of energy that was waiting to be tapped into, giving you the energy to give it one more shot.

Ya, I don’t have that right now.

And I don’t even have energy to write LOL, because I have no energy to do the LOL because that would actually require energy to laugh out loud and right now I can barely snicker out loud.

I wrote a LOT yesterday and I woke up to write my weekly blog and I’ve been sitting here with a blank page for the last hour.

This rarely happens, but yes, like all things in life there are times of lull’s and blah’s when you feel like you have nothing.

BUT you catch yourself, after your moment of pity (& chocolate) and realize, that you have a GREAT SECOND ACT coming.

It’s better than the first.

It’s more refined, it’s more polished, it’s going to be a whole lot more fun!

You found your flow.

You found your muse.

You found what fuels your art…. besides coffee.

For you, my dear artist, in all that you do, from parenting to carefully composing an email to your amazing insta-story to a well crafted culinary delight to the body of work you are putting out into the world….

You have an amazing second ACT that you are coming into.

The first act was practice.

I mean, seriously, who ever gets it right on the first try.

First act lessons learned – absolutely.

But, the second act.

That’s when the story gets more juicy.

The first act was to set up your story – to give it an obstacle to overcome.

You declared bankruptcy or piled up massive bills following your dream.

You weren’t in the best health.

You got divorced and dated a bunch of dorks.

Who cares?

It makes for an EPIC story.

It makes you a better character in your story.

It makes you a stronger character.

The kind of character that people are drawn to.

The more you go BIG and mess up – the better it is.

I don’t know why I’m even writing that, but seriously, we all know it is.

I’m far more attracted to people who did big epic things and fell flat on their faces than people who take careful calculated risks.

Plus, we can relate to real people.

I did a “Facebook Live” today in my group. I felt out of flow. But really, who cares.

I know this – even when I feel like I’m falling flat on my face, I know someone out there is relating to me and realizing in my vulnerability to be FULLY in my humanness (aka. SUCKING IT BIG TIME), it allows them to be fully “them” in all of their humanness!

I need to note that the “second act” is always the act (or season of your life) after you have major shifts.

(This RIGHT NOW could very well be the season shift for so many. #thankscovidandkillerhornets)

And here’s the other thing I need to remind you of…..

You don’t get just one second act – you get many.

You get all the second acts you want.

Which is good news!

Some of us may need many second acts, second try’s before we get to our desired goal.

For me, right now, my second act is starting (again!) – okay it’s really like act 1,837 and I’m feeling super unprepared.

But, like most heroes and heroines in our journeys, I do have faith that it will all work out.

I’ve had some pretty deep conversations this week with many of my people, and the theme was this:

Heading into the second act.

That’s how I defined it, but for them, they probably don’t see it because at the end of the first act – we all know that’s when the situation is dire, the plot has thickened and we now have a problem to solve and that’s how many of my conversations went this week.

It’s when everything feels like it’s at its worst.

Life’s hard right now, money’s hard, relationships, parenting, school, bosses, business, not being allowed into a BAR and zoom drinking – is all hard right now.

And fear is at it’s highest level for some.

But here’s what we have to remember about fear.

Fear always has a payoff. 

Usually it’s to play a small game or stay in victim mode because that’s the comfortable fear payoff. 

You weren’t born for either of those! 

Living your dreams full out means fear has to take that back seat.

Taking the back seat means that the fear will still be present, but it no longer gets to take the wheel and leave you in a constant state of inaction and worry.

Fear will still have conversations with you and try to back seat drive (remember Liz Gilbert and Big Magic?) but you are taking action regardless and living out loud. 

That is what the second act is all about.

This is your time!

This is your time to be the hero/heroine of your own story.

You do not need to wait for the government to dictate the ending of this story.

You do not need to wait for the blessing of any other person, society, organization to tell you what and how you need to operate.

You get to step out in faith.

You get to step onto the stage.

You get to crush your second act and get a standing ovation.

You’re the main character after all, stop acting like the supporting actress!

Act 2: Lights, Camera, Action…

What now?

Step out onto the stage and….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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