Creating Your Financial Fortress

Let’s start with what is a financial fortress?

I turned to the Googles to define fortress.

A fortress by definition is a person or thing not susceptible to outside influence or disturbances.

Oh and there are always going to be disturbances.

Things will come up in your life – especially the 4 D’s.

Death, Divorce, Disability, and Drugs (and I’m talking health care costs, however recreational drugs and addictions can also wreak havoc in our financial lives too!)

So, we need to make sure we have a fortress built.

A fortress to help protect us and a fortress surrounding us in times of need – like when you are invaded by ROBLOX or FORTNITE! (Hey, it can happen – I feel my house has been invaded already!)

And what is that fortress?

I’m not talking product today (although there are financial, investments & insurances that can help you), but I am talking about creating your #financialdreamteam !

Having a solid financial team surrounding you will help you become financially resilient and bounce back after you suffer a financial set back.

Think about a big fortune 500 company.

They have a board of director, they have accounting departments, marketing, legal – the works.

You need to start treating your financial life – if you want to create true and lasting wealth – as YOU INC.

Meaning, you need to be the CEO of this.

What does a financial fortress look like?

It starts with you in the middle.

Then around you is your financial dream team.

You’re the CEO meaning you get to make all the final decisions just like the big boss does and that means they all rest with you (and so does the responsibility!) however you can seek outside council from your department heads, just like a Fortune 500 would.

Your next line of defense should be your COO – and that for the most part should be your CFP your certified financial planner.


Because as CFPs we are trained to look at all the areas – we are trained in Estate, Tax, Analyzing Market Data, Investments, Insurance and did I mention Tax again?!?!

CFPs are a great resource for you to help you reach your financial goals! That’s what a good CFP will do for you. Plus specialized in business planning for your corporation, etc.

Here are some of the people your financial dream team should include:

  • Accountant (Bookkeeping & Taxes)
  • Lawyer (For Estate Planning)
  • Lender / Mortgage Broker
  • Banking / Banker for regular accounts – although this becoming a thing of the past and most are in call centers now or a visit to the teller
  • Real Estate Agent for real estate transactions
  • General Insurance Agent for E&O, Liability, Home & Auto & “STUFF” insurance
  • Personal Insurance Agent for Risk Management like Life insurance, Critical Illness, Disability Insurance, Group Insurance (and for many people that person is also your CFP, just the way the industry has evolved, it can be a separate agent or your personal financial planner.)

You need to create this team. Fill in names.

Make the LIST!

Have these services ready to rock’n’roll when you need them and also build relationships with them!

Why? Because things come up in life and you don’t usually get time to VET your team.

Meaning, you need a quickie transaction or need to quickly file taxes but you want someone that you really trust and knows you and your values.

Don’t rush – take time to vet your team, get referrals of trusted advisors of friends and families.

Make sure you like to work with them! Personality is a huge thing and so is communication. Do you like their service? Did they even return your call or message?

Ask them for their rates and policies. Keep their contact info organized somewhere – share that will your executor, close family, etc.

There are a million reasons to make sure you have a team like this in place but most of all because it will actually end up saving you money (even if you are paying top dollar for these services!) because they know your story and you already trust them and know they will do their best work for you.

Relationships are key.

Like the old adage says: It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

And being in association with the right people will take you place, at least financially.

Oh, don’t forget, this is a great piece of the puzzle you need in place to…..

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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