The Power of Your Word

The Power of Your Word by Lisa Elle, CFP

This is all we really have at the end of the day.


Our words.

Our words with others.

Our written word.

Our word with ourselves.

This is what brings all things into creation.

Language brings creation.

Our words are painting our present with stories of the past and dreams of the future.

Our words are building us up or tearing us down right now.

This is why words are the most important part of the human experience.

I know so often I am at fault of not using language (the voice, the grammar, the spelling, the words, the meaning) to the best of my ability.

When we slack off in this area, and carelessly choose our words and the message we are trying to send, we corrupt language.

And I’m not just talking about foul language here and there. I’m talking about spreading messages without integrity.

I guess, this is where you have to have discernment and stop outsourcing the very essence of your being and surrendering it to other people.

(You do this when you take one’s words at their word with out running it through your own personal truth filter!)

There is no such thing as fake news.

All the words spoken and written and said in the world are there for you to process and internalize for yourself and come up with your own conclusions.


This is not new.

Fake news is not new.

The words spoken have always had to been discerned by you, your higher power that resides within you.

You ultimately are the filter for all the fake news, the words spoken and written out in the world.

There is no need to call the news or words fake – for fake they all must be until we give them power.

Words only mean something if you give meaning to them.

Internally. Your thoughts.

It’s your life.

Stop giving your power away and allowing others words in with no filter of your own.

When you are guided in spirit, you can literally not go wrong.

When you are guided by your integrity –

your word with yourself –


your words with others –

you are living your truth.

And here is where you must, you have to – now more than ever – tune into what you know deep down as truth – and follow that.

If all we have at the end of our days is our words, our promises that we kept or didn’t keep and the bearing of that ripple effect of our words out into the world – why then do we not take the time to speak with more intent? with more grace? with more love?

Its truth stings and its truth brings hope.

For if it not were for our words that we create and bring forth the wonders of the world and the miracles, then where would we be?

We are nothing without our words.

We are nothing without language.

What does this mean for your money?

You can speak life into it.

You can direct and intend and declare where you want your money to go and what you want it to accomplish.

You are the master, money is your servant.

Never forget that.

You speak the life into your health, your relationships, your money.

You create from a place of nothingness.

That’s why it’s creation.

It comes from your seed of thought and can not stay as a thought.

It must manifest itself through you and out into the world.

And sure you really never have to speak about it –

But when you speak, you speak power.

Never forget that the tongue is the greatest weapon on the planet.

Never forget that the tongue holds the greatest power of all –

Speaking Creation Into Life.

I am well reminded of this during this time.

These words are my gift to you and probably the most meaningful and most beautiful of words I will probably ever speak to you…

You have a blank slate.

There is no past right now.

There is no future right now.

You are here in this presence, this present.

You have a blank canvas.

You have the power to speak into creation exactly what your heart desires.


Do so.

Live Your Legacy.

xx Lisa