The Magic Flow of Money

The Magic Flow of Money

I think it’s time the patriarch step aside and let some feminine energy in!

What am I talking about?

Your money.

It’s been way too manly.

What do I mean?

Most of us have been raised to “manage money”.

This along with structures, scheduling, measurements are very masculine qualities.

Now, let me say there is nothing wrong with masculine qualities.

There is a problem with balance though and being so fully lopsided to the masculine for decades, if not hundreds or thousands of years.

Have no fear, for the matriarch is making her way back!

What does that mean?

It means the feminine side of money has come to play and be put into the spotlight!

This is where we turn away from the extreme left and find our happy balance with money, adding in the feminine qualities that our money craves.

What are the feminine sides of money?

Well, she’s pretty much like you.

She wants to be desired, loved, appreciated.

When she is appreciated, she will appreciate.

She is tired of being in a box.

She wants to come out and dance and play.

She wants to move and move in flow.

In and through you.

A current.

The current of energy.

Which is all money is anyways.

A current of energy.

It needs to have an outlet.

It needs to be turned on.

So that’s the thing.

And ladies, I know so many of us have been fighting (internally, externally) with our money issues and we have not been in flow with it and we have in return said “NO” to the things in which we know we are to say “YES” to.

What are those things?

It’s saying “YES” to the things that bring you deep joy and turn you on.

Why is that important?

Because once you are turned on, a light, you will be able to shine brighter.

And what does that do for you and the world.

Make it all a much better place, happier.

OH, and you will…


Isn’t it crazy to think that all you have to do is say “YES” – a full “YES” to yourself and the money will flow?!

That’s crazy.

I mean, I’m sure people reading this think I’m crazy.

And so be it, but there’s a magic in being able to flick that switch, and dance in flow with your money.

It’s a different kind of living.

It’s really how you….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa