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It’s simple.

It’s not necessarily easy.


Being able to move from one place to another.

There must be healing.

There must be a rebirth of desire.

Then there must be the words, the language – the ultimate in creation of what is to be –

and in that sense what is already here and available to us in this moment.





The knowing that all of the Universe is in support – God is in support of every last desire your heart has.

The desires that were born from the Divine.

It still amazes me.

Mostly, because it’s me who still doesn’t see that my desires for abundance is actually already here for us, waiting patiently –

softly nudging us –

to RECEIVE what is rightly ours, every man, woman & child’s birthright – life lived to the full.

So here we are.

So here I am.

With you.

Sitting in this mess.

Make no mistake.

We are all here – because we are all connected.

Something most of the world conveniently forgets, hence why we have labels.

We wouldn’t have labels if everyone could see how connected we really are, and how the pain would subside when we see ourselves in every living thing, how hurting one hurts the whole.

Here’s the part I know so many are still stuck on.

We haven’t figured out how to tell ourselves a new story.

We are stuck in the past.

We are playing our past story – good or bad – on a story loop.

How things should have been, the crap you had to deal with, the loss, the pain, the horror –

Or maybe it was the good’ ol times, the joy, the perfect life you once had –

It is still playing like it’s a new release, front and center, months, even years after it should have been replaced.

It’s such an old story, old movie, that no one even comes to the theater to help you relive it anymore –

sure you may drag in some new attendees every once in a while, but soon enough too they leave,

probably because they are so busy trying to attract people to listen & watch their old story board

or maybe they just get exhausted of watching your movie.

Maybe you are finally starting to get exhausted of your own story you are telling yourself –

The one on how your family is supposed to be like, your relationship is supposed to be like, your body is supposed to be like –

The way your bank account is supposed to be like.

The supposed-to’s are a story of some past programming that needs to be re-told –


BLOCKBUSTER HAS LEFT THE BUILDING… maybe you didn’t get the memo…

The beautiful thing about this life – the secret – if you will…

Is that at any moment in time everything you desire is available to you.

You can shift your perception of ANYTHING.

You can attract anything you desire to your life.

You can transform your mind instantly.

You can FEEL whatever you want to feel in an instant –

but that choice is up to you.

You can disappear the past in an instant.

Why are you holding on to it so tight?

Was it better back then?

Was it worse back then?

Better question: does it really matter if it was better or worse back then?

You are living like it really does matter.

You can’t do anything about it anyways.

So, why do you let your mind always go there?

I mean, ALWAYS go there?

What you have right here and right now is PRESENT.

The present of being able to transform/shift your feelings and thoughts to the desire of your heart.

You are allowed to do this.

But you are not – and I’m going to guess it’s because somewhere, somehow, someone in your past denied you.

They denied you when you got a chance to be the fullest-expression of yourself.

They denied you when you got a chance to dance with life.

They denied you love, wealth, health, family, friends.

They denied.

But then, again, no one can actually deny anyone of anything.

AHHH, bingo.

You denied yourself.

And my loves, the worst form of betrayal is self-betrayal.

We’ve all done it to ourselves, and that is the hardest to swallow.

We are the ones who allowed ourselves to become disconnected from our true desires.

We berated ourselves, put ourselves down.

It’s so much easier to blame others than to take back what is really something we did to ourselves.

Isn’t it crazy – we are supposed to be all “evolved” and “smart” –

Our phones are smart, so doesn’t that mean we are smarter?

But we sit and bash, say mean things, criticize, hurt ourselves – on repeat.


Actually, it really doesn’t matter why – as I alluded to in a blog a few weeks ago –

but what does matter now is – what can we do to shift into the place we are called to?

What can we do to heal?

And knowing that when we heal, we end up healing others.

Isn’t that amazing?

When we heal ourselves, we end up inspiring another to heal, to take that step out of the darkness and into the light?

So, it’s like a win-win-win for you, others and the world.

And I don’t know if there is a better way to….

Live Your Legacy.

xx Lisa



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