The Secret Key To Having It All

The Secret Key to Having It All

My question to you: What if you believed you were already complete?

I mean REALLY believed it to the last cell in your baby toe?

What if everything you were after, health, wealth, love, were already here?

What if you learned one of the greatest secrets to allowing you to have it all?

I’m a constant seeker of figuring out the “how”.

Desperate for knowledge.

Read every book.

Listened to every speaker I can get my hands on.

Meditated on this.

Prayed on that.

No doubt, you have too.

We all want variations of health, wealth and love.

It’s our innate desire.

So, my question to you as you are on your quest: What if you believed you were really complete?

What if I told you that it’s actually not about “how” to get love, wealth & health?

What if I told you the secret to everything you ever wanted is not actually “out there”?

What if I told you that the secret to everything you ever wanted is already here and you don’t need to go looking for it?

What if I told you that you seriously have everything “inside” of you to be able to “have it all” on your terms?


What if I took it one step further and told you that everything, EVERYTHING,you desire is actually aligned with the Divine & your divine purpose?

You want to know what one of the biggest limiting beliefs is around wealth, health, & love is?

“I don’t deserve this.”

Lack of Self-Worth.


Don’t worry.

I can only write about this because I’m the Queen of Self-Doubt and I still struggle with self-worth more often than I’d like to admit.

I’ve spent years YEARS trying to figure out the right formula for it all. The “how”.

I’m nowhere near perfect, and part of the joy of life is learning that you have to keep tapping into, tuning into yourself, and not feel selfish about your desires, or feel bad for having desires that aren’t maybe as noble as starting a school in Africa, or feeding millions of children.

The guilt and shame won’t help your efforts any.

I remember when I was a kid how GUILTY I felt at church when I had ZERO desire to ever be a full-time missionary! NO seriously.

And I even felt guilt when I told my grandparents that I didn’t want to be a pastor, (and HELL no, I even thought about being a pastor’s wife after bible college and that was NEVER going to fly with me….) and I sure didn’t want to be a poor missionary (I know not all missionaries are poor, but as a child, all I saw was mud huts and missionaries eating bugs – and of course I tried eating the fried bugs! They weren’t bad.)

My point here is, no matter how you were raised, no matter which church, or grandparents, or parents, or community group, I’m sure we’ve all felt guilty for not doing something, or not wanting to “follow the way” that others have set out for us.

With good reason. We have our own journey to experience.

Our problem when it comes to health, wealth & the love we desire is actually pretty simple.

We keep turning to the outside world for everything.

  • Advice on our hair.
  • Advice on our car.
  • Advice on our diet.
  • Advice on our colon.
  • Advice on our relationships.
  • Advice on how we should spend our money.
  • Advice on what school is the best.
  • Advice on what profession is best.
  • Advice, Advice, Advice…..

And it’s subtle. SUBTLE.

You get the advice from Facebook, TV, Friends, Family, Walking down the street – basically advice from your “monkey brain” that won’t shut up ever!

And it’s not bad or good advice – it’s just your gathering of information.

The problem with all this information is that it takes time to sort.

Like Laundry.

And if most of us can barely sort laundry, how are we supposed to process a world of information thrown at us?

This is were it becomes even more critical to go within.

To quiet the monkey brain, and listen to the heart, the soul.

The answers are always within.

The answers to your health, wealth & love are all inside you waiting.

This is about tapping into what you have been given as your birthright.

A soul that is connected to the infinite.

The problem is that we’ve stopped asking for help.

Why do we need help from our internal guidance system when we have Google?

The good life, the comfortable, leaves many of us spiritually castrated.

And if you think I’m trying to be funny. I’m not. It actually makes my heart sad when people give up.

We’ve lost our drive.

Our dreams have been crushed.

Life has got us down.

Things didn’t go as planned.

The should’ve, would’ve, could’ves’ have got the best of us.

And we are left empty.

Here’s something I want to say, and some will understand this, and it will trigger the rest.

It’s our responsibility to go deep.

To find that dream.

To follow that dream.

To re-sell ourselves on that dream everyday.

It’s not anyone else’s job – yet we make it everyone else’s problem.

I’m telling you that all the health you want, the wealth you want, and that dream relationship you want is actually already here inside you, you just have to tap in, get clear, and BE that first.

BE love first.

BE health first.

BE wealth first.

WTF is she talking about?

It’s hard, but not hard. And, yes, I mean that.

It involves expectations, but not holding on to them too tightly.

It involves setting intentions, but not being devastated when they don’t materialize.

The trick is in the BEing and the BElieving and your BEliefs.

BE first means that you are already embodying all that you want – KNOWING it’s here, KNOWING it’s not out there.


You create it first inside you – then the outside world follows suit.

Think of when you were first in “love”.

That’s literally a feeling you created inside of you.

You created that whole experience.

And wasn’t it the best feeling in the whole world?

Same with health. Same with wealth.

The inside has to be RIGHT before the outside can manifest itself.

To BE LOVE first in all your relationships will manifest a LIFE OF LOVE.

To BE WEALTHY first inside will manifest real money throughout your life.

To BE HEALTHY first in thought and mind and soul will eventually manifest it’s self out.

and if you want LAUGHTER, BE the funniest person you know (even if it’s not true, I think I’m the funniest person I know, and hence, I have so much laughter and lightness most of the time in my life! I actually sit here and laugh at my own jokes – alone – at like 5am!)

This is how it works. It’s law.

It has to. This is how this whole GIG is set up.



AND THAT’S BECA– USE YOU ALREADY HAVE EVERYTHING – you just forgot that it was inside of you.

And it is waiting for you….


Waiting for your soul.

Wanting to — USE YOU to CHANNEL LOVE, HEALTH, & WEALTH  into this world and pour out that blessing to all those around you.

Your soul is waiting & wanting you…..

to come home to YOU.

Live YOUR Legacy!

xx L


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