How to Plug Your Energy Leaks

How to Kill Your Energy Vampires

Have you ever sprouted a leak?

I’m very sure I’ve sprouted many.

From tears to my rubber dingy and everything in between.

I feel some days I’m the queen of leaks.

I probably have leaky gut syndrome – don’t know what that is, mind you – but I saw a Facebook ad for it, and I assume Facebook knows me better than my own GP. I mean, seriously, all those algorithms and spying must be good for something.

Leaks everywhere!

It’s amazing how we even function as human beings most days!

And then there’s the worst kind of leak….

The ENERGY leak.

The ENERGY drains.

The ENERGY vampires.

They come at you all day long, SUCKING THE LIFE OUT OF YOU!

Leaving you tired, exhausted, mind-numbed, grouchy, and the worst feeling – when you lose integrity with yourself.

Like all vampires, they need to be killed off, or they end up turning your life into a Twilight sequel, and as we all know, you never want to be the sequel to anything… (true story, just ask Ghostbusters Part 3… oh, you didn’t know there was a Part 3?! lol)

Time to sharpen your stake!

But, slow down there Tonto…. before we go kill the vampires, or hire the hottest plumber we can find to plug some of these leaks, we must first figure out where they are coming from.

For me, I’ve been identifying my energy leaks and ridding myself of them as fast as I can (meaning delegating most of them) and some of them, I can’t delegate away, I have to do them myself – so I’ve learned how I best handle them.

If you still don’t know (or can’t instantly identify) the energy leaks in your life, let me help you out with some things I find are energy leaks for myself…

  • a job/boss/company/clients that sucks the life out of you
  • not opening your snail mail and letting it pile up
  • not dealing with emails
  • not responding to voicemails
  • not paying your bills on time
  • certain people/relationships
  • bad food (aka. sugary/carby heaven…)
  • alcohol
  • drugs
  • certain airlines (YUP!)
  • certain hotel chains (YUP!)
  • old stanky underwear (we all have them! FOR GOD’S SAKE – THROW AWAY ALREADY!)
  • cleaning toilets
  • filing
  • watching the news
  • movies/tv that doesn’t uplift me
  • even, certain music drains my energy (and then lots that gives me energy)

I could obviously go on about everything I don’t like… and it’s true – if you don’t like it – it’s not going to give you energy, it will always take your energy away.

And this is a problem.


We need to either get rid of or re-frame our energy vampires.

One way I deal with all the YUCKY stuff of life, is that I tackle it immediately – first thing! (after I’ve dealt with myself first of course – read Chapter 1 of my book, STRUT!)

I rarely procrastinate on the messy stuff. Hard calls, having tough conversations, delivering negative news. I know I need to deal with that stuff right away, otherwise, I know I just let that stuff FESTER for days, and it’s not good for myself or the rest of the world.

Being the best you is the BEST gift you can give the world.

And you can’t do that if you are negative, and grouchy and feeling not-so-top-shelf.

Here’s the other thing that kills vampires…. SUNSHINE!

So, when I say SHINE and be YOU, I’m saying it not just because we (the rest of the world) need to see you shine, you need to SHINE to kill your own vampires too!


What the heck does killing our energy vampires have to do with MONEY?



OMG… you missed my preaching the last 140+ weeks didn’t you?!


And when your energy is being leaked, drained – so is your bank account!!

It goes hand in hand.

Your energy drain is actually costing you EVERYTHING!

Your dreams.

Your goals.

Your next vacation.

Your soul.

Your body.

Your relationships.

Your everything you ever wanted to get out of this life!

And I don’t know anyone that’s willing to pay that price…

You are too important.

Too beautiful a soul.

You have too much love to give.

You have too much to share with the world.

And when you keep allowing these energy leaks – you are left with nothing.

Nothing to give.

Nothing to share.


If you can find one or two energy leaks this week and pass them off to someone else (who loves to do them!) or flat out quash them – and then do that every day a little – where would you be in one month from now? One year from now?

Start plugging the holes.

Start killing the things in life you don’t want to do.

Change your belief that “life has to be hard” or “I have to do such and such” – when that’s BS. No one is making you do anything.

Embrace new beliefs such as, “Life keeps getting better and better!” “Everything I do is FUN & EASY!”

Because when you stay in FLOW, ALIGNMENT, LIVE IN YOUR PURPOSE – magically energy vampires fall away into the night…


Life keeps getting better and better.

Live Your Legacy.

xx L


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