What Does Surrender Look Like?

What Does Surrender Look Like

You 100% know when you are shutting out one part of your life.

You know when you are hiding or just putting something off that you need to address.

There’s something in all our lives that we are putting off.

Not facing.

The difference between successful people that “have it all” versus the rest is that they can lean into the discomfort better, faster and shift faster back into alignment, into flow, into God.

And first of all, I am a FIRM BELIEVER that everything your heart desires and having it all is 100% a possibility for you in this lifetime and divinely inspired.

There are actually people – humans – walking among us that pretty much “have it all” including that HAPPY SPARK for life.

I know when I’m in the zone 100%, when I am in flow with my life – and when I know I have it all.

One of my coaches always says, “When I say YES to Life, Life says Yes to Me!”

Or another way of saying that, is when you say YES to your higher power or the Holy Spirit in your life, answer the call – also known as your desires – and follow fully in that, the universe will be in full support of you – things will fall effortlessly in to place, day-in and day-out.

Sure bad things will happen – this isn’t some guarantee that life is going to be perfect, but there will be PEACE in your life.

Here’s the other thing –

You don’t get to live in the magic of life when you are 99% in alignment.

You will NEVER get to your destination if you are 99 degrees on track.

Being 99% in alignment, it’s no different than being 100% out of alignment.

1 degree off, is 100% off target.

Miss the mark.

Miss the final destination.

Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

It’s that simple.

So how do you get back on track?

Or better question, how do you fully surrender to the life you are called to?

What does surrender even look like?

For me, it’s literally throwing both hands up in the air, arms stretched out to the sky – vulnerable – setting my life FREE.

Or it’s singing.

Or it’s dancing.

For you, it may be something totally different.

But from a soul level, it’s coming to that place in your heart where you acknowledge you have no power except the power you are connected to, and then getting re-connected to that power.

It’s humility.

Humbled hearts.

It’s about getting to stand fully in the present, be present with the present.

That means all your worries are put aside.

Your worries only come from creating a future in your mind that is not desirable.

Put it aside.

Surrender it.

And that means the money, the health, the body, the mind, the relationships.

All the ego identifying aspects of our selves.

We have to come to a place where we abandon the self to allow – to receive the unknown.

And WE, the people, don’t like that.

It’s living in uncertainty that just freaks us out – I’m freaked out by it.

And then to choose that?!

Find a way to bring yourself back to that energy shift within over and over again until you come to a place where you fully get to create and then go beyond that and actually manifest the life you want.

This is too deep for me on a Tuesday morning.

But it’s always that next level reveal that keeps pushing us to learn, to grow, to LOVE more fully, to find that deep peace that surpasses understanding.

It available to you right now.

That’s probably the best news.

You don’t need anyone’s permission.

It’s waiting for you, always was, and always is and always will be.

It’s like the sci-fi movie where you get to step into the light, and then get whisked away.

It’s like that.

I mean, it’s really like that.

My payer is you discover it for yourself if you haven’t ever had it.

If you have, you resonate with this – you know exactly what I’m saying so in-eloquently.

But no matter where you are on your journey, it’s a choice, a decision to take that next step….

Live Your Legacy.

xx L