Get OUT of your FUNK

Get Out Of Your Funk

When you are miserable and depressed it’s usually because of a combination of 2 things:

  • You aren’t doing what you are called to be doing
  • You are only focused on yourself

So, really both of those is the same thing.

Let me explain.

When you are doing what you are called to be doing you are of service to others.

Being called to do your gifts is of service to others.

I don’t care if you are a painter, the most amazing wake-surfer, best video-gamer, top business man or you knit cute-adorable mittens for kittens –

What ever it is that you are called to do – Whatever it is that lights you up and makes you feel alive – is being of service to others and at the same time you are helping others you are not focused on yourself or your pity-party.

Do you get that?

You can’t be helping and serving in a true manner while being fully concerned with yourself.

Helping and True Selfishness can’t co-exist at the same time.

Doing what lights you up IS not selfish – just so we are clear.

Doing what you are called to do IS what will bring you JOY and get you outta your rut.

It’s the cure for depression.

Helping Yourself find the thing that lights you up that you can then share with the world IS THE CURE for all the STUFF you are going through.

Did you hear that? Did it resonate? Let me say it again.


But you have to share it.

You have to share with the world, tell your story, show & tell what you created, sell your goods, help the people.

It’s no good hidden.

***CUE: This Little Light of Mine***

Sharing is caring – like they say, but even more than that, the more we share the more we are able to lift the depression, the stress, and inspire others.

Share your depression, if nothing else. Share that you don’t even know where your depression is coming from. Share that you are getting loads of help and it’s still not helping. Share. Share. Share.

Encouragement is not you standing there TELLING everyone how to be.

Encouragement is you standing there telling everyone your story – how you failed, how you succeeded, how you are working on this or that – that’s how you inspire and encourage the people around you.

You don’t tell them to do stuff.

No one likes to be told to do stuff.

You say, “Hey, look, I messed up. I suck. I’m sorry and here’s how I’m changing my life – here’s how I’m taking responsibility for this and turning my life around.”




That stuff resonates so deeply within us and stirs the emotions within us.

You sharing your stuff. You sharing from the heart is the vulnerability.

That’s the stuff people are drawn too. (There’s a business marketing hint for free – you’re welcome.)

People resonate with people who are imperfect.

That’s how you step in your power – but admitting you are who you are in all your crappy glory.

When you aren’t doing the above, you are breaking agreements with yourself.

That leads to depression and it’s usually because you are so focused on you and how much integrity you lack with yourself.

90% of the time (if not 100%), you are blaming the outside world when it actually has nothing to do with the outside world, it is all due to the game you got going on in your head.

As I alluded to last week, this is why being able to self-coach yourself off a ledge is so important. This is why you need to learn how to shift out of the bad stuff faster so you can get to the place where you can be of service faster.

When you don’t self-coach, you are binging on all the bad feelings and thoughts – my life sucks, shame, guilt, fear, I suck – dining out on a whole BONANZA BUFFET of SHIT SANDWICHES – and STAYING there until your belt buckle is fully undone and pants have dropped to the floor.

And then it plays out in your physical life and you physically binge on Netflix, food, wine, all the binge-worthy things in efforts to make your bad feelings go away.

Self-medicating won’t do it.

I will even go as far as to say that western medicine won’t even solve this.

This problem, you guy, listen up…

This problem is that you are not LIVING YOUR PURPOSE and SHARING IT.

End of story.


Don’t beleive me, then try it.

If you aren’t ECSTATIC when you do the thing you are meant to do, maybe you aren’t doing the right thing.



The thing that lights you up makes you the lighthouse.

Be the lighthouse.

All the other ships will be drawn to you.

Live YOUR life.

Live YOUR legacy.

Stop living for anything else but for the thing that lights you up and share like CRAZY.

You’ll feel better.

You’ll change lives.

You’ll make an impact.

You’ll help heal others.

You’ll maybe even make a BOAT load of money.

But most of all, you WILL…

Live Your Legacy!

xx L

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