Figuring Out What You Want

Figuring Out What You Want

Here’s literally the hardest question you will have to answer in your life:

What do I want out of life?




And it changes – the answer will constantly evolve –


For today –

For this season of your life – what do you want?


How do you get to the place where you have a good enough answer to that question?

I sat pondering this yesterday.

I know what I want, but then somedays – I have no clue.

I wake up with amnesia as to what I’m actually doing and why I’m doing it.

Figuring out your WHY will be something you do more than once – in fact – you have to do it everyday.

You have to resell yourself on your dreams every damn day.

This isn’t some one-time-at-a-Tony-Robbins-Event-I-figured-out-my-why-and-now-I’m-set-for-life thing.

This is a dynamic thing.

Not static.

Constantly evolving.

And constantly being created by you.

Created and re-created in your head a billion times before it manifests itself the way you visualized.

We know the how: praying, the mantras, the visualizations, the re-writing your goals a million times in a journal.

But what exactly is it we want?

Remember it’s really all feeling that we are chasing.

For me personally, feeling proud of accomplishing something big and showing others they too can step out and dream bigger dreams.

But I didn’t know that for years.

I had no clue for years what I really wanted.

I had to ask for what it was that I wanted.

Meaning, I asked God to help direct what it is that will make this life full of achievement AND fulfillment AND service to others.

I figure it out by my emotional guidance system – by feeling my way through it.

What feels good to me: do more of.

What feels bad to me: do less of.

Simple, right.

But we make it so complicated.

I mean, you can trick yourself into thinking something feels good to you, but you know the result will be total garbage, leaving you feeling bad – enter: too much of anything really… (drugs, sex, alcohol, George Clooney and my favorite – Chocolate)

The bigger issue is you can trick yourself into thinking the good or fun stuff is actually what you need to be doing – but maybe it isn’t.

Maybe even the good stuff isn’t your calling.

You need to listen to the pit of your stomach, your solar plexus, your heart, God – whatever that looks like for you.

You know you aren’t taking the proper time to listen when you feel lost and don’t know what you want.

This takes practice.

Delving into the world of what you desire is a skill.

Yeah, a skill.

Meaning, you don’t just accidentally fall into the life of your dreams!

It takes a little effort on our parts.

You need to exercise that muscle of seeking and knowing what you want.

This takes quiet time – stillness – all the time, everyday.

To tune in.

You get the downloads when your brain is quiet and open to receive what it is you are supposed to receive.

You don’t receive when you are go-go-go all the time and making busy just to be busy.

You receive when your mind is at ease and fully relaxed.

Figuring out what you want is all about the receiving what it is that you desire from soul – not from just your mind.

It’s when mind and soul and heart work together –

That’s your HELL YES!

That’s you wanting to…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa