Ready To Do The Big Thing?

Ready To Do The Big Thing

There are always reasons for your struggles.


Even when it feels like the whole world is against you.

That God is against you.

Maybe the reasons won’t be revealed to you unless you ask them to be?

Maybe they never will and maybe the lessons are so obvious they hit you in the head like Donkey Kong.

I’ve learned this.

You can do everything right.

You can check off all the boxes.

You can eat the right diet.

You can run the marathon.

You can do all the due-diligence in the world on your investments.

You can marry the right person.

You can interview people till the cows come home.

You can put in all the right work.

You can even put in all the right energy.


Your body.

Your health.

Your investments.

Your company.

Your real estate.

Your relationships.

PEOPLE are imperfect doing imperfect things in the world.

And we so badly want CERTAINTY.

We crave certainty.

We crave making sure things “work out” in the way we so desire them to work out.

But how can anything be certain in a world where imperfect people are running the show.

In fact, you can do all the right things and still get no results.

And there are a million lessons in there for you to learn.

One lesson is to ask for help.

You did everything right. You tried everything you can.

And you still aren’t getting the results.

Maybe God wants you to ask for help.

Maybe God is asking you to seek Him or your higher self.

Maybe the lesson is putting your pride away.

Maybe your lesson is to learn Gratitude or find miracles in your present moment.

Maybe your lesson is to engage in community by way of asking for help.

There’s a million different reasons things don’t go our way and the best news is that there is always a miracle hidden in that.

Maybe God kept you from an even worse disaster?

There’s always a miracle waiting to be revealed in everything we encounter.

That’s why Saint Paul wrote that trials build perseverance.

Here’s the BIG A-HA I got this week, in an even deeper way.

You will HAVE TO EAT SOME MAJOR SHIT if you are going after a BIG IMPOSSIBLE GOAL.

Aren’t those just the words of hope?!

I’m not saying to expect it to be hard, but don’t be surprised when insurmountable obstacle after insurmountable obstacles come at you when you are out to do the big thing.

To climb the mountain of the thing you want you HAVE TO:

  • go through the Valley
  • face the bears
  • climb through dark caves
  • face millions of tiny annoying bugs
  • forge the path
  • face the battle

You need to do this to get to the top of the mountain.

There is no Gondola.

You have to build the Gondola.

And we quit after the first valley.

There is a reason it is called the wilderness! There are no paths!

You have to step on the prickly thorns and scratch up your legs to find your way through.

I’m not saying it’s hard – I’m saying it MUST BE HARD for your to persevere.

Like, HARD!

Like, crying, tantrums, self-pity, ego crushing, FEELING all the FEELS – HARD!

If it were easy, everybody would have that thing you want and you would not persevere – literally you’d have the thing you wanted and be onto the next goal, something with more of a challenge #truestory!

Why are we all so scared of battles?

Learn how to get good at facing the battles and forging through them to the goal on the other side.

The whole reason for the ‘shit sandwich’ is to build your strength.

It’s to become a warrior in battle.

I know this is why I am where I am.

The more life throws at me, the more strong I get.


The more strong I get, the more I can keep climbing my mountain.

Get it?

If you are a leader (hint: you are) and your life is on easy street, you will never be able to make the impact you want to make – no one resonates with someone who never overcame anything and life was handed to them on a silver spoon!

If you are a leader and not doing the hard work, you aren’t leading.

The hard work can be fun. I’m not saying it’s all bad, I’m just saying that if you choose to climb the mountain of any goal or worthwhile endeavor, then it’s your responsibility to yourself not to quit when the first obstacle comes around.

And it will.

The trials are inevitable.


Are you willing to go eat more shit sandwiches to get what you really want?

Are you REALLY willing to go through the tough times to get what you want?

Are you really ready to lay down your life for your goals and the desires of your heart?

Are you really ready to turn off Netflix for them?

Are you really ready to sacrifice for them?

Are you really ready to do your life in a BIG WAY?

Are you really ready to…

Live Your Legacy?

xx L

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