Unblocking The Current of Money

Unblocking The Currency of Money

Money is currency.

Money is energy.

Money is a current of energy that HAS TO HAVE APLACE TO FLOW.

Money requires a destination.

Money is always in flow and always want to flow to places it can be used – for good or bad. (Money does not discriminate!! Ask Tony Soprano – he always had stacks of cash lying around…)

But you.


You who is worried or crying non-stop or complaining non-stop about money – it is YOU whom has stopped the flow of money in your own life.

It always is you.

If you have no flow or a tight flow right now (like someone is pinching your garden hose and the water is trickling in) that is because there is a block that ONLY YOU can go and open up.

I wish I could do it for you.

Seriously, that would be an awesome magic power.

But we all know that with MONEY BLOCKS the buck always stops here.

Right at your feet.

Okay, so we know that electric current works best when it can find an outlet (like light!) and we know we are best too when we can be turned on and allow money to work through us. (The same way God works through us. And never forget that money is just a tool that God uses to help you do the work you were put on the planet to do!)



(oh, this may sound easy, but it actually involves doing the work!)

  1. Admit you have a money block. It’s like probably the first step for anything – admit you are the problem and that opens up yourself to allow for the miracle to happen. Something amazing happens when we remove the veil of PRIDE from our lives.
  2. Stop blaming. You have to stop blaming your partner, the government, COVID-19, the news. You seriously are 100% responsible for where you are right now. OUCH! Ya, that is one we are all going to have to live with and it hurts the ego. What can you do differently next time?
  3. Ask for help. Ask God, pray, mediate, say mantras – constantly. Constantly you will need to reprogram the non-abundant programming you’ve been running in your brain for the last 40 years!
  4. Follow the nudges, follow the prompts, be really good at tuning into YOU. Your highest self always knows whats best for you, don’t go looking for the outside world to be telling you what you know you need to do. (This is where I suspect most blocks happen because we are still trying to please the people in our lives when we don’t have to.) Don’t stifle your dreams. Don’t put God in a box. Don’t Think Small. Allow for all the crazy ideas and wild dreams to play out in your mind. There are always hidden gems coming to you in the form of ideas. Money comes to us in ideas executed. Call that person, email that person, ask that question, follow that lead.

I need to say this to those of you who are unemployed right now or people who are stressed out over money.

There is money to be made – always.

We are so blessed to be living in a time when we can work online!

What can you do to help someone with a business that is thriving right now – and trust me, MANY BUSINESSES are THRIVING in this and super busy.

There is always work to do, it may not come in the same form as a career with a full benefits package, but there is still money that WANTS to flow to you – in fact, it is BEGGING to flow to you because that is your birthright!

Don’t think for one second that money is “HARD” to earn because that will make it so.

Don’t think for one second that there is a “SHORTAGE” of money because that will make it so.

Don’t think for one second that “NO ONE IS BUYING” or that there is a lack of clients available because that will make it so.

Don’t think that “MONEY ISN’T MEANT FOR ME” because that will make it so.

Money is meant for you.

Money can flow to you easily.

Money is not in short supply – even now. (Actually, that’s going to maybe be part of the problem, because there is so much money flooding our economy right now!)

You have to not let the LIES in.

If you believe the above statements as truth, that is what you will manifest in your life – that is what will unfold for you.

It just is what it is.

The law of attraction.

You won’t be able to change your life until you change your thoughts.

I wish there was a magic wand to wave, but we all know that our mindset has to change first.

People given LOTS of money are usually broke in the first few minutes – POOF.

Obviously, they didn’t have the right mindset for abundance. They didn’t take time to curate it and grow their thinking.

It’s all in the thinking.

It’s how you….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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