Embarrassing Money

Embarrassing Money

Some serious embarrassing shizza has gone down in my life.

Like the time I walked out of the bathroom in 10th-grade with a “sanitary napkin” stuck to my jeans….

Or the time when the police caught me with a giant spotlight kissing my first boyfriend while trespassing on private property…

Or the time I modeled in the 12th-grade fashion show a white dress with black undergarments… ughhh….

Or the time I had just given birth 48-hours prior to my Opa’s funeral and proceeded to give an awkward “Bridget Jones” speech to tell everyone how much I loved my Opa in very VERY bad broken Germanenglishish  (it’s a language!)  which included words like “epidural” and “pickles” (which are words that should probably not make it into ANY end-of-life celebration!) to 200 of our family and friends which my family STILL laughs about… and they aren’t laughing with me…. OH VEY!

Ya, okay, you get the picture…

Embarrassment comes in many forms. One that we talk about lots is failure. That’s probably the worse one of all.

Nothing GREAT ever occurred from something safe and secure.

You have to be able to risk it all, put your heart out on the line, put your money where your mouth is and sometimes you






Commit. Even if you fail, you may as well go down in a glory-poop-bomb-flame-basket after giving it your best. I mean really, do you think you can survive a poop-bomb-flame-basket? I think so.

Remember everything happens for your highest good – NO – let me change that…

Everything happens for your highest GREATNESS!

I’ve said this before, and if I were to ever get a tattoo it would probably be this.

The opposite of Good is not Bad. The opposite of Good is GREAT!

If you are stuck in a “good” life then you got all caught up in your comfort zone, but don’t worry I know you are in good company with your friend Fear and Fear’s Cat, Scaredy.

Here’s the tough love: you need to ditch your good ol’ friend Fear and hook up with some good new vibes.

And I will challenge you, here, right now, that living a GOOD life is embarrassing.

  • It’s embarrassing that you aren’t using your abilities to their fullest potential.
  • It’s embarrassing that you aren’t putting it all out there.
  • It’s embarrassing that you haven’t taken that step out.
  • It’s embarrassing that you aren’t even trying.
  • It’s embarrassing that you aren’t even allowing yourself to dream big!

You know how I know? Because I am you. I was once there (and maybe still am) and daily have to deal with this. I get it.

Isn’t it amazing when you see someone stepping out and going all in on their dreams – it’s UNBELIEVABLY FREAKIN’ MIND BLOWING AMAZING and when you sit there and hear someone else totally going after their dreams doesn’t it just inspire you to the core of who you are and put a pep into your step and make you want to go out and CRUSH IT????

Hear me here. Yes, I’m pretty much yelling this from the mountaintop. (And come to think of it, I’m actually writing this from a mountaintop in Kananaskis!)

You have to get past your own bullsh*t and find that thing that is bigger than you.

Do you want to know what the investment industry really is all about? What the big secret about money really is?

What every last trade, stock, currency exchange, mutual fund, bond, GIC, private equity, real estate deal is really all about? What every transaction since the beginning of time is really all about?

It’s so simple, yet, we never talk about it, because it must be TABOO for us to actually go to this deep emotional vulnerable level….

Are you ready for this?

Every time we invest in ANYTHING we are giving money to fund someone else’s dream while they are funding ours. 


That’s value, service, serving, exchange – that’s everything we do as humans on a daily basis. Modus Operandi. Standard Operating System for us humans! This is what we are created for: Love & Serving!

So, what happens when you are holding on tight, not investing, not spending, closed-mindedness, stuck in a mindset that there isn’t enough or that you don’t have enough? You actually STOP funding your dreams and the dreams of others (and how horrible would it be to crush someone’s dreams!)  It actually full out stops the flow of energy, and as previously discussed in all of my 117 past blog posts – MONEY IS ENERGY!

The embarrassing thing is not trying. Not living full out with your money and with your life.

Stop thinking about having too much money or too little money as embarrassing.

Stop thinking that there isn’t enough.

Stop embarrassing your money!

Start investing.

In You.

In Others.



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