Financial Purgatory

Financial Purgatory Blog
In between financial hell and financial heaven, you will find financial purgatory.
I would have to say that this is where a majority of us live, financially speaking – somewhere in between heaven and hell. Somewhere, where you are living out the average, ordinary and normal, which of course is fine if you want to live an ‘ordinary-normal-average’ life.
But don’t you believe somewhere deep down you are destined for more? Called to bigger & better?
If you are wondering what financial purgatory looks like, let me enlighten you:
—> It’s like having the first 5 lottery ticket numbers and waiting on the 6th but then the lotto machine crashes. Ya. That’s what it’s like.
—> Or knowing you make good money….. (In Canada it takes $191,000 a year to be in the top 1% of income earners and only $137,000 to be in the top 5% of earners! {Stats Canada as of 2013}), only to not know where it goes each month and have barely anything to show for it.
—> To be getting your Grandma’s inheritance but having it all taken away by lawyers fees cause of crazy family members that just can’t be grateful for what they are getting and decide to put up a big stink, delaying your moola.
—> Receiving a statement from CRA or VISA but barely able to open it to see what the actual damage is, and then finding out you don’t owe as much as you initially thought you did.
—> To live in between knowing you deserve riches and abundance and know they are on their way to you and to only have $4.95 sitting in your chequing account, which at least offers you one last latte before payday.
Like I said.
Financial Purgatory.
A holding pattern. Nothing amazing, nothing horrible, just that same-same drawn-out waiting period of what feels like nothingness. Almost your own personal hell, but not quite.
I’ve spent many o’days visiting financial purgatory, and I’ve finally left the purgatory train station, because you just get to that point in life when either choosing financial heaven (or falling flat on your face) is better than staying in financial purgatory.
As a philosopher once said,
“You are in your own heaven or hell because you created it.”
Isn’t that the truth.
What unruly wild thoughts do you have on repeat looping through your head? Could there be one in there about money, or that you aren’t worthy or good enough to make the money you desire to make?
And honey, you know it. You know you’ve created this financial purgatory you are living in.
You create your own reality. Your thoughts created it.
Many thoughts. Over and over on repeat!
So, this week I’ve been busy creating and calling in the abundance and reality and life experiences I want to have. I was basically taking every book I ever read that was written prior to 1964 and putting it to the test. (ie. Think and Grow Rich, Science of Getting Rich, The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, The Magic of Believing, The Bible – to name a few….) And turning them into my own financial heaven. Manifesting. Which, for you non-woo-woo people, means to bring to reality – to call in, to bring into your earthly human experience.
And let me tell you, it sure is crazy fun to let yourself dream big and wild dreams that seem so far-fetched, but then have that inkling, that deep knowing, that what you want, and desire, is totally attainable for you!
I set a Manifesting goal for myself last week and totally hit it! It was unreasonable! And then, boom it happened.
When I told Pam (my right hand and Executive VIP at Ellements) about it Manifesting, she just said, “Oh Lisa, God is barely flexing his muscles!”
Don’t you just love that?!?!?!?
“God is barely flexing his muscles.”
How amazing is that!
To think I’m just scratching the surface of God’s goodness and abundance waiting for me, and for you and for everyone! How freakin’ cool is that!
Three things that have to happen when you manifest money if you are serious about this… (which has turned into a list of 5 things…)
  1. Total certainty that money (or whatever you desire) is possible (even if you don’t know how the money will come to you).
  2. Releasing of the ‘How’ the money will come to you. It can come in a bazillion different ways, don’t get all caught up on the ‘how’, just believe it will come. (I mean seriously, do you really care how the money is coming to you – aside from crazy criminal activity of course?)
  3. Keep taking aligned action in the direction of your desires, dreams, and goals. If you are doing something you don’t want to be doing on a deep level, then you will have a hard time Manifesting your dreams because that is like 2 magnets repelling each other and trying to force something that really isn’t aligned with your purpose.
  4. Faith. This goes back to certainty without knowing the ‘How’.
  5. Keep believing/affirming and writing down & speaking out-loud your desires to keep them front of mind. Why? Because we become what we think about all the time.
Want to get out of financial purgatory? Then follow the above steps and break free from crappy purgatory and join me in some serious financial bliss. Set some wild big goals that you believe are possible but maybe you don’t know how to get them.
Give it a try.
Your thoughts create are the only thing creating your current Financial Heaven or your Financial Hell. It’s that simple.
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