Bringing Dreams Into Reality

Bringing Dreams Into Reality

Some crazy random dreams & facts about me (I mean this stuff isn’t even in my book!):

  • I wrote and recorded a rap song. It was hilarious. It flowed out of me in 1 hour and recorded it in another hour. I still pee my pants how funny that is. I want to write, play and record a record one day.
  • I decided long ago to be Jane Bond – so I got my boat license, PADI Open Water Scuba, and my P&A firearms licence – just so I could one day drive a boat in Prague, and break into the castle by scuba diving through the moat, and shoot the guys at the gate, only to take off my wetsuit and be wearing a fabulous gown (& Louboutins of course) to go steal the crown jewels and take over MI6…. you know, stuff like that….
  • I have eaten a live goldfish (murdered the poor bastard) and would do it again (I think I mentioned this in a past blog and was unfollowed by Ducks Unlimited & Oceana that same day 😉 )
  • I’m the only person in the world with a GRAD dress that is still hot 20-years later, with dreams of wearing it again… probably in Jane Bond
  • I’m building a multi-million dollar company from scratch

Why do I share this?

Because we all have dreams. The problem with our dreams is that they stay pie-in-the-sky-high and the fluffy dream clouds never make it into our living breathing experience.

I just literally had a friend request on facebook from a beautiful girl who said she was “chasing her dreams”, and all I want to write her is this:

Don’t chase your dreams because they will run away from you like when you chased that cute boy. Own your dream with confidence, work towards them and shine your beautiful self in the world, and you will have your wildest dreams flock to you like men do to beautiful women. Nobody wants to be chased, neither do your dreams or money for that matter. 🙂

The other thing I find is so many people, amazing people with HUGE potential inside of them, just waiting around for opportunities to fall in their laps, for their dream job, dream relationship, dreams just stuck in the clouds.

If you are still waiting around for something or someone to come by and appoint and anoint you with your dreams, think again. Same goes if you want to be CEO, same goes if you want to be your own boss or a dancer, or the best comedian, speaker, designer, artists or anything in this world.

You need to be the one to own your dreams.

How do you bring your dreams into reality?

Easy. Take your magic wand, and pronounce yourself CEO or leader in your industry or whatever it is you want and desire. There. Doesn’t that feel better?

You MUST be the first to appoint and anoint yourself with your dreams. You need to be the one to give yourself a raise, to make more money, to allow and to receive that into your life. No one else can do it for you. You must be the one with the most clarity.

Because the person with the most clarity wins! EVERY TIME!

Do you get what I’m putting down?

Once you SAY you are who you want to be, then you begin to act like it, and it will inevitably attract all that you desire.

Want to know the reason why you aren’t able to bring your amazing beautiful dreams into your experience?

Two Reasons:

ONE – you ain’t dreaming big enough! Your dreams stay small and in return keep you small, and you deep down hate it. You hate playing at an “achievable” level. It’s because your little spidey senses go off and tell you – you can’t do that! Tell your pea sized amygdala brain to STFU!

TWO – you aren’t making those dreams top priority or you don’t want them bad enough. Hear me out – I get this – life gets in the way. But sometimes, you have to push life outta the way and not use that as a crutch. You know in your gut when you are….

THREE – (yes, a bonus reason) BECA– USE you haven’t spend quality alone time with yourself to discover CLARITY around what you want to get out of life. Seriously, this is the reason most people succumb to an ordinary – normal – boring life. They are scared to face themselves, to go deep within, to actually decide, choose, with clarity what they want from this human experience they are living.

Let’s be clear. The ladder of success isn’t crowded at the top, and it never will be, because people are too afraid to even dream big half of the time.

So if you find yourself not dreaming big enough, don’t have clarity around your dreams, or you aren’t making your wildest dreams a top priority, I beg you to take for yourself some time to dream and get some clarity on how you want your final days traveling around the sun to look like.

Anyone who thinks dreaming crazy big dreams is stupid can go start their own colony of grouchy unhappy people (and I already know there are those nay-sayers out there just itching to stomp all over your dreams) – DON’T LET THEM IN! Guard your dreams! Do what it takes to not let anyone get you down or get into your head!

As for the rest of us who know that anything is possible, who know it to their core that whatever they can imagine they can achieve, that their desires were placed on their hearts as maps to their dreams, anyone who is willing to lay it all down on black and spin the wheel, and for anyone who really wants to give this life their best shot, ego aside, and really create something amazing, then cheers to you. (And it’s no shock that we are friends – naturally!)

Those who dream big and go out and claim it – those people leave a better world behind.

What dreams are you calling in today?



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