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8 Essential Tips For Building Wealth

8 Essential Tips for Building Wealth

I gave some Wealth Words last week to a room of 150 Beautiful Women at Women’s Conference. This is what I shared with them.

8 Essential Tips for Building Wealth

1. Asking is the key to receiving – and if asking is the key, then to build wealth we must ask.

We must not be ashamed to ask. We must not feel guilt.

Here’s another thing. If you really feel you have enough, then you will have enough.

No more, no less will be given to you.

When you say to the universe “I have enough”, the universe will pass by you to the next person with arms outstretched shouting – “I am expecting. I am expecting a supernatural wave of blessing. I am open to receive.”

It’s like being at a restaurant and a waitress asks if you need anything else, and you say you’re good – then she literally doesn’t come back until it’s time to pay the bill and CHECK OUT! The universe operates pretty much the same way as a busy restaurant.

Your receiving and giving need to be in flow.

Receiving is hard for most people, especially us women. Most of us give until it hurts and don’t know how to receive.

If you can’t take a compliment, then getting a big check is going to be VERY difficult for you (and if you get one that you didn’t “receive” energetically like an inheritance or lottery winnings then many times it easily dissipates to nothingness…)

So, learn how to RECEIVE. When you don’t receive, you are robbing someone else of their JOY of giving. You basically become a JOY ROBBER!

2. Avoid breaking focus. When you surround yourself with the wrong people you make the wrong decisions, and naturally that’s pulling you off course. Same goes for your wealth – make a plan and stick to it.

3. Procrastination is the KILLER of your wealth.  

So what you’ve been putting off – do it now!

4. What you are saying is directly linked to your wealth!

The golden rule of prosperous thinking is that you should not think or say anything concerning another’s financial affairs that you would not want to experience in your own life.

Here’s another thing about your words: Are you are sending mixed messages?

People often discount the importance of money in one breath and yet they admit they are working very hard to get it in the next. Stay consistent with your money story, your money affirmations, what you are telling yourself, your friends, your family – everyone.

Your ONLY JOB is to keep your VIBE HIGH. HOLD THAT HIGH VIBRATION OF JOY. Anytime that low energies come spinning into your reality, whether from others or from your own brain – say “NO THANK YOU” and focus back on the new positive thought.

The external reality right now is not where you are going to be in the future – so give yourself a break.

When you see that place of lack – disconnect from it.

5. Appreciate your money.

Here is where you need to adopt an attitude of gratitude.

When you begin to appreciate your money it will appreciate for you.

Stay in that place of thanksgiving, even when it’s not going your way.

Wealth can only come from gratitude.

6. Remember that money is not the THING you are really after – it’s the side show. What you are really after is the FEELING money brings. So, feel the way you want to feel FIRST and then money will come into your present reality.

WEALTH MUST COME FROM WITHIN FIRST. Meaning like attracts like (Law of Attraction 101).


7. We bring the energy to money, to our wealth.

Remember, money has no feelings. Money by itself is worthless.

We bring the energy to money.

We give it value.

But we also load other value onto it than just a form of exchange.

We load our self-esteem on to it like a million-dollar Nordstroms gift card we load our self-worth on it like a pair of Louboutins!

We make it Serious. We make it evil, bad, good – why not make it fun? Why not make it easy?

Why not hold beliefs that making money is easy and fun?

8. Wealth wants/needs/begs for someplace to go.

Your wealth and money NEEDS a place to go. It so desperately wants to fill a purpose.

Have you clearly defined where you want money to go?

I know this is a glass ceiling for me personally. My income has stagnated. But not because of any other reason than me not having the clarity and dreaming the big dreams so money has a place to go to!!!

Money hates the VOID, it goes into specific places for specific purposes. Whatever you deem those to be!

This is the reason why for so many of us, our income will always equal our expenses! BOOM!

If you really want to watch this talk – it’s on my YouTube channel – creep me there! 😉

Live YOUR Legacy

xx Lisa


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Bringing Dreams Into Reality

Bringing Dreams Into Reality

Some crazy random dreams & facts about me (I mean this stuff isn’t even in my book!):

  • I wrote and recorded a rap song. It was hilarious. It flowed out of me in 1 hour and recorded it in another hour. I still pee my pants how funny that is. I want to write, play and record a record one day.
  • I decided long ago to be Jane Bond – so I got my boat license, PADI Open Water Scuba, and my P&A firearms licence – just so I could one day drive a boat in Prague, and break into the castle by scuba diving through the moat, and shoot the guys at the gate, only to take off my wetsuit and be wearing a fabulous gown (& Louboutins of course) to go steal the crown jewels and take over MI6…. you know, stuff like that….
  • I have eaten a live goldfish (murdered the poor bastard) and would do it again (I think I mentioned this in a past blog and was unfollowed by Ducks Unlimited & Oceana that same day 😉 )
  • I’m the only person in the world with a GRAD dress that is still hot 20-years later, with dreams of wearing it again… probably in Jane Bond
  • I’m building a multi-million dollar company from scratch

Why do I share this?

Because we all have dreams. The problem with our dreams is that they stay pie-in-the-sky-high and the fluffy dream clouds never make it into our living breathing experience.

I just literally had a friend request on facebook from a beautiful girl who said she was “chasing her dreams”, and all I want to write her is this:

Don’t chase your dreams because they will run away from you like when you chased that cute boy. Own your dream with confidence, work towards them and shine your beautiful self in the world, and you will have your wildest dreams flock to you like men do to beautiful women. Nobody wants to be chased, neither do your dreams or money for that matter. 🙂

The other thing I find is so many people, amazing people with HUGE potential inside of them, just waiting around for opportunities to fall in their laps, for their dream job, dream relationship, dreams just stuck in the clouds.

If you are still waiting around for something or someone to come by and appoint and anoint you with your dreams, think again. Same goes if you want to be CEO, same goes if you want to be your own boss or a dancer, or the best comedian, speaker, designer, artists or anything in this world.

You need to be the one to own your dreams.

How do you bring your dreams into reality?

Easy. Take your magic wand, and pronounce yourself CEO or leader in your industry or whatever it is you want and desire. There. Doesn’t that feel better?

You MUST be the first to appoint and anoint yourself with your dreams. You need to be the one to give yourself a raise, to make more money, to allow and to receive that into your life. No one else can do it for you. You must be the one with the most clarity.

Because the person with the most clarity wins! EVERY TIME!

Do you get what I’m putting down?

Once you SAY you are who you want to be, then you begin to act like it, and it will inevitably attract all that you desire.

Want to know the reason why you aren’t able to bring your amazing beautiful dreams into your experience?

Two Reasons:

ONE – you ain’t dreaming big enough! Your dreams stay small and in return keep you small, and you deep down hate it. You hate playing at an “achievable” level. It’s because your little spidey senses go off and tell you – you can’t do that! Tell your pea sized amygdala brain to STFU!

TWO – you aren’t making those dreams top priority or you don’t want them bad enough. Hear me out – I get this – life gets in the way. But sometimes, you have to push life outta the way and not use that as a crutch. You know in your gut when you are….

THREE – (yes, a bonus reason) BECA– USE you haven’t spend quality alone time with yourself to discover CLARITY around what you want to get out of life. Seriously, this is the reason most people succumb to an ordinary – normal – boring life. They are scared to face themselves, to go deep within, to actually decide, choose, with clarity what they want from this human experience they are living.

Let’s be clear. The ladder of success isn’t crowded at the top, and it never will be, because people are too afraid to even dream big half of the time.

So if you find yourself not dreaming big enough, don’t have clarity around your dreams, or you aren’t making your wildest dreams a top priority, I beg you to take for yourself some time to dream and get some clarity on how you want your final days traveling around the sun to look like.

Anyone who thinks dreaming crazy big dreams is stupid can go start their own colony of grouchy unhappy people (and I already know there are those nay-sayers out there just itching to stomp all over your dreams) – DON’T LET THEM IN! Guard your dreams! Do what it takes to not let anyone get you down or get into your head!

As for the rest of us who know that anything is possible, who know it to their core that whatever they can imagine they can achieve, that their desires were placed on their hearts as maps to their dreams, anyone who is willing to lay it all down on black and spin the wheel, and for anyone who really wants to give this life their best shot, ego aside, and really create something amazing, then cheers to you. (And it’s no shock that we are friends – naturally!)

Those who dream big and go out and claim it – those people leave a better world behind.

What dreams are you calling in today?



PS. If you are serious about taking this whole thing to the next level, then PM me about Wealth Spa™ – this is how you really get your money to match your dreams! Or got to to make sure you are part of my amazing community of women!




Financial Purgatory

Financial Purgatory Blog
In between financial hell and financial heaven, you will find financial purgatory.
I would have to say that this is where a majority of us live, financially speaking – somewhere in between heaven and hell. Somewhere, where you are living out the average, ordinary and normal, which of course is fine if you want to live an ‘ordinary-normal-average’ life.
But don’t you believe somewhere deep down you are destined for more? Called to bigger & better?
If you are wondering what financial purgatory looks like, let me enlighten you:
—> It’s like having the first 5 lottery ticket numbers and waiting on the 6th but then the lotto machine crashes. Ya. That’s what it’s like.
—> Or knowing you make good money….. (In Canada it takes $191,000 a year to be in the top 1% of income earners and only $137,000 to be in the top 5% of earners! {Stats Canada as of 2013}), only to not know where it goes each month and have barely anything to show for it.
—> To be getting your Grandma’s inheritance but having it all taken away by lawyers fees cause of crazy family members that just can’t be grateful for what they are getting and decide to put up a big stink, delaying your moola.
—> Receiving a statement from CRA or VISA but barely able to open it to see what the actual damage is, and then finding out you don’t owe as much as you initially thought you did.
—> To live in between knowing you deserve riches and abundance and know they are on their way to you and to only have $4.95 sitting in your chequing account, which at least offers you one last latte before payday.
Like I said.
Financial Purgatory.
A holding pattern. Nothing amazing, nothing horrible, just that same-same drawn-out waiting period of what feels like nothingness. Almost your own personal hell, but not quite.
I’ve spent many o’days visiting financial purgatory, and I’ve finally left the purgatory train station, because you just get to that point in life when either choosing financial heaven (or falling flat on your face) is better than staying in financial purgatory.
As a philosopher once said,
“You are in your own heaven or hell because you created it.”
Isn’t that the truth.
What unruly wild thoughts do you have on repeat looping through your head? Could there be one in there about money, or that you aren’t worthy or good enough to make the money you desire to make?
And honey, you know it. You know you’ve created this financial purgatory you are living in.
You create your own reality. Your thoughts created it.
Many thoughts. Over and over on repeat!
So, this week I’ve been busy creating and calling in the abundance and reality and life experiences I want to have. I was basically taking every book I ever read that was written prior to 1964 and putting it to the test. (ie. Think and Grow Rich, Science of Getting Rich, The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, The Magic of Believing, The Bible – to name a few….) And turning them into my own financial heaven. Manifesting. Which, for you non-woo-woo people, means to bring to reality – to call in, to bring into your earthly human experience.
And let me tell you, it sure is crazy fun to let yourself dream big and wild dreams that seem so far-fetched, but then have that inkling, that deep knowing, that what you want, and desire, is totally attainable for you!
I set a Manifesting goal for myself last week and totally hit it! It was unreasonable! And then, boom it happened.
When I told Pam (my right hand and Executive VIP at Ellements) about it Manifesting, she just said, “Oh Lisa, God is barely flexing his muscles!”
Don’t you just love that?!?!?!?
“God is barely flexing his muscles.”
How amazing is that!
To think I’m just scratching the surface of God’s goodness and abundance waiting for me, and for you and for everyone! How freakin’ cool is that!
Three things that have to happen when you manifest money if you are serious about this… (which has turned into a list of 5 things…)
  1. Total certainty that money (or whatever you desire) is possible (even if you don’t know how the money will come to you).
  2. Releasing of the ‘How’ the money will come to you. It can come in a bazillion different ways, don’t get all caught up on the ‘how’, just believe it will come. (I mean seriously, do you really care how the money is coming to you – aside from crazy criminal activity of course?)
  3. Keep taking aligned action in the direction of your desires, dreams, and goals. If you are doing something you don’t want to be doing on a deep level, then you will have a hard time Manifesting your dreams because that is like 2 magnets repelling each other and trying to force something that really isn’t aligned with your purpose.
  4. Faith. This goes back to certainty without knowing the ‘How’.
  5. Keep believing/affirming and writing down & speaking out-loud your desires to keep them front of mind. Why? Because we become what we think about all the time.
Want to get out of financial purgatory? Then follow the above steps and break free from crappy purgatory and join me in some serious financial bliss. Set some wild big goals that you believe are possible but maybe you don’t know how to get them.
Give it a try.
Your thoughts create are the only thing creating your current Financial Heaven or your Financial Hell. It’s that simple.
PS.  If you want to go deeper into all this financial stuff and how to live in financial bliss then check out —> We are starting Wednesday, October 18th – AND a FREE copy of STRUT for the first 10 registrants!


My First Book Launch

WOW!  What a dream that was! I released my book STRUT: How to Kick Financial ASSets in Sexy Shoes into the world on October 27, 2016 with my family & friends! 100 very special people came out to my book launch to celebrate with me and what a dream come true.

I have nothing more to write about today.  Sometimes, you just have to sit back and be proud of yourself and enjoy the party!

Have a great week everyone!

If you want to see photos of the book launch click here! (You need to have a Facebook account to view – FYI)


PS. Lots more exciting stuff happening in the Ellements Group community soon!  Stay Tuned or sign up for all the insider information below!



Need Vs. Want



This isn’t your typical post on determining your needs vs. wants crap.

And yes, I think it’s crap. Well, a bunch of hooey anyways. (I’m not even sure what hooey is, but let’s go with it for a minute.)

I always got so frustrated when you had to set a budget and determine your needs and wants. Have you ever had to do one of those exercises?

First of all, it’s boring as Hell. (Assuming Hell is boring – but in actuality, I’m sure it’s a collection of fascinating individuals…. I digress….)

Second of all, it’s freakin’ impossible to decide what is a need and what is a want when you are doing a budget.

Like, I really do need these shoes, and I really can live without the _____(fill in the blank: toaster, toilet cleaner, milk for my children)_____. My kids don’t need breakfast anyways or socks for that matter.

So, needless to say making a budget or those stupid exercises where you have to determine your NEEDS VS. WANTS are totally annoying and crap – and now I finally have proof and something that made me scream YESSSSS (SALLY STYLE)!!

Welcome to my A-HA moment!

I was reading The Law of Attraction – yes, another book on manifesting – as I tend to do in my “spare” time and I came upon this paragraph on needs vs. wants. For the first time in all my financial life this finally makes sense and I can tell those budget/needs vs. wants financial planning tools to take a hike!

Here is what it read:

Just as the difference between positive emotion and negative emotion can sometimes be very subtle – the difference between wanting and needing can be very subtle.

When you are focusing upon what you want, your Inner Being {however you define that} offers you positive emotion. When you are focusing upon what you need, your Inner Being offers you negative emotion because you are not focused on what you want. {Instead}, you are focused upon the lack of what you want. …

… When you are feeling a positive emotion, you are attracting into your experience that which you want. When you are feeling a negative emotion, you are attracting into your experience that which you do not want.

Think of it like this:

The word NEED has a slight negative or full out negative connotation to it.

“I need to go to work.” “I need to buy groceries.” “I need to make dinner.”

Do you feel how those come off negative?

The word WANT has a slight positive or full out positive connotation to it.

“I want to go to Disneyland.” “I want that red handbag.” “I want to play with my dog.”

See, those sentences feel lighter and positive. The word WANT stirs up so many dreams inside of you and that is a positive thing!

Then it hit me like a bolt of coffee…

I need to pay my bills. I need to return this email. I need to take the car in for an oil change. I need…. I need…. I need…. and I would fill up my whole day with NEEDING to do stuff. Blah.

Life = A long, boring list of things to get done.

I need (okay, bear with me!) to start WANTING the life that I have or make changes in my life. I do love my life and even saying, “I want to pay my bills” for example, brings about gratitude and a bit of excitement. I have money. I have bills.  I have electricity and water and a car to pay for. These are true blessings. I also want to buy food and I love going to work! I want my life!

Here’s the other thing for any of you woo-woo people (okay, this whole post is woo-woo really!): needing brings about a scarcity or lack mentality and because wanting offers us a positive emotion it actually brings about an abundance mentality, such as gratitude. (Chew on that for a minute!)

We make ourselves out to be such martyrs in our society with all the things we NEED to do and we feel GUILT when we WANT. (Yes, I’m preaching to the MOM CHOIR!)

What if it was okay to want and then to eliminate the word need in your daily life? How would your life look if you wanted to return emails, pay bills, save money, make dinner, spend time with family?

BOTTOM LINE: Let yourself want your life. Try and eliminate the word need. You don’t need to do anything. Wake up with a bounce in your step and WANT the crap out of the life you have chosen for yourself.



Walk Away


There is a time for everything under the sun. This includes a time to walk away.

I’m not sharing today about the times in our life when we really need to leave a bad situation or close a chapter in our books because they no longer serve us or grow us as people. These seasons most definitely come and I know and you know they are hard seasons to walk through.

My message today is something a little different.

It’s about walking away from thoughts that don’t serve you.

Months back I shared the story of the shoe girl that I adapted from one of my mentor’s stories, Earl Nightingale.  You can click here to read that post because that story illustrates this point as well.

Today, I will share another story to illustrate my point on thoughts.

Once upon a time, there live a beautiful, smart girl. One day, this girl decided she was going to wake up at 5am, write her blog, work-out, buy her favorite latte on the way into work, have a kick-ass day working with her team. She created the feelings and the life she wanted – positive, happy, beautiful, and uplifting. Other’s around her felt her joyful spirit and heart. And it was so.

In a nearby kingdom, there lived another beautiful, smart girl. One day, this girl woke up on the wrong side of bed, and stubbed her toe and complained about her bad sleep. She was grouchy from the moment she woke up and said things like “I know today’s going to be a bad day.” She threw herself in her car and went to work, begrudgingly got a coffee, and everything she seemed to touch at work went wrong. She created the feelings and the life she wanted – negative, unhappy, and miserable. And it was so.

If you believe and understand that your thoughts are like magnets and are attracting themselves, because “that which is like unto itself is drawn” – then you know that you are in charge of all of your thoughts (no one else can put a thought into your head). You are also in charge of all your feelings (again, you are in control of how you feel). You know that you are the person who gets to create the life that you want to live, feel how you want to feel and think what you want to think. WHAT A WONDERFUL THING!

(OH – and a big FYI: Simple as this may seem, “Most People” believe that they have no control over their feelings and that feelings happen to them (like a child – my children haven’t learned this yet!). To these people, life just happens to them, they don’t deliberately create a life they want…..just food for thought.)

Whether or not you choose to believe me, you are attracting to you right now. The only difference is that some people actually take control of their thoughts and deliberately direct them into useful and positive ways, others simply let their feelings dictate how their day is going to go.

Knowing that you can choose your thoughts, maybe it’s time to walk away from thoughts that don’t serve you.

Do any of these ring true for you?

“It’s going to be a bad day?”

“I feel poor.”

“The world is hopeless.”

“Things are so bad right now.”

“I’ll never be able to do it.”

“I hate all that is going on in the world right now.”

None of these statements serve you. They don’t help you grow or move toward the life you want to live. Do you see how one negative thought can manifest or expand into your reality and show up in unwanted ways?

Here is my remedy to stop a negative thought:

  1. Stop the thought by quoting Shakespeare “Out, damn’d Thought!” (Get it?! Macbeth?! High School?!)
  2. Make the biggest fakest cheeziest SMILE that you can make.
  3. Take a SELFIE of that biggest fakest cheeziest SMILE that you make.
  4. Then laugh out loud – YES, LOL at yourself.
Demonstration of the BIGGEST FAKEST CHEEZIEST SMILE while writing my blog post!

Demonstration of the BIGGEST FAKEST CHEEZIEST SMILE while writing my 5am blog post!

Notice after following those simple 4 steps, you have turned your negative thought away. Okay, my method may not be the most clinical method, and other methods are perfectly acceptable – I won’t judge.  Even if you create your own method to ward off negative thoughts – just make sure to follow through.

Half of the battle is recognizing that you are having a negative thought.

Also, if you can’t identify a negative thought, then look towards how you are feeling.

Typically, for most of us it works like this:

Negative Thought = Bad Feeling

Positive Thought = Good Feeling

This helps when you are identifying a negative thought pattern and will guide you in figuring out what negative thought caused you to feel bad to begin with.

Bottom Line: Stop adding to your negative thoughts. Walk away from the thoughts that don’t serve you. They won’t serve you on your journey to financial health, physical health, mental health, or relationship health. If you are on social media, make a point to only share positive stories or words of encouragement.



5 Money Mindsets

5 Money Mindsets

Money mindsets are so important in shaping our financial futures.

To illustrate, here’s a quick tale from one of my favorites, Earl Nightingale. I’m changing it up a bit, but the moral is still the same:

Once upon a time there was a shoe girl.  The shoe girl repaired shoes on the side of the road, so naturally people would stop by and ask for directions.

One day, a girl in Jimmy Choo’s pulled up to the shoe shop and asked the shoe girl for directions to the nearest town. After giving directions, the Jimmy Choo girl asked what kind of people she should expect to find in the nearby town. The shoe girl said, “Well, what kinda people you reckon you’ll find there?” (in a southern accent of course!) The Jimmy Choo girl said, “I reckon I find some creepy men and thieves who come in the middle of the night and steal garden gnomes and I also heard they’re just down right miserable people in that town.” The shoe girl replied, “I reckon then that’s exactly what you’ll find.”

A few hours later, a girl in Louboutin’s pulled up to the shoe shop asking for directions. After the shoe girl gave directions, the Louboutin girl asked what kind of people she should expect to find in the nearby town. The shoe girl said, “Well, what kinda people you reckon you’ll find there?” The Louboutin girl said, “I reckon I find the greatest sweetest people on earth there. Where neighbours care, and men are sweet as honey, and you don’t need to lock your doors at night because it’s a safe and loving town.” The shoe girl replied, “I reckon then that’s exactly what you’ll find.”

And both the Jimmy Choo girl and the Louboutin girl went to the same town and found the people to be exactly as they expected.

So much of how life occurs to us is because we have the mindset that that is what is going to happen. When we change our beliefs and negative thoughts towards positive thoughts, then we start to reap the benefits our positive mindsets.

Here are 5 Money Mindsets that will only prosper you in every area of your life, and I will go as far as to say in your health as well. A healthy mind produces a healthy body as well.

1. Abundance Flows to You. Don’t think in terms of scarcity, think in abundance. In a round about way, I’ve mentioned this once or a thousand times. There is more than enough to go around, not to mention man’s inherent desire for increase.

2. Be a Good Steward. A steward is someone who looks after other people’s possessions and money.  What does that mean? It means to take care of the items you have been blessed with, share, give away. Remember, you don’t take it with you when you go – hence, the questions begs to be asked… is it really yours? It amazes me that we hold on so tightly to things and money, when truly it’s just a tool. Money is meant to be in motion, so best not to hoard it either. Invest wisely as best you can and learn to LET IT GO….(Enter: Little 7 year-old girls singing to Frozen….and now you have that song in your head too!)

3. Have Money Mercy. Have some money mercy with yourself. We screw up and make mistakes. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again – oooh, one of my favourite Diana Krall songs.

4. Go For It! You have to take risks in life, invest in people and relationships. That’s how humanity makes progress. It’s as scary as the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man in Ghostbusters, but you sometimes have to cross the streams and take a chance. Do you know how you know it’s the right thing to do? You get scared, you want to retreat, feel a knot in your stomach, sweat and feel sick. That’s what taking chances does, it physically can make you ill, almost. That just means that it is so important to you and I believe its a sign that you are on the right track.

5. Take Interest In and Care For Your Money. Apathy breeds nothing. Nothing good can come when ones intentions aren’t clear. Who really wants to be around people who don’t care or aren’t interested? Treat your money good – seriously. Be thankful and grateful for every cent. Be interested in it. Track it. You will manifest more of it. Care for your money, and it will care for you back!

6.  KEEP IT SIMPLE. Cause we (and by WE, I really mean I…..) like to complicate the heck out of our lives. If a good thing comes your way, accept it.  Say that you receive it.  Receive gifts with grace.  For most of us, it’s harder to receive with grace than to give. (I know this is number six – I was just checking to see if you are paying attention!)

Ghandi said it best as he took a stand for his people:

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”


5 Money Manifests

5 Money Manifests

When you hear the word MANIFEST do you picture some crazy voodoo lady with spunky hair, a magic wand and a mumu, who’s right off her rocker? I do! Well to be fair I come from a very conservative background where ‘crazy’ was defined as staying up till midnight playing dutch blitz (it’s a great card game, btw!) However, over the years and a plethora of books and courses later, I’ve fully embraced this crazy money magic called manifesting (and it really is money magic!)

So what does Manifesting and Money have to do with each other? Manifesting is just bringing forth into your world your thoughts and words. It’s just what’s going on in your head, your mindset, being revealed in your physical world. If you don’t believe in crazy hoo-doo huey-pooey magic, that’s totally okay, however I challenge you to be aware of the relationship you have with money. What’s crawling around in your head does manifest in your life in it’s many forms. Money Manifests have everything to do with your financial situation, whether you would like to admit it or not.

These 5 Money Mindsets you can MANIFEST in your life all come from one of my top 5 favorite books, The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity (read it!) by Catherine Ponder, a minister from Alabama in the 1960’s.

So I challenge you to read these and implement them in your life. I believe small changes to your money thinking will truly help you manifest your financial goals.

1. The golden rule of prosperous thinking is that you should not think or say anything concerning another’s financial affairs that you would not want to experience in your own. If you think of yourself as prosperous but of others as in financial lack, you are unconsciously inviting the same thing to happen to you.

2. Shop when you are in a good mood. Notice how much more you are able to purchase for your money when you are in a good mood. But if you shop in haste or while in low spirits, everything seems to go wrong, including the purchasing power of your money.

3. Appreciate your money. Stop thinking money is evil, or disregarding it by saying ‘Oh, it’s just money.’ When you begin to appreciate your money it will appreciate for you, rather than depreciate. Sounds silly, but talk nice about your money and to your money (If you are petting your money like a cat and saying things like “nice money, purrty purrty money” then best to keep that one to yourself, but hey – whatever floats your boat – no judgement here!) Cherish even the pennies on the ground.

4. Don’t send mixed messages. If you listen closely to the conversations of people about you, you will discover that this is a general attitude. People often discount the importance of money in one breath, and yet they admit that they are working very hard to get it in the next. They do not realize the cross-current they are setting up in their thinking, which in turn voids most of their efforts. Through such crossed-up thinking about money, they are working at cross-purposes, and often they will experience a crossed-up result.

5. Believe in success and prosperity for all. Never become disappointed, discouraged or upset by what others say or do in an effort to hold you down or take your good from you, as you begin to rise through prosperous thinking. In the long run, they cannot hurt you, only themselves. Instead, feel flattered when people try to hold you down or “down you” in any way. It’s a sure sign that at last you are succeeding and that others realize it.

Remember, there is more than enough to go around for everyone. Keep a mindset of abundance, not of scarcity or competition.