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The Blue Shovel.

Damn Blue Shovel.

This is my story.

I love LOVE to run outside. FREE.

But, I live in snow and ice for 6 months of the year.

Last week on my walk, I decided I would take my shovel to clear a 1km path on my favorite place to run.

I seriously thought it would be easy.

For anyone who has ever shoveled snow, it’s only easy if it’s the first fresh fall of snow and no one has trampled on it a million times, packed it down, then it becomes uneven and icy. Not what I want to run on.

So, Yesterday, I dragged my blue shovel 1km over to my favorite place in all the world to begin my shoveling, in hopes I could run on a smooth clear path soon.

I began to shovel the snow off the 2 small bridges before the path starts. I suck. I’m not as strong as I thought. This was NOT as easy as I had thought it to be in my head.

It was heavy and grueling, but I kept at it, if only to finish a nice path along the icy bridges, besides, I had my tunes cranked and was happy to be out in the fresh air, singing along.

I finished shoveling the 2 bridges. THAT’S ALL! I didn’t even get started on my path yet. Then decided, this would take all day, and I had to get back for a client appointment. So, I began my journey back home with my large blue shovel in hand, planning to come back next time.

A lovely lady with her cute little white dog stopped me at the top of the hill and said, “Thank you for shoveling the bridges. They always ice up, and now we won’t slip down them.”

On a side note: we do have machinery in our community that clears the paths, however, because these machines can’t go on the cute bridges, then both bridges and the path that follows it remains a snowy icy mess for half the year, yet, this is the path where my tiny little community enjoys their walks.

So, I’m just going to go back with my shovel (or even buy one and leave it on the path) all winter and try to make a smoother path. Even if my goal was selfish, so I could run on a smooth path during the winter, and once I cleared it, realized I helped others too.

I’m sure you can already guess where this blog is going (about being generous and helping others and mushy gushy stuff like that), but I’m not going actually going that way at all….

Here’s where I’m going with this:

Some people were meant to shovel the path, create the path, cut down trees and make the path, bulldoze the path for others, brush the debris and pebbles off the path and make the path as smooth as possible for others.

Or as my favorite quote says, “You have been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved.”

So, for those that want to take the smooth path, that’s okay – in fact, that’s awesome. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel or take stupid risks with your money, you can follow books, blueprints, plans, step-by-step guides, and listen to us coaches to help you get to the next level and you can probably make tons of money even faster than the people insistent on shoveling their own path.

Being called to shoveling paths is something the people who take the smooth path only can dream of. They still haven’t fully stepped off the smooth path and into their calling, and they haven’t lived in that space where you HAVE TO TRUST GOD and keep faith for absolutely everything to see your vision come to life.

It’s good to be a smooth path person.

Smooth path people are borrowing somebody else’s dreams most of the time, which typically involves retirement and trips to warmer climates. They are helping build up the dreams of others – which is a good thing, btw. We need people in the world whose vision and dream is to take the smooth path – that’s why us crazy shovelers are creating the paths in the first place because we want to help the smooth path people. We want the smooth path people to live their dreams.

There are so many days I wish that I could walk along a smoother path, run it even. Nothing is better than to run on a smooth path.

But, God called me to shoveling.

Shit included. (This week, lots and lots of SHIT! And, I know more will come along my unbeaten path.)

So to my fellow shovelers, my people, the people with the vision so big that you actually curse God most days for giving you this GRAND vision for this world, to impact millions of lives for the better, for a better world, and a knowing that you are here for that MASSIVE MIND-BLOWING vision, to see it through, no matter the cost. No matter the cost.

To you, my fellow shovelers, keep creating that path.

Keep Shoveling.

Keep Shoveling.

Keep Shoveling.

You will curse the shovel. EVERY DAY.

I know you won’t stop. You physically would die if you did stop. You will laugh at people who say don’t quit – because those words don’t even exist in your vocabulary until after your second last breath because you won’t stop until you’re sure you’re really dead with the first last breath.

That’s because you know deep down, this is the life you were called to live. Living anything less than the calling is not worth living.

Yes, you were called to be a shoveler.

And all it takes is faith like a mustard seed and a blue shovel.




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