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It’s simple.

It’s not necessarily easy.


Being able to move from one place to another.

There must be healing.

There must be a rebirth of desire.

Then there must be the words, the language – the ultimate in creation of what is to be –

and in that sense what is already here and available to us in this moment.





The knowing that all of the Universe is in support – God is in support of every last desire your heart has.

The desires that were born from the Divine.

It still amazes me.

Mostly, because it’s me who still doesn’t see that my desires for abundance is actually already here for us, waiting patiently –

softly nudging us –

to RECEIVE what is rightly ours, every man, woman & child’s birthright – life lived to the full.

So here we are.

So here I am.

With you.

Sitting in this mess.

Make no mistake.

We are all here – because we are all connected.

Something most of the world conveniently forgets, hence why we have labels.

We wouldn’t have labels if everyone could see how connected we really are, and how the pain would subside when we see ourselves in every living thing, how hurting one hurts the whole.

Here’s the part I know so many are still stuck on.

We haven’t figured out how to tell ourselves a new story.

We are stuck in the past.

We are playing our past story – good or bad – on a story loop.

How things should have been, the crap you had to deal with, the loss, the pain, the horror –

Or maybe it was the good’ ol times, the joy, the perfect life you once had –

It is still playing like it’s a new release, front and center, months, even years after it should have been replaced.

It’s such an old story, old movie, that no one even comes to the theater to help you relive it anymore –

sure you may drag in some new attendees every once in a while, but soon enough too they leave,

probably because they are so busy trying to attract people to listen & watch their old story board

or maybe they just get exhausted of watching your movie.

Maybe you are finally starting to get exhausted of your own story you are telling yourself –

The one on how your family is supposed to be like, your relationship is supposed to be like, your body is supposed to be like –

The way your bank account is supposed to be like.

The supposed-to’s are a story of some past programming that needs to be re-told –


BLOCKBUSTER HAS LEFT THE BUILDING… maybe you didn’t get the memo…

The beautiful thing about this life – the secret – if you will…

Is that at any moment in time everything you desire is available to you.

You can shift your perception of ANYTHING.

You can attract anything you desire to your life.

You can transform your mind instantly.

You can FEEL whatever you want to feel in an instant –

but that choice is up to you.

You can disappear the past in an instant.

Why are you holding on to it so tight?

Was it better back then?

Was it worse back then?

Better question: does it really matter if it was better or worse back then?

You are living like it really does matter.

You can’t do anything about it anyways.

So, why do you let your mind always go there?

I mean, ALWAYS go there?

What you have right here and right now is PRESENT.

The present of being able to transform/shift your feelings and thoughts to the desire of your heart.

You are allowed to do this.

But you are not – and I’m going to guess it’s because somewhere, somehow, someone in your past denied you.

They denied you when you got a chance to be the fullest-expression of yourself.

They denied you when you got a chance to dance with life.

They denied you love, wealth, health, family, friends.

They denied.

But then, again, no one can actually deny anyone of anything.

AHHH, bingo.

You denied yourself.

And my loves, the worst form of betrayal is self-betrayal.

We’ve all done it to ourselves, and that is the hardest to swallow.

We are the ones who allowed ourselves to become disconnected from our true desires.

We berated ourselves, put ourselves down.

It’s so much easier to blame others than to take back what is really something we did to ourselves.

Isn’t it crazy – we are supposed to be all “evolved” and “smart” –

Our phones are smart, so doesn’t that mean we are smarter?

But we sit and bash, say mean things, criticize, hurt ourselves – on repeat.


Actually, it really doesn’t matter why – as I alluded to in a blog a few weeks ago –

but what does matter now is – what can we do to shift into the place we are called to?

What can we do to heal?

And knowing that when we heal, we end up healing others.

Isn’t that amazing?

When we heal ourselves, we end up inspiring another to heal, to take that step out of the darkness and into the light?

So, it’s like a win-win-win for you, others and the world.

And I don’t know if there is a better way to….

Live Your Legacy.

xx Lisa



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I want you to join me in shifting to this place where the desires of your heart meet true abundance.

We do that through healing. We do that through talking. We do that through sharing. We do that through connecting. We do that through prayer and meditation.

Do you know that everything you ever desired is on the other side of that shift – that transformation on repeat?

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THE UGLY TRUTH: You STILL Don’t Know What You Want


Have you ever left on a trip to another country without a bra?

I managed to bring the passports, legal and medical documents for my kids – even a bathing suit.

But forgot to bring, pack or wear a brassiere.

I even packed make-up, but as it turns out you don’t bother to wear make-up when you don’t wear a bra – this is a FACT!

There I was.

3 full days of driving. Spanning 2 countries. Middle-Aged Woman. Glorified Chauffeur to my kids. Braless.

It was a disaster for me, but an absolute DREAM vacay for my boobs.

They got the freedom they so desperately seek.

I got to hide and run around with my arms crossed over my chest all weekend long.

It went down like this.

Saturday. Sunday. Monday.

Drive-Thru’s. Obviously. So no one could see me.

Tim Horton’s Medium One Cream. Braless.

Starbucks Grande Blonde Flat White. Braless.

McDonald’s Big Mac & Fries. Braless. (Don’t Judge!)

But then my problem amplified…

I had to go pee from all that coffee!

Ducking. Hiding. Plotting and planning my potty trips to and fro the bathrooms of unsightly gas stations like a covert op to make sure no one could get a glimpse of the flopage.

Sunglasses on. Hiding from the paparazzi – that I don’t have – because they may catch a glimpse of nipples down by my knees….

This was NO ‘Sexiest-Celebs-Go-Braless-In-Public-And-Become-More Sexier’ TMZ escapade.

This was in fact a ‘Hide-From-All-Humanity’ mission.

I had to do this 3 days in a row.

Serves me right for leaving at 5am for a road trip, rolling out of bed and hopping in my car without looking in a mirror, or looking down for that matter.

Calgary – Kelowna – Sandpoint – Calgary.

23 Hours of Driving.

The hippies in Sandpoint, Idaho didn’t mind.

They welcomed my new found freedom at Flower Child’s Coffee.

And the hippies get it. They get me.

Compassion in their eyes (or they could have been tears of sadness for me – one really doesn’t know!)

I could’ve moved in, sang Kumbaya, and placed a flower headband & fit right in with the mountain people who live off the grid.

After shuffling my children around the west, I have now made it back to civilization: my closet.

I showered, yes, naked – one last dance of freedom for my little friends before they got thrown back in boobie-jail.

All of this for what lesson?

I pondered that for 23-hours in my car.

Deep. Soul Searching moments without cell service deep in the crevasses of the Rocky Mountains.

And in those deep-soul-searching-braless-moments on my road trip, a bolt of light shone through the trees as Eric Church rang through my ears….

and BOOM!

I figured out what I want!

And what I NEED & WANT for the REST OF TIME.

A bra.

A nice plain black over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder.

I wish figuring out the rest of my life and what I wanted were this simple.


This is the big problem.

The BIG problem we all must find answers to.

The BIG problem facing most of us is that we still don’t really know what we want.

We think we want to win the lottery. We think that’s all we want and we go about our lives as if we’ve figured it out.

But the lottery, like so many false pleasures in our lives, are just that, BUFFERS.

Buffers that keep us from really digging deep and really finding answers to the question:

What is it I really want from my human experience?

We don’t know what we want today, tomorrow, and definitely not for the rest of our lives.

So we buffer with Big Macs & Super-Sized Fries – or your version of it.

We DO know that we are a GIANT ball of mushy dough able to transform into whatever we desire, but we keep changing our minds before the baker is finished serving up the final product.

You can’t keep asking to be a pretzel, then changing your mind and asking to be pizza dough, then deciding to be a pretzel again, but oh – look over there – the french bread is having all the fun (as the French seem to have!)


Majority of us live in indecision – a MAJOR LACK of sticking with something/anything long enough for it to “rise” to the occasion of completion. (HAHA!)

So that’s problem #1.

Not knowing what you really want.

Then there is problem #2 for those that have a slight inkling of what they want or even know full out what they want.

We dismiss the good that comes our way from knowing what we want.

We end up getting caught in the day-to-day of life DISMISSING the good that is slowly coming our way.

We brush off the compliments and the wins.

Dismissing the good you deserve or receive in your life is self-sabotage.

What are you dismissing in your life?

or better yet..

Why are we dismissing the good & great things that come into our lives?

I would venture mostly because we don’t feel worthy.

It always comes back to that doesn’t it.

There are other reasons too:

fear, shame, guilt, overwhelm, anger, anxiety

but these excuses usually boil down to:


And yes, it’s a feeling.

And yes, it’s a convenient excuse to dismiss your entire existence because you don’t feel you really deserve it.

Because the fact of the matter is that you are WORTHY.

You just don’t feel like allowing in all the ABUNDANCE & GREAT THINGS you DESIRE.

It’s a choice.

The other problem with this entire soup of problem #1 & problem #2 – namely being, not knowing what we want out of life and dismissing the good that is coming to us, is that it leaves us in more chaos.

And to make order out of the chaos we need to figure out and stick with and be worthy of WHAT WE WANT.

Head in the direction of your purpose and goal.

This will not only bring some order out of the chaos, it will also bring your life meaning.

Sending your order back and changing it every 5 seconds to something different will only leave you CONFUSED and FRUSTRATED – meaning – it actually is YOUR FAULT for feeling this chaos you’ve created in your life.

The kitchen is always happy to serve up your exact order.

The UGLY TRUTH is you still don’t know what you want.

You STILL haven’t set any specific intentions except some VAGUE UN-INSPIRING REGURGITATED GOALS.

You can’t even decide on what flavor of ice cream you want so you just end up ordering it all – and end up with a tummy ache and gas.


So, what are you ordering with clarity today?

and while you are placing that order, don’t forget to….

Live YOUR Legacy!

xx Lisa



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Asking Blog

What is the problem with self-sufficiency?

Don’t get me wrong. I would NEVER want to be a leach on society. However, does our pride and lack of humility stop us from asking for help? And how does this affect our wealth & receiving of money?

For most of middle class America, self-sufficiency was demanded of us.

Self-Sufficiency is the ultimate goal!

Or so I thought.

We look at “poor people” who ask for handouts as a strain on society.

Last Friday, I was having coffee downtown with a colleague, when a jobless person approached us. All I had was a toonie on me. I passed it to him.

When I thought about that transaction, I could only think that he had more guts than I ever would TO ASK for something I wanted or needed.

I, no doubt, have too much pride to ask for help! (sound familiar?!?!)

And for most of us stuck in complacency land, aka. middle-comfy-class, with our houses, portfolios and internet connections, we probably either feel

a) guilty for asking for more

b) shame in asking for more

c) fear – that in asking for more we will be struck by lightning, because we are greedy, ungrateful bastards who strut around like we own the place

Then there is my old friend, OBLIGATION.

Do you do things out of obligation? That’s THE WORST!

Do you invest, tithe, pay down debt, give stuff away – ALL with the dreaded obligation of doing so? Maybe just to get some spiritual-karma-golden-check-mark beside your name because you HAVE TO not because you WANT TO with a JOYFUL heart?

Think about all the things we do out of OBLIGATION!

Doing things out of obligation (feeling forced to do something) does not sow seeds of faith or joy.

Here’s the other thing: we’ve decided to WORK HARD as a society.

Hence the go-to-college-get-a-good-job-pass-go-collect-$200 lifestyle that we, the middle class, were taught.

We value hard work.

We value self-sufficiency.

Were there some flaws in this?

When did “asking for help” become a bad thing?

Many people “feel” bad for asking for help.

I do.

I seriously do.

and yet….


Asking requires faith.

Asking requires a blind belief that your request will be met by a power higher than yourself.

Asking requires humility.

Asking shows vulnerability.

You are in sales, right? (We all are!)

So you’ve been taught to ask for the sale. EVERY TIME.

Always Be Closing.

But have you taken the time to ask for your soul requirements?

Ask for the abundance you are CALLED to?

Ask for help in HEALTH, WEALTH, & LOVE?

Do you really think God wants you to muddle through life half-assed in all these things?

I think it’s time to change the narrative.

Not other people’s narratives.


The one between your own ears.

That is where this all stems from.

Why don’t you try on for yourself and see how it feels to ask for what your heart really desires?

  • Ask.
  • Follow Soul Promptings & Take Soul-Inspired Actions (in other words, don’t listen to the crowd, just your heart – it’s screaming at you if you listen closely!)
  • Receive.
  • Rinse & Repeat.

I think it is that simple.

I really do believe asking is tapping into humility.

Realizing that you can’t do this on your own.

I realize that a while back with Wealth Spa. When I was developing and designing this dream team financial network, I know that I can not do it alone. I need help. I need literally thousands of hands helping me with this vision.

So, I’m going to have to ask for help.

And I’m going to have to get over how uncomfortable that makes me feel! (And I know I’m not alone!)

Hold my vision steadfast, don’t let anyone deter me.


Do you have something that is bigger than yourself that you can ask for help with?

What is your ask if you can ask for anything in the entire universe?

Now ask.


Live Your Legacy

xx Lisa


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Are You Bringing Forth Your Light?

I’m purposely self(ish).

‘ISH’ means just a little, right?

I’m sure there are people that think I’m fully selfish, and others that think I’m selfless – in reality, I think most of us fall somewhere in between.

I love people so much, however, I cherish my alone time, self-care, exercise and writing time even more and for me to be the best me, that typically involves minimum 3-6 hours a DAY of alone time.

“Holy crazy lady!” – is what you are probably thinking right now!

But this is by design.

I seriously changed my entire life this year to honour my soul first & do a self-check-in every day before I go out into the world.

I think that’s a gift to the world! And to be honest, probably the greatest gift I can give the world – The BEST VERSION OF ME!

And mark my words, if I don’t get my “ME TIME”, I’m grouchy. I curmudgeonly go about my day like a light has been blown out or worse….


Not on purpose.

It just feels like the light is out, because I didn’t fan my flames and keep the light going for the day.

For me this self-care involves, writing, working out, speaking, planning, reading, singing, listening, growing, sharing. Whatever my souls needs to get me to the place where I bring myself to be the light I choose to be in the world.

It comes across as selfish I’m sure to so many. And yes, I realize there will be people who will never understand this.

Some people never will.

Some people “expect” me to do things to fit in with the world.

And when I do follow the crowd, I end up drained. Exhausted. Asleep….

I don’t. I won’t. (Oh, and I refuse to do what the crowd is doing and I refuse to do what I’m told to do – because normal is downright boring to me. Can you relate?)

And I know that I don’t fit into the box of what most people think is normal.

And every day, I’m more and more okay with it.

I actually have no choice but to be okay with it.

If I’m not doing me the way that I want to be doing me, what’s the point of it all anyway?

Do you get it yet?

Do you understand yet why you need to do you, be you, live you?

Why do you need to bring your art into the world? Bring forth your craziest of desires, your dreams and make them a reality?

It’s your responsibility!

Will people laugh at me? Maybe. But people suck sometimes.

Will people support me? Maybe. Some will, many won’t. And that’s okay.

But you can’t quit.

You can’t give up.

You can’t stop.

When you are living your deepest sense of purpose, the right people will show up always. (Belief I CHOOSE to hold.)

I think so many people still know they were born for more.

The ones that gave up, or maybe deep down weren’t born for more, we aren’t friends.

Nothing against them, but it’s just that the natural laws of the laws of attraction wouldn’t even let someone like that to read the first sentence of this post, let alone be a friend on my facebook page ? That’s how the rules work. I don’t make them, I just observe them. (Lots and Lots of observation in this area – the natural laws of attraction don’t fail!)

Are you bringing forth your art? Whatever it is? Are you literally birthing your dreams?

Can I paint a picture of what happens to your soul when you don’t?

It withers.

It dies.

You die.

You become a moving, talking body of emptiness.

Bleak. Obsolete. Dark.

You can always spot a person with the light ON inside them. They are living in a place of full self-expression and they don’t really care what other people think.

They are following what lights them up. I see it all the time, from the women I connect with to daily online to seeing that sparkle inside someone who just created something they are so damn proud of.

Can I tell you a secret?

It doesn’t matter what you do. I mean, it really doesn’t matter.

You could be the best pencil carver in the world, or the best rock collector. You could create the best cake or dance the best jig.

The “WHAT” really doesn’t matter.

Because here is the secret, if you are living in flow, on purpose, in that place that lights you up, you will leave the people around you touch, moved and inspired.

You will light up a part of their soul.

How many times have you seen this? Someone living ‘in spirit’?

And then after you feel like you can do anything? They inspired you so much that even though you know doing what they did isn’t for you, you feel like you want to excel at what you do?

And it’s not just adults, the most inspiring kid I met last summer at camp could do a Rubik’s cube in less than 2 minutes. Watching him absolutely blew my mind!

The problem with watching people who inspire you usually brings about another problem.

The voice that says you will never be that good at anything.

The voice that starts quiet and slowly becomes louder in your head.

And then I buy a Rubik’s cube, and can’t even get one side of colors to match in 10 minutes, even after watching endless YouTube tutorials!

“You suck! You will never be able to do this!”

And it’s true. There’s a good chance you will never do anything your heart isn’t into….

Because here’s a deep truth of mine: I’m really not into Rubik’s cubes.

My soul’s true work will not be to complete a Rubik’s cube in under a minute.

That is another soul’s work, another soul’s calling.

Not mine.

So, you have to do what calls to you. You can’t fake this.

You can fake a lot of things in life. Women are good at this… ?

But you can’t fake the thing that moves you to the core, the thing that leaves others inspired.

You can’t fake your dreams.

You can’t fake inspiration.

So, STOP faking it – cause some of you are just going through the motions.


We can always tell when you aren’t living your best, most inspired life. You’ll never be able to hide that from us. You’re drained. You’re tired. You’re out of energy.

Figure this out for your sake mostly, but also for us onlookers of your life.

Start living in the way that inspires you most (yes, even if you think it’s selfish and even if the people around you think it’s selfish – because it’s not), because you WILL create a unique cause and effect on the world that is greater and more powerful than all the elements combined.

Something only your unique beautiful DNA can do.

Something only your soul can bring forth.

Be you.

Mark my words.

And I would preach this from the mountain tops – it’s your responsibility to live from a place of inspiration and bring forth your art!

You have no greater command than to LOVE yourself (which means to live in a place of a happy-fully-self-expressed-pencil-whittler-rock-collector-writer-dancer-lover-musician-carver-painter-designer-speaker-communicator-artist-planner-driver-athlete-creator-you), which also (by default) means you are loving your creator (which was technically the first command), who created you to create for the benefit of yourself and others (which was the part about loving your neighbour as you LOVE yourself).

Are you giving the world the best version of you? Are you bringing it?




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My Soul Craved An Adventure Today…

My soul craved an adventure today.


So I put on my sexiest panties. And threw off the old, nasty, granny panties and got dressed. Why do I think I’m not even good enough for my new sexy panties???


I dropped by my office, left a courier and some files for my assistant, and took off on the open road.


Calendar open this morning. By design.


Luckily when you live on the edge of a small town, smaller towns are near by and you can get lost in some cute cozy cafe, mismatched chairs, with some farmer and people you’ll never see again.


I am getting funny looks.


City girl, for lack of a better word, (clearly, my panties are too sexy for this town! Yikes!) with designer purse, in a land where they don’t pull out their devices to blog about their day, they might have a flip phone if lucky. They just have coffee and grey hair, and I’m oddly jealous, just a little.


I’m transported to Tennessee. I swear. Jason Aldean in my ears. Fly Over States. Reminds me of the simpler life.


So my mind is clear. Happy content.


I’m on an adventure.


Time stands still.


When you choose not to hide yourself, your light, your message – there are consequences.


This I am learning.


I’ve learned this lesson 5 times this week.


What choice does one have when one has a calling? A purpose? Their heart to follow?


And it’s hard for a people pleaser like myself to ‘offend others’ or have people not like me. And I know that not everybody will like me, but it still hurts. It always will. These are the human parts of us.


I’m at a cozy cafe I’m calling the nest. But in reality it’s a seedy motel in a small town, smelling of greasy coffee and fake plastic flowers on the table…  and again I’m in love.


I ordered the ‘sunny’ breakfast. There were 3 choices for breakfast.


Somehow, sitting with the farmers across the room, hearing them talk reminds me of my Opa and sitting at the farm table growing up, shooting the shit on everything and anything….  for the sake of it. No agenda. Just coffee in hand.


I’m committed to this adventure. To living life on the edge – and I already know it’s not for everyone…. by design… perfect design. But it is for me.


So, I don’t hide behind these words I write. I share them as authentically with you as if you are here beside me.


You and me.


Two souls having coffee out in a small prairie town with all the time in the world.



5-4-5 Money Magic

Money Magic

I’m starting a five week series called ‘Money Magic’.  5 weeks with 5 tips each week on how to create financial possibilities for your life.

  • 5 Money Manifests
  • 5 Money Misconceptions
  • 5 Money Makeovers
  • 5 Money Measurements
  • 5 Money Mindsets

See you next week!


Financial Freedom

“Financial Freedom is when you never do anything that you don’t want to do for money and

you never omit doing something you want to do because of lack of money.”

∼ Phil Laut, Money is My Friend ∼


Everything Through Community

Discovering for yourself that everything can be done through community was one of the greatest things I learned last year.  Just knowing you don’t have to be or do everything yourself and the great “letting go” and not having to have everything perfect all the time has been a great gift.  If you haven’t received that gift, let me give it to you….. let go now and ask for help.  You will be able to still accomplish all you want in this life and meanwhile collapsing time frames!  It’s truly a great way to live!

Thank you to my community of women, friends and family who have helped me on my journey of “letting go” and “creating possibility”!