My Soul Craved An Adventure Today…

My soul craved an adventure today.


So I put on my sexiest panties. And threw off the old, nasty, granny panties and got dressed. Why do I think I’m not even good enough for my new sexy panties???


I dropped by my office, left a courier and some files for my assistant, and took off on the open road.


Calendar open this morning. By design.


Luckily when you live on the edge of a small town, smaller towns are near by and you can get lost in some cute cozy cafe, mismatched chairs, with some farmer and people you’ll never see again.


I am getting funny looks.


City girl, for lack of a better word, (clearly, my panties are too sexy for this town! Yikes!) with designer purse, in a land where they don’t pull out their devices to blog about their day, they might have a flip phone if lucky. They just have coffee and grey hair, and I’m oddly jealous, just a little.


I’m transported to Tennessee. I swear. Jason Aldean in my ears. Fly Over States. Reminds me of the simpler life.


So my mind is clear. Happy content.


I’m on an adventure.


Time stands still.


When you choose not to hide yourself, your light, your message – there are consequences.


This I am learning.


I’ve learned this lesson 5 times this week.


What choice does one have when one has a calling? A purpose? Their heart to follow?


And it’s hard for a people pleaser like myself to ‘offend others’ or have people not like me. And I know that not everybody will like me, but it still hurts. It always will. These are the human parts of us.


I’m at a cozy cafe I’m calling the nest. But in reality it’s a seedy motel in a small town, smelling of greasy coffee and fake plastic flowers on the table…  and again I’m in love.


I ordered the ‘sunny’ breakfast. There were 3 choices for breakfast.


Somehow, sitting with the farmers across the room, hearing them talk reminds me of my Opa and sitting at the farm table growing up, shooting the shit on everything and anything….  for the sake of it. No agenda. Just coffee in hand.


I’m committed to this adventure. To living life on the edge – and I already know it’s not for everyone…. by design… perfect design. But it is for me.


So, I don’t hide behind these words I write. I share them as authentically with you as if you are here beside me.


You and me.


Two souls having coffee out in a small prairie town with all the time in the world.