Are You Bringing Forth Your Light?

I’m purposely self(ish).

‘ISH’ means just a little, right?

I’m sure there are people that think I’m fully selfish, and others that think I’m selfless – in reality, I think most of us fall somewhere in between.

I love people so much, however, I cherish my alone time, self-care, exercise and writing time even more and for me to be the best me, that typically involves minimum 3-6 hours a DAY of alone time.

“Holy crazy lady!” – is what you are probably thinking right now!

But this is by design.

I seriously changed my entire life this year to honour my soul first & do a self-check-in every day before I go out into the world.

I think that’s a gift to the world! And to be honest, probably the greatest gift I can give the world – The BEST VERSION OF ME!

And mark my words, if I don’t get my “ME TIME”, I’m grouchy. I curmudgeonly go about my day like a light has been blown out or worse….


Not on purpose.

It just feels like the light is out, because I didn’t fan my flames and keep the light going for the day.

For me this self-care involves, writing, working out, speaking, planning, reading, singing, listening, growing, sharing. Whatever my souls needs to get me to the place where I bring myself to be the light I choose to be in the world.

It comes across as selfish I’m sure to so many. And yes, I realize there will be people who will never understand this.

Some people never will.

Some people “expect” me to do things to fit in with the world.

And when I do follow the crowd, I end up drained. Exhausted. Asleep….

I don’t. I won’t. (Oh, and I refuse to do what the crowd is doing and I refuse to do what I’m told to do – because normal is downright boring to me. Can you relate?)

And I know that I don’t fit into the box of what most people think is normal.

And every day, I’m more and more okay with it.

I actually have no choice but to be okay with it.

If I’m not doing me the way that I want to be doing me, what’s the point of it all anyway?

Do you get it yet?

Do you understand yet why you need to do you, be you, live you?

Why do you need to bring your art into the world? Bring forth your craziest of desires, your dreams and make them a reality?

It’s your responsibility!

Will people laugh at me? Maybe. But people suck sometimes.

Will people support me? Maybe. Some will, many won’t. And that’s okay.

But you can’t quit.

You can’t give up.

You can’t stop.

When you are living your deepest sense of purpose, the right people will show up always. (Belief I CHOOSE to hold.)

I think so many people still know they were born for more.

The ones that gave up, or maybe deep down weren’t born for more, we aren’t friends.

Nothing against them, but it’s just that the natural laws of the laws of attraction wouldn’t even let someone like that to read the first sentence of this post, let alone be a friend on my facebook page ? That’s how the rules work. I don’t make them, I just observe them. (Lots and Lots of observation in this area – the natural laws of attraction don’t fail!)

Are you bringing forth your art? Whatever it is? Are you literally birthing your dreams?

Can I paint a picture of what happens to your soul when you don’t?

It withers.

It dies.

You die.

You become a moving, talking body of emptiness.

Bleak. Obsolete. Dark.

You can always spot a person with the light ON inside them. They are living in a place of full self-expression and they don’t really care what other people think.

They are following what lights them up. I see it all the time, from the women I connect with to daily online to seeing that sparkle inside someone who just created something they are so damn proud of.

Can I tell you a secret?

It doesn’t matter what you do. I mean, it really doesn’t matter.

You could be the best pencil carver in the world, or the best rock collector. You could create the best cake or dance the best jig.

The “WHAT” really doesn’t matter.

Because here is the secret, if you are living in flow, on purpose, in that place that lights you up, you will leave the people around you touch, moved and inspired.

You will light up a part of their soul.

How many times have you seen this? Someone living ‘in spirit’?

And then after you feel like you can do anything? They inspired you so much that even though you know doing what they did isn’t for you, you feel like you want to excel at what you do?

And it’s not just adults, the most inspiring kid I met last summer at camp could do a Rubik’s cube in less than 2 minutes. Watching him absolutely blew my mind!

The problem with watching people who inspire you usually brings about another problem.

The voice that says you will never be that good at anything.

The voice that starts quiet and slowly becomes louder in your head.

And then I buy a Rubik’s cube, and can’t even get one side of colors to match in 10 minutes, even after watching endless YouTube tutorials!

“You suck! You will never be able to do this!”

And it’s true. There’s a good chance you will never do anything your heart isn’t into….

Because here’s a deep truth of mine: I’m really not into Rubik’s cubes.

My soul’s true work will not be to complete a Rubik’s cube in under a minute.

That is another soul’s work, another soul’s calling.

Not mine.

So, you have to do what calls to you. You can’t fake this.

You can fake a lot of things in life. Women are good at this… ?

But you can’t fake the thing that moves you to the core, the thing that leaves others inspired.

You can’t fake your dreams.

You can’t fake inspiration.

So, STOP faking it – cause some of you are just going through the motions.


We can always tell when you aren’t living your best, most inspired life. You’ll never be able to hide that from us. You’re drained. You’re tired. You’re out of energy.

Figure this out for your sake mostly, but also for us onlookers of your life.

Start living in the way that inspires you most (yes, even if you think it’s selfish and even if the people around you think it’s selfish – because it’s not), because you WILL create a unique cause and effect on the world that is greater and more powerful than all the elements combined.

Something only your unique beautiful DNA can do.

Something only your soul can bring forth.

Be you.

Mark my words.

And I would preach this from the mountain tops – it’s your responsibility to live from a place of inspiration and bring forth your art!

You have no greater command than to LOVE yourself (which means to live in a place of a happy-fully-self-expressed-pencil-whittler-rock-collector-writer-dancer-lover-musician-carver-painter-designer-speaker-communicator-artist-planner-driver-athlete-creator-you), which also (by default) means you are loving your creator (which was technically the first command), who created you to create for the benefit of yourself and others (which was the part about loving your neighbour as you LOVE yourself).

Are you giving the world the best version of you? Are you bringing it?




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