THE UGLY TRUTH: You STILL Don’t Know What You Want


Have you ever left on a trip to another country without a bra?

I managed to bring the passports, legal and medical documents for my kids – even a bathing suit.

But forgot to bring, pack or wear a brassiere.

I even packed make-up, but as it turns out you don’t bother to wear make-up when you don’t wear a bra – this is a FACT!

There I was.

3 full days of driving. Spanning 2 countries. Middle-Aged Woman. Glorified Chauffeur to my kids. Braless.

It was a disaster for me, but an absolute DREAM vacay for my boobs.

They got the freedom they so desperately seek.

I got to hide and run around with my arms crossed over my chest all weekend long.

It went down like this.

Saturday. Sunday. Monday.

Drive-Thru’s. Obviously. So no one could see me.

Tim Horton’s Medium One Cream. Braless.

Starbucks Grande Blonde Flat White. Braless.

McDonald’s Big Mac & Fries. Braless. (Don’t Judge!)

But then my problem amplified…

I had to go pee from all that coffee!

Ducking. Hiding. Plotting and planning my potty trips to and fro the bathrooms of unsightly gas stations like a covert op to make sure no one could get a glimpse of the flopage.

Sunglasses on. Hiding from the paparazzi – that I don’t have – because they may catch a glimpse of nipples down by my knees….

This was NO ‘Sexiest-Celebs-Go-Braless-In-Public-And-Become-More Sexier’ TMZ escapade.

This was in fact a ‘Hide-From-All-Humanity’ mission.

I had to do this 3 days in a row.

Serves me right for leaving at 5am for a road trip, rolling out of bed and hopping in my car without looking in a mirror, or looking down for that matter.

Calgary – Kelowna – Sandpoint – Calgary.

23 Hours of Driving.

The hippies in Sandpoint, Idaho didn’t mind.

They welcomed my new found freedom at Flower Child’s Coffee.

And the hippies get it. They get me.

Compassion in their eyes (or they could have been tears of sadness for me – one really doesn’t know!)

I could’ve moved in, sang Kumbaya, and placed a flower headband & fit right in with the mountain people who live off the grid.

After shuffling my children around the west, I have now made it back to civilization: my closet.

I showered, yes, naked – one last dance of freedom for my little friends before they got thrown back in boobie-jail.

All of this for what lesson?

I pondered that for 23-hours in my car.

Deep. Soul Searching moments without cell service deep in the crevasses of the Rocky Mountains.

And in those deep-soul-searching-braless-moments on my road trip, a bolt of light shone through the trees as Eric Church rang through my ears….

and BOOM!

I figured out what I want!

And what I NEED & WANT for the REST OF TIME.

A bra.

A nice plain black over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder.

I wish figuring out the rest of my life and what I wanted were this simple.


This is the big problem.

The BIG problem we all must find answers to.

The BIG problem facing most of us is that we still don’t really know what we want.

We think we want to win the lottery. We think that’s all we want and we go about our lives as if we’ve figured it out.

But the lottery, like so many false pleasures in our lives, are just that, BUFFERS.

Buffers that keep us from really digging deep and really finding answers to the question:

What is it I really want from my human experience?

We don’t know what we want today, tomorrow, and definitely not for the rest of our lives.

So we buffer with Big Macs & Super-Sized Fries – or your version of it.

We DO know that we are a GIANT ball of mushy dough able to transform into whatever we desire, but we keep changing our minds before the baker is finished serving up the final product.

You can’t keep asking to be a pretzel, then changing your mind and asking to be pizza dough, then deciding to be a pretzel again, but oh – look over there – the french bread is having all the fun (as the French seem to have!)


Majority of us live in indecision – a MAJOR LACK of sticking with something/anything long enough for it to “rise” to the occasion of completion. (HAHA!)

So that’s problem #1.

Not knowing what you really want.

Then there is problem #2 for those that have a slight inkling of what they want or even know full out what they want.

We dismiss the good that comes our way from knowing what we want.

We end up getting caught in the day-to-day of life DISMISSING the good that is slowly coming our way.

We brush off the compliments and the wins.

Dismissing the good you deserve or receive in your life is self-sabotage.

What are you dismissing in your life?

or better yet..

Why are we dismissing the good & great things that come into our lives?

I would venture mostly because we don’t feel worthy.

It always comes back to that doesn’t it.

There are other reasons too:

fear, shame, guilt, overwhelm, anger, anxiety

but these excuses usually boil down to:


And yes, it’s a feeling.

And yes, it’s a convenient excuse to dismiss your entire existence because you don’t feel you really deserve it.

Because the fact of the matter is that you are WORTHY.

You just don’t feel like allowing in all the ABUNDANCE & GREAT THINGS you DESIRE.

It’s a choice.

The other problem with this entire soup of problem #1 & problem #2 – namely being, not knowing what we want out of life and dismissing the good that is coming to us, is that it leaves us in more chaos.

And to make order out of the chaos we need to figure out and stick with and be worthy of WHAT WE WANT.

Head in the direction of your purpose and goal.

This will not only bring some order out of the chaos, it will also bring your life meaning.

Sending your order back and changing it every 5 seconds to something different will only leave you CONFUSED and FRUSTRATED – meaning – it actually is YOUR FAULT for feeling this chaos you’ve created in your life.

The kitchen is always happy to serve up your exact order.

The UGLY TRUTH is you still don’t know what you want.

You STILL haven’t set any specific intentions except some VAGUE UN-INSPIRING REGURGITATED GOALS.

You can’t even decide on what flavor of ice cream you want so you just end up ordering it all – and end up with a tummy ache and gas.


So, what are you ordering with clarity today?

and while you are placing that order, don’t forget to….

Live YOUR Legacy!

xx Lisa



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