Broke Down Dreams

I was on a walk this morning when I realized I was walking along a broke down fence.

A farmer’s fence out in the middle of nowhere.

Okay, so really a few kms from my home, but still I will pretend it was the middle of nowhere as I do on my daily adventure walks.

Just me and the stillness of the earth – oh, and some country music blasting in my ears – to which I am certain there is a song out there called broke down fences, if not, there will be one soon by Luke Bryan or Blake Shelton…

Broke Down Fences – where dreams go to die.

Yup! Country music written all over that!

Yes, like broken fences, broken dishes, and broken hearts – broken dreams are really the worst of it.

The thing with broke down dreams is that they are much harder to repair than a broken fence.

How do we end up with broke down dreams to begin with?

We give up. We get angry. We get frustrated. We find blame.

It’s easy to blame.

It’s easy to blame the weather for the broken fence, or the moose. (I literally did see a moose on this adventure walk moments after I took this cover photo!)

It’s easy to blame the ex-boyfriend for the broken heart.

It’s easy to blame the kids for the broken dishes or the mechanic for the broke down car.

The thing with broke down dreams is that you are the only one to blame.

And that’s the hard part.

You were the one who let yourself down.

You were and are the one responsible for this whole SHEMOZZLE of a mess.

Here’s the deal.

You need to – – –


and stop making excuses about why you aren’t there yet!

Own that shit.

I’d rather be with someone who owns the fact that they didn’t try hard enough or didn’t even try in the first place than hang out with someone who blatantly believes that their dreams, destiny, LIFE is fully out of their control.

So, yes, things will happen. Circumstances will happen to you.

But it’s what you do about it that counts.

Did your investment not go as planned?

Did you lose money?

Did your business or job not go as planned?

Did your relationship not go as planned?

So what?


So what?

And by the so what, I mean, what are you making it mean about you?

Are you making your “failure” mean that you are not worthy of getting back on top?

Because you are worthy of getting back on top.

Here’s a secret.

You are even worthy of holding this belief and actually believing it if you want to:

Life keeps getting better and better.

There is no need to believe otherwise.

Seriously, take that in for a minute.

Are you allowed to choose that life will get better?

Is that a thought you are allowed to choose and think?


Yes, one million times, YES!

So, if you are allowed to choose what you think and then actually go and think it and think it on repeat and hold those thoughts – what might actually happen with your life?

Would it matter that you failed for a minute?

Does it mattered that something failed?

Are you choosing thoughts that it matters if something fails or that it makes it mean something about you – like you are not worthy, you are not smart, you are not pretty, you are not good enough?

You are enough.

And you have to do the work.


And the work regarding fixing your broke down dreams is this:

Dreams, to succeed, require the dreamer to renew and repair the dream on the daily. Every day, hour and minute.

You are required to reinforce and revive and basically keep that dream alive for as long as it takes.


Long it takes, my friend, long it sometimes take.

Not to mention, if you are trying to do something outside of your bubble of “normal” that you will be mocked for it – at least once… or tons.

That is the best thing that can happen to you.

It means you are getting closer to your dreams becoming a reality.

I remember many times I’ve cried over lost clients or haters – sometimes people who didn’t even know me!

This was years ago, but now I relish the people who disagree.

That means you are clear on your message.

You can look at it this way…

The more haters, the more clear you are on your dream!

You will attract what you need and repel the rest.

That’s how it goes.

But to do that, to accomplish the dream, you must first start with your broke down dreams and build them up again.

Brick by brick.

Over and over again.

And it will happen for you.

Your broke down dreams will become whole again.

Angles will rejoice and Blake Shelton may even sing for you – I don’t know!

But I do know this, you damn well will be on your way to living your best life, your dream life, the life you imagined.

Deliver on your dreams.

That is how you…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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