Your Weak Becomes Strong

Your Weak Becomes Strong by Lisa Elle

The weakest area of your life is meant to become the strongest.

One of my coaches told me that.

Years ago, I wouldn’t never have believed this.

But now, I know its truth.

The area in your life where you are struggling most is most likely the area where you are meant to be a light to someone else.

It’s funny, in a not so ha-ha way, that what we struggle with the most is meant as the perfect guide to our purpose!

Seriously, the thing you are struggling with the most you are only struggling with because it’s something that fires you up and frustrates the bejeezers out of you.

Think about this:

The things that don’t bother you don’t bother you for a reason.

You don’t care about them as much! We can let them roll off our backs.

The things that bother you only bother you because you care so deeply about them.

And you are frustrated because you aren’t obtaining your goals or reaching them in a certain area.

But because you care so deeply about this area.

It’s the area you are so desperately seeking self-expression, expansion and fulfillment in.

And it’s your true hearts desire.

There are areas that you lightly care about, but even when the other areas that you lightly care about go to hell in a handbasket, you can shrug them off easier.

With your purpose area – the area that you were born for – that’s when EVERYTHING gets you down or you get easily irritated, or you flat out freak out.

USE this internal information to your benefit!

The area in your life that’s slapping you around is the area you were meant to shine in and here’s how you know:

1) Acknowledge Your Weakness.

Acknowledge the fact that deep down you want to OWN this ‘weak’ area of your life. You want to DOMINATE it!

This could be a relationship, your dream business, sales, weight loss, physical accomplishments, a financial milestone or a fear or a struggle.

Whatever it is, admit to yourself you want it and you want it bad.

So many people don’t do this or they believe their goal is not worthy.


Even if you think they are silly!

2) Become STRONG in Your Weakness.


Accomplish Your Thing and Then Shine Your Light to the world in your area, your purpose.

Once you accomplish your goals, it’s your JOB and your RESPONSIBILITY to share your secret to success with others!

That’s the shining your light part of this.

People are always wanting to move forward in a certain area of their life and they are always looking to find new ways to get help.



Even if it’s as simple as sharing your “Love Story” or your “Weight Loss Story” with someone to give them hope or creating a business/product or service to help them with their goal.

Plus, for anyone that’s ever read the Bible, this blog was practically stolen right from it! Isaiah 40:29, 2 Corinthians 12:9 etc, etc…..

There is so much truth here!

It’s time you explore it for yourself.

Are you ready to allow your weakness to become your greatest strength?

It’s daunting – no doubt about it.

There’s vulnerability in it.

But the benefits will out weigh all the pain.

I promise.

God promises.

But you have to allow to be broken open in your weakness so the strong within can rise.

You’ve done it so many times in your life already.

You already know this.

It’s no secret that you’ve made your weak become strong so many times throughout your life.

What’s waiting for you on the other side?

Living your EPIC LIFE!

Your weak will be made STRONG.

And that is how you….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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