Attention Deficit Dreams Disorder

Attention Deficit Dreams Disorder

It is a dis-order.

Things are not in order.

Not that they need be, but it helps make life a little easier!

I’m talking about your DREAMS and your fickle relationship with them.

The issue I see when it comes to people who have big audacious dreams is that they never seem to stick with anything long enough to actually make progress or stay focused on the desired outcome long enough.

It’s easy to see in our world- considering 3-5 years now-a-days makes for a “lengthy” career in something.

But for those who really want to step it up a notch –

For those of you who want to really make an impact:

You’ll need to stick with something longer than 5 minutes.

5 days.

5 months.

5 years.

Okay, so I get “trying” things out.

I get trying everything on and seeing what fits.

I get that when you are a teenager or in your early 20’s – maybe….

But for the people that are here to make an impact, note this.

They are called to what they are doing.

You are called.

You were never meant to just hap-hazardly go through life.

You were given a purpose – and that doesn’t mean you need to earn money from it!

There really is no need for trying stuff on when you tune into your soul’s purpose work.

And this doesn’t mean because you stick with one thing you aren’t multi-passionate.

I am multi-passionate about MANY THINGS and study them on the side, the difference – you don’t go changing you main theme a million times.

Obviously, there is marketing magic in this.

There’s something you will get paid lots of money to do and that is to stick with something, become the best in your field.

And I get this message isn’t for everyone.

But this message is for the entrepreneur who keeps wondering why things never get lift off – it’s usually because you tried something for 2 seconds, determined it didn’t work and now want to quit.

(I feel this way about Insta and all social platforms and all digital and traditional advertising methods!)

The same goes for investors.

You entered the market at a bad time or good time or whatever – and now, 3-6 months later your portfolio is down 20%….

So, I guess quitting is the answer?!?!

No, we know that’s not how it is with investing and we all are taking the long-game (unless you are a day-trader!).

But this is what happens with business owners or marketing efforts for anything really.

Oh, it didn’t work and the clients/customers/jobs aren’t flocking to me as easily as I’d like, so I think it’s time I start a new gig, new career, new business.

And just like that we give up.

Now, there is only one REALLY good reason to give up.

That is if you were ignoring your gut from the beginning and knew this wasn’t for you from day one and now you are finally getting some sense and smacking yo’self upside the head.

(Obviously, if you are ill or have to move, etc – but this isn’t what I’m talking about here today.)

This is for the people who have 20 million things/side-businesses/jobs on the go and don’t take time to honour one of them.

If we know (from Tony Robbins!) that where attention goes energy flows what is happening when you are spreading yourself out so thin?!

Your energy is so scattered.

Scattered energy is so 90’s.

It doesn’t look good on anyone!

Plus, being “busy” doing nothing that moves the needle in your life only hurts you.

So you need to reign it in!

Pull that energy into alignment.

Do the one thing that will move your life forward.

(Read: The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan – EXCELLENT read!)

What’s the one thing you need to work on to accomplish your goals and tip over the first domino in your series of goals dominoes?

Do that thing.

Do only that thing for 90-days or until you accomplish the goal.

Okay – so as you know, I always am writing to myself when I write and this time is no different.

I still feel fragmented in my business.

Jack of all trades, master of none – right?!

Okay, so I am and have mastered a few things, but I still have LOTS more work to do in this area!

The good news is that I see it and I can move forward from here.

I’m guessing if we all did an energy audit we’d all find leaks that drain us.

And so here is the challenge, the call to arms.

AND it’s hard because we are more than ever in a society of instant gratification.

Can we choose one main thing – one main goal – and stick with it long enough to see it through without fragmenting our time and energy into a million different places?

Will we get rid of our ADDD and be able to focus on the ONE THING that will radically change our lives?

This is bold.

This is scary.

This does mean rocking the boat because none of your friends or family or peer group will be doing this… you will for the most part be a lone wolf in this!


If everyone did this, we’d have a LOT more millionaires.

So, that leads me to believe, no one is really doing this.

No one is really sticking with the one dream to see it through to the end.

You have to do 1% actions to get 1% results.

That is how you….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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