Why You Aren’t Manifesting Your Big Dreams

Why You Aren't Manifesting Your Big Dreams

I decided life was good.

It was good. It IS good.

And when you get to the place where you have a majority of all your needs met, life is good for most of us.

I was listening or reading, and I can’t even remember where from (because I seem to be reading like 5 books and listening to 2 – so it’s a mumble jumble mess in my brain sometimes! 🙂 ) when I was asked this question:

“Okay, now that you’ve traveled the world 5-star (of course), own 12 dream houses around the world, own 31 fancy cars (one for each day of the month with coordinated designer outfits and shoes – obs), now what?”

In other words, once you have all the money you could possibly ever want, then what? Then what is going to drive you? What is going to inspire you to wake up everyday?

(Another reason I dislike the word retirement because it conjures up visions of me knitting in a rocking chair and complaining at the 5 o’clock news, hitting my fist onto my TV tray or shaking it at the TV…and that depresses me to point where I don’t even care about retirement #truthspoken)

And, yes, I don’t have a car for everyday of the month (but I do have shoes for 6 months of the year if that counts!), but I have great imagination and visualization skills, and I get to this depressing point every time I do any of these stupid manifesting exercises where you have to visualize what you want out of life. (I’ve done this one lots and come out more miserable than before going in half the time!)

I say ‘stupid’ lovingly – but to me, a person who honestly isn’t motivated by money (although loves it!) it’s hard to care about manifesting a ton of sh*t that I’m not really interested in (aka. 12 houses/31 cars when that just seems like a ton of work to boot!) – (On a side note, I’m about 99% sure that I had royalty in a past life – LOL, so none of this over-the-top stuff really excites me at all. I’m a pretty happy camper, even in a tent – as long as there’s coffee and wifi….oh… and a 5-star tent…)

Actually, I know lots of people where money isn’t the true motivator. And when money isn’t your actual deep motivator, you have to go deeper.



This always goes back to living out your WHY.

What is it I want to do?

What is it I’m here to do?

What is it I LOVE to do?

What do I want to do even if I have all the money in the world?


Depression always sets in when you don’t know your why or are not living out the full self-expression of your soul.

It’s probably as simple and as difficult as that.

Finding your why and living in it fully is the best way to get out of a slump and put some pep into your step.

Sometimes easier said than done.

This I know.

And I’m a pretty self-expressed person (ask my girlfriends!) and yet I sometimes get stuck manifesting the BIG DREAMS!

This is why I get stuck – and maybe you too…..

The reason you aren’t manifesting your BIG DREAMS is probably one of two reasons:

  • you don’t really want what you want badly enough and/or
  • you don’t have enough clarity/emotion/feeling/excitement around your vision to carry it out

So I sit here, in my fancy dining room this morning, in my comfy life and think what’s the point?!

What’s the point of messing up my comfort zone?

What’s the point when LIFE IS GOOD, BUT NOT GREAT?

Is this all there is?

YES! This is all there is (at this moment) because this is all you’ve created thus far.

This place you are reading this – LOOK AROUND – you created it.

Your soul knows you are a powerful creator and you can create more.

But I think this is what happens to most of us… we hit the “COMFY LIFE ZONE”.

Once you hit “COMFY LIFE ZONE” (which I would say is most of middle America and hence why Netflix does so well) it takes a lot to step out of that and go PLAY A BIGGER GAME than the one you are currently playing.

And I do know this:

My WHY has to be bigger than my comfy life.

I will say and most people who know me (and if you’ve been following me for the last 145 weeks or so….) you probably know that I do know my why, and I do.

But there are days when I’m happy to take the back seat and let “COMFY LIFE” be the driver. Those are usually fun days.

Brain goes off.

Scandal goes on.

Chocolate goes in.

(Or I do the Olivia Pope diet of Red Wine & Popcorn…)

The problem for me (and when I say me, I mean you are probably going to resonate with this too, ’cause we all the same deep down) –

I haven’t, continually (continually being the key word), reached harmony between me, myself and my WHY.

This is important for anything you want in your life, my loves…. listen up…

You have to create the feelings within yourself first before they can show up in your reality, in your outside world.

Only if harmony is within will you find it outside of you.

Everything you want has to come from you first –


God planted it in you. There’s nothing to find ‘OUT THERE’!

It’s all ‘IN HERE’!


  • to your brilliance within
  • to your power within
  • to your flow within
  • to your dreams within
  • to your happiness within
  • to your world within

Once you really get this, and really understand the power of this – you will be able to fully step into whatever reality you choose for yourself.

And if that isn’t the cat’s meow, then I’m at a loss for words…



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