The Best Investment Ever

The Best Investment Ever

I’m going to give you an “insiders” tip today on the the best investment you can ever make with your time & money.

There is only one.

There can only EVER be one.

And that is, investing in Y-O-U.

And investing in YOU in a BIG way.

What does that mean?

It means that your desire, that thing deep down that keeps nudging you, needs to come out to shine.

It’s taken me years to really understand this.

We were taught to go to school, college, university, and then, yes, be a life long learner (obviously something I take to heart more than the average bear if you ever had the misfortune of having to decipher some of the letters behind my name!) and as if that’s what it really means to invest in yourself, but that’s not what it really means.

Then, of course, there’s the investing in your skin, hair, make-up, clothes, handbags, Louboutin’s & Manolo’s, (oh, and showering helps!) and again, yes, as that is a huge investment and important, but again, it’s not really what I’m talking about.

You also have your body, exercise, physical health, food & diet – also super important, but again not really where I’m going with this.

There’s an investment more important than all of the “stuff” we do in our day to day lives. No doubt one of the most overlooked and undervalued parts of us, and with no help from the majority of society, except of course for Thoracic Surgeons.

It’s your heart.

Following Your Heart.

The Life Source.

And the only reason that may sound cheesy or totally lame to you is because we are taught that it’s a fairy dream to follow your heart, and only hard work and persistence will get us to where we are going – but that will never get you going to where you want to go if you don’t have some heart in it.

The thing is that YOUR LIFE will never work if you aren’t following your heart.



Your life will never work if you aren’t listening to your heart.

Your investments, your relationships, your education, your look, your style, your money, your home, your body, your mind will PUSH AGAINST you if you aren’t first following your heart.

Putting your heart first is not a good or bad thing. It’s life giving. It’s where abundance, peace, happiness, health come from and anything else you desire comes from.

And here’s what the good book has to say about that…

The heart is to be guarded because it is the source of life.

or said another way,

“Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.”

or said another way again,

ABOVE all else, guard your heart – because EVERYTHING you do FLOWS from it!

Said three different ways, all from the same book – 3 different versions of it (Prov.4:23)… best selling book of all time. #neednotsaymore

Your Heart?!

I get why true wisdom lies with the heart, because it is more powerful, and overrides the brain every time. We feel with our hearts, we think with our minds. Hearts are rarely rational, but they will lead you to your dream life every time! (And what more is life than your reality, your dream anyways?!)

I also don’t think this text means to guard your heart from things like “LOVE” or the pain love can cause (’cause if you haven’t figured it out yet, all relationships end at some point and there’s going to be some pain – but so worth it!)

I think it means guard your heart once you follow it.

There are always going to be people quick to judge, slow to listen.

Truly supportive people will usually be harder to find, so guard your heart from the words, relationships, negativity that can hinder your mind-game, pull you out of alignment with your true purpose. Meaning, you may have to ignore certain voices you hear. (What’s true for someone else isn’t necessarily true for you.)

On the topic of money: Do what you love, follow your heart, the money will follow. I mean, assuming you are actually treating what you love as a business and taking appropriate actions toward it. 😉


How do you follow your heart?

It sounds wishy-washy-woo-woo, but you CAN’T LIVE YOUR PURPOSE DRIVEN/DREAM LIFE WITHOUT IT!

  • Sit in quiet meditation.
  • Things will come to your throughout your day when you least expect them.
  • You will get nudges.
  • Pray.
  • Write.
  • Stretch.
  • Run.
  • Drive around.
  • Listen to Your Favorite Music.
  • Tune into YOU.

Your heart will speak to you. Your heart wants to connect with you. It’s your soul. It wants to use you as a channel, a conduit to the life around you.

I believe our biggest problem is that humans in general terms don’t sit in stillness and listen to the silent rhythm of life stirring inside us.

If you aren’t meditating or spending quiet time listening, maybe it’s time to invest the time in you, your heart, your mind, your soul, your body.

You can’t go wrong following your heart, because if you believe that everything works together for your highest good, then the good, bad, & ugly that may follow from following your heart, is meant to be perfection.

As it all is always.




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