Choosing New Beliefs

Choosing New Beliefs

New Beliefs.

Here are a few of mine from this week!

These ones caught me off guard – in the sense that I’ve never heard them before (or I get to hear them in a new light) and I am now choosing to write them on my soul as new beliefs to hold – after all, we all get to choose our beliefs, right?!

This first one was from a James Altucher blog and then re-stated by Katrina Ruth in one of her blog’s:

“Every action comes from LOVE or FEAR.”  

Boom! Wow, I wrote something similar in my book about the 2 questions you need to ask yourself as you go through life, but this kinda hits home. When you say or do something, what is the real REAL reason for doing so? You know the truth always. And fear can be good or bad fear, so it’s up to you to tune in and figure out what’s true for you. Sometimes you have to face your fears, and doing so is out of love. But let’s be real, most times we act out of fear it’s not in our best interest.

Second thing was from Dr. Joe Vitale, although, I’ve also heard it back 20 years ago from T. Harv Eker.

“Money loves speed.”

Taking fast action on the ideas that come into your head or the opportunities that come into your life – priceless! – especially when it comes to the law of attraction and creating wealth and providence naturally follows. It’s basically following your gut, your intuition and let’s be real again, that sounds kinda zany and most people will look at you like your are crazy, but you’re not here to care what other people think anyways – follow that idea down the path – run with it!

The third thing I read this week that I honestly never heard before, and to be fair, I haven’t even tested this one out, nor have I researched it, but my intuition kind said, “oh that makes sense.”

This one was also from Dr. Joe Vitale.

“You created this moment from what you thought and felt three days ago. What you are thinking and feeling right now will create your next moments.” 

At first, I was like no way – three days is a long time, but then…


That’s one of those soul truths that you kinda just get to know deep down on a soul level.

No explanation needed.


New beliefs.

Being allowed to choose new beliefs.

One of the best gifts given to humanity.

Live Your Legacy!