Who Do You Give Your Authority To?

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“Take Me, Take Me NOW!”

I say this from time to time. And no, not sex-related (although, what isn’t), but more UFO or rapture related.

This usually comes at a time when I feel stuck on making decisions and I just want to say, HERE. Here, someone, anyone, Ryan Reynolds or Jeffrey Dean Morgan, come take the reins cause I’m tired of steering this ol’ Millenium Falcon (aka my 38-year-old body, brain, mind, thoughts, decisions, heart, etc.) around.

Life, for the most part, is decision after decision.

And personally, I have decision fatigue.

I’m tired of making decisions some days. You are nodding your head yes because you want Ryan Reynolds to take your reins too – ya, I get it.

So naturally, I’m the prime candidate for a cult following. It really doesn’t sound that bad sometimes. Just follow a leader, drink the Kool-Aid. BOOM. All your problems solved right?

The problem, as you can already see, is that Kool-Aid is FULL of SUGAR. And this poses a problem on my KETO (or pretend KETO) diet. (I did have 5 pieces of toast, butter, and honey {yes, FIVE} last night right before bed in starving dispair from my 8-day record of New Year’s Workouts – but I slept like a baby last night.. just saying.)

It boils down to this.

Who are you handing over authority to in your life?

It starts with our parents. This has proven to be a good thing in our lives, or an absolute disaster or both.

Then there were our teachers. Again, some beautiful jujubes amongst a bowl full of nuts.

(Hopefully, you were smart enough to pick out the jujubes for yourself!)

And then it was our boyfriends. Still, to this day I will never know why I invariably had this need to get all my boyfriends to like me (well, now I know self-worth issues clearly), so I naturally became interested in sports and cars (which somehow has stuck). It’s like I had no voice. I just handed the authority reins over about as fast as I do my credit card for size-10 shoes on clearance at Nordstroms.

“Take me, take me now.” They scream at me and my little plastic card.

And my beautiful, if I’m being honest, the whole MEN thing still messes with my brain. I love and respect so many men in my life & business, but I hand over my authority to them way too easily – although, make no mistake I’ve gotten way WAY better on this over the years, and it’s such a tricky spot, like eating, because we need to eat and well, we need men. So, of course, it sometimes gets tricky to know when we are overeating or over-manning in our lives. (…. and some of us could use a little over-manning in our lives right now 😉 )

Let me put it this way.

Where are we so easily handing over authority to others that we stop looking to ourselves to answer the questions and to make the decisions for our lives?

Who are you listening to? Is it you? Do you ever REALLY listen to yourself?

Who are you letting define you?

Some serious questions and obviously something I’m journaling around in my life and getting clear on… eye-opening, and if you were to actually read my journal, probably eye-popping!

Here are some more great questions:

Who do you want to define YOU? and Is that happening? 

Do you love, like and respect the people you’ve handed the authority reins over to?

So many women I know, including myself, allow our bosses to define us, our husbands, our boyfriends, our partners, our parents, our children, our teachers, our religion, our make-up, our clothes, our work, our writing, our art.

None of it is bad, btw.

But here is where the rubber hits the road.

Are you in alignment with who you are allowing to have authority over you in your life?

Meaning, do the people you give authority to in your life bring you good energy or suck it all out of you?

That’s how you tell.

That’s when it’s time to get rid of the energy sucking people you’ve consciously or subconsciously given your authority and power to.

Take it back!

Deliberately and intentionally give the authority reins back to yourself.

I will tell you this secret.

No one on the planet deserves your authority reins more than you.

You are the beautiful authority of your soul.

So start acting like it, my love.



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