Strutting Into 2018

Strutting Into 2018

This is how I’ve planned to STRUT 2018.

I started with my commitments.

I wrote out several pages of what I am committed to for 2018.

I mean, what outcomes am I really committed to? Love, Body, Mind, Spirit, Relationships, Business, Money.

It helped me cut out all the crap, set boundaries, and create a schedule of exactly how I want my daily life to play out.

Then I got out my planner that I created.

I planned my first 90-days.

Week by week.

What I’m reading, who I’m following, mentors, what I’m learning, what I’m memorizing, what I want to put into my brain.

I also planned out my business offers – what I’m putting out into the world, creating and where I’m creating value.

So I had my commitments document and my 90-day planner document.

Then I pulled out my calendar.

I scheduled everything in.

Most importantly, I scheduled in my morning routine, my workout, prayer/meditations, writing, reading, learning, and planned out all the hours I’m going to focus on my business specifically. Then put all the kid’s activities in. Then left space.

The blank space is the best. It’s the best part of a calendar for a Sagittarius like myself – who is ALL over the map, yet oddly planned out and efficient. Yes, I’m a walking contradiction.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Then comes accountability.

I sent these documents to my BBF – my BIZ Bestie Foreva. She knows it all. So does my life coach, and I’m ready for our call tomorrow and ready to tackle the year. My amazing sidekick also knows, who will show up for work tomorrow and know exactly where this little company is headed over the next 12 months. No questions asked. Just get down to work!

Clarity is an amazing thing.

I’m already boring myself with explaining this to you, but it’s necessary.

The thing is this.

It has to get done.

If you are at all serious about your goals – at all – you need to schedule them in.

This would be the ONE big thing you need to do!


Books don’t write themselves.

Movies don’t make themselves.

Creating art & music doesn’t just happen.

Great businesses don’t just happen.

Art of all forms (yes, business is an art form) needs some structure to be able to blossom.

I love how Steven Pressfield said when he was asked how the muse strikes him, and he answered, (and I paraphrase) “usually at 9am every morning when I sit down to write.”

The universe will meet you half way.

If you are organized, clear with your intentions, and know exactly what you want, then you’ll make it happen once you have it scheduled in.

I will tell you if you will succeed this year in your goals or not just by looking at your calendar.

Think about it.

What does your calendar look like?

The commitments and 90-day plan all come down to my calendar.

I have the year planned out. Not 100%, but 90% anyways. (I always leave 100% room for FUN – make no mistake!)

Maybe one day when I’m not out to make a huge impact in the world will I not plan out my year, but until then – there’s some serious work to do!

Live Your Legacy.




PS. Those are my feet and you can be darn sure those hot polka-dot shoes with bows are my shoes (the pretty much scream LISA), just in case any of lady mafia wants to borrow them. Size 10. SUPER uncomfortable to wear and only good for when your feet are up in the air or photoshoots! 😉