Money Lessons

It’s a few weeks into the new year and I have a PERFECT record of hitting my exercise, move and stand goals (yes, I’ve crushed as many awards on my iWatch as I can possibly get!) AND I’ve gained 3 pounds doing it. SO NATURALLY, I’m pissed and PISSED when I hear about EVERYONE who has lost 10 pounds in a week. CONGRATUFREAKINLATIONS!

Your weight loss triggers me. AND my non-lazy perfect workout record will trigger some of you.

We all get triggered.


It always happens and it creeps up in the most sincere ways.

I do it. You do it. We all do it.

There’s really only 2 ways we can compare ourselves to others: LOOKS & MONEY (okay, on my re-read, there is one other category…. LOVE)

We so badly want to fit in – of course – or we really just don’t want to be left behind.

Here’s the thing.

Comparison will KILL you. Literally. It will make your EGO do crap that will pull you so far off your track and suck the life right out of you till your dead.

Here’s a tip: LEARN TO IDENTIFY THE THINGS/PEOPLE THAT ENERGY DRAIN YOU and then do something about it!

{SUPER SIDE NOTE: My beautiful kids drain me & my massive extended family (people, in general, drain me & never ask me about the weather or other superficial crap – if I’m honest with you!), hence, I get help. I’m not ashamed to admit that. I have full-time help. I spend lots of money on lifestyle choices – WHY? Because I’m honest with myself, and I’ve identified things that drain my energy and I’ve done the work to know what also FILLS me up. I also need my own space for many hours a day (minimum 3, but usually 6 hours!!) and get completely grouchy when I haven’t had my alone time. I do everything in my power to protect my alone time. And yes, that does cost money. But it’s an investment that has already paid off and let’s be honest – it keeps me happy, smiling and full of joy. It’s in FLOW for my life. There will never be a bad penny spent on protecting your energy and doing what you need to do to feel good about your day!}

People always ask me about money and even my money. It’s kinda an occupational hazard. And this is what I so badly want them to deeply understand:

My money lessons – the ones that I’m here to learn, are not your money lessons. You have your own set of money lessons, life lessons, and your own energetic shit to release.

Money is just a mirror.

I mean this seriously.

If you haven’t figured out money is just energy, ENERGY you called in – or didn’t call in or scattered that energy all over the place – then this small money lesson today may be for you! 🙂

You hold that money mirror up to your face and look deeply into it. It will reveal a ton to you.

Keep in mind it’s never about the money.

It always boils back to your mindset and what you are committed to calling into your life. The mirror will show you what you are not really serious about and what you are half-assing in your life. When really your soul is screaming at you to go after your dreams and put some of your dreams mainstream, instead of keeping them hidden as a side-gig you barely take seriously. The mirror never lies.

For me, and if it isn’t obvious, let me re-iterate. I invest heavily in myself and being honest, I’ve screwed up and failed a TON – somewhere to the tune of probably $500,000+. Or more, if you count my phone bills from college and that one really bad spray-on-tan.

Yes, sometimes, investing in yourself, may take shape in the form of Louboutins, Prada or a facial, massage or whatever physical thing that you need to do to FEEL good about yourself. (ANOTHER SIDE NOTE: Don’t ever feel bad for spending money on yourself if it ELEVATES your vibe – however, be careful that you aren’t using shopping as a buffer for what’s really going on or a way to not deal with your feelings or things going on in your life!)

Most of the time investing in myself means that I’m investing in my creations and ideas. The BEST place to invest BY FAR. ALWAYS!

Sure, I’ve had 100’s of failures. IN FACT, I’m still paying for MASSIVE failures from 2007, every month like clockwork. Painful, but are you kidding me? It was a MONEY lesson I needed to learn. My money lesson.

You probably won’t have that same money lesson.

I know many people, clients, colleagues who have gone bankrupt in the past from investing heavily in their ideas and creations. I admire them for trying. So what? Your soda shoppe went out of business and you had put 100% of everything you had in it.

I LOVE that you put 100% in. Most people never give their dreams 100%.

The sideliners never inspire.

AND I know people who went bankrupt, paid everyone back and then did it all again. I just want to HIGH-FIVE them! (Plus, those people, are usually wildly successful later on, and write memoirs…)

Okay, so you don’t have to go bankrupt to learn your money lessons – let me be clear.


We all have money lessons. Even billionaires have money lessons, so this is something you are not going escape anytime soon.

And the greater you get (yes, richer, bigger, better with money) – the greater your money lessons will be!

Don’t worry or care about what others are doing financially.

Follow your own NORTH STAR.

The money lessons usually come up for us when we are NOT following our true path. (BOOM!)

And to be certain, don’t judge others for their money lessons, and if you do – just remember – it’s triggering you for a reason.

Usually, that reason you can find by holding up a mirror.



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