The Victim of Money

Victim of Money

Imagine this.

You are not owed any money right now.

You are not owed money right now from:

  • your employer
  • your company
  • a new job
  • your past employer
  • your clients
  • the government
  • your investment portfolio
  • the stock market
  • your renters
  • your real estate
  • your parents
  • your grandparents
  • your kids
  • your bff, neighbour or friends
  • your charity
  • your partner
  • your spouse
  • your ex-spouse
  • your church
  • your inheritance
  • God

You are not owed anything right now.

This is what is happening all over (and no doubt has since Adam & Eve!):

Entitlement is running wild right now.

You are not owed any of it.

You truly are not owed money right now from a single person.

Entitlement is the opposite of gratitude.

Do you feel it? Do you see it?

When everything in life can be held with open hands, it can come and go like air.

That’s when I say money (and trust me I’m still learning this!) is as easy as breathing.

The problem is most of us are cutting off our currency of money – which really is cutting off our currency of LOVE and gratitude by our demand for money, our “right” to the money we are owed.

What if you lived in a space where you are never owed a damn thing?

What if you lived your life like everything you do comes from a place of deep joy?

But you are owed, right? or how will you pay that bill, how will you eat food, how will you surivive?

You are owed your Old Age Security and Pension Plan, non?

You are owed to get paid every 2 weeks from your boss, non?

What would your life be like if you lived in the space that everytime you received money you were so overjoyed and thrilled?

What would it be like to kill the fear around money?

What would it be like to stop the constant worry about where the next money is coming from?

Do you get that demanding to get paid for something, for anything, is really you living your life as the victim of money?

Do you get that you’ve been holding on to your victim story about money for way too long?

Do you get, on a deep soul level, that NO ONE OWES you a damn thing?

Do you see how when you live in your victim story around money it actually CUTS OFF THE thing you want most at that time, money?!?!

I’ve personally been working on this for so long without even realizing my own money victim story.

Mine is more from an entreprenurial space where I hold my victim story about money. Other areas I’m better in.

Collecting rent from rental properties I finally got over in the last years.

I’ve noticed over the years so many areas where this story has crept into my life.

I got paid $300 from a client last year and I was elated.

The thing about this $300 that was different than a lot of the other money I’ve been paid is that this $300 I never expected to see.

And the gratitude around it I had was enormous. I was so happy.

I could literally see a shift, feel a shift.

I’ve been working on this shift since I learned about it and started writing on it years ago. (Yes, I’m a slow learner! Many just get this!)

Money will flee from you when you are desperate for it.

Money will not be able to flow through you when you cut off the current because your fists are wrapped so tightly around it.

Money wants to run from you when you are acting from a place and energy of being “owed”.

You don’t deserve money – no one on the planet deserves anything really, it’s a heart matter of realizing all that life has to offer us is a gift, from the breath we breath to the birds we hear singing to the food we eat to the money we allow to circulate.

Maybe it’s time to do your job for a paycheque of joy or get out and get a job that gives you a paycheque of joy.

If you are miserable, money is probably just as miserable around you and will go find the joy seekers and land comfortably in their hands!

Money wants nothing to do with your victim story!

And yet, you have to hold this deep belief and know the universe wants to bless you with abundance!

So you will have to let your money go…..

You will have to hold it with open hands.

You will have to learn the lessons you are here to learn about money.

We all have them in various forms, but they are for the most part all along the same theme.

More gratitude.

More joy.

More open hands.

Be open on the giving and receiving.

More trusting in God, that the universe has your back and your next meal and a bank account with whatever amount of money your heart desires waiting for you once you learn to change the narrative in your head from that of being owed to that of serving the world around you.

Beautiful, do yourself a favor and stop your victim story about money and




and money will flow freely to you and happily dance with you through out life.

That’s how you….

Live Your Legacy.

xx Lisa

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