The Message

This MESSAGE! This… right here, right now.

This is THE message that you must remember.

Especially now when the collective energy is radical, the polarity is strong, and fear has taken hold of so many.

You must remember LOVE.

Love being the opposite of FEAR.

You can not be in FEAR and be in a state of LOVE at the same time.

Remember that.

And everytime fear creeps in…

because it’s creeping in….

about money, about health, about death….

remember LOVE.

Remember that UNCONDITIONAL LOVE wins…

PERFECT LOVE will always win.

Love that is patient, and kind.

Love that is not easily angered.

Love that is not jealous or envious.

Love that is PURE and doesn’t remember the wrongs of others.

(1 Corinthians 13:4-8 – It’s worth a read…)


That LOVE will drive out fear.

You must push through this scary time, the fear.

And you do that by staying in your JOY.


Only you can choose to LOVE over the rest.


TO LOVE is to be set free.

If you want to be set free, you must find your JOY state.

Okay, so this is what your charge is – for today and ever more….

Your job is YOUR VIBE.

Only you create and set your vibe, your vibration.

Love radiates at a much higher frequency than fear.

They say that one person vibrating at a level of 500hz or higher (which is the frequency of LOVE), can actually affect in a positive manner up to 750,000 people…. (Ref. Power Vs. Force by Dr. David Hawkins)

That is what being the LIGHT does…

And this positively reflects in every area of your life – INCLUDING your money….

You need to find your JOY.

Being JOYFUL sets you FREE. (One of my mentors said these exact words recently!)

I found mine this week.

A little bit of sun.

It does wonders…

A little bit of adventure hiking.

A little bit of alone time.

A little bit of reading.

A little bit of hot tubbing.

A little bit of talking to random strangers and connecting with new humans.

That is my JOY.

You need to find what brings you JOY and keep doing it.

Stay in that joy-filled place.

That is how you are easily able to be LOVE and LOVE OTHERS.

This is also where you don’t get to stay in GUILT.

Guilt is a wasted emotion, as my girlfriend told me this week.

I also think MOMS are plagued with mom guilt any time they try to do anything for themselves… even going alone on a trip away from their kids for a much-needed break. Don’t buy into that.

Don’t let the mom guilt hold you back…. besides, your kids need to see you take care of yourself first and your KIDS need to SEE a HAPPY JOYFUL CONFIDENT MOM! {Yes, moms, go and do something for yourself! Leave the mom guilt behind!}

This goes back to the JOY thing.

Can I just say that a HAPPY JOYFUL LISA is the best gift I can give the world!!

It is.

And a happy {insert your name} is the best gift you can give the WORLD!

That’s how you be a light!

But you need to be the person who seeks out your joy-filled activities!

No one can bring you to joy.

Happiness is an inside job.

That may mean – no news, no phone, no social, no government…

Your vibe and your being in a VIBE of LOVE is sooooo much more important than just you – THIS IS THE OPPOSITE OF SELFISH.

It’s how we will make it through the hard times, and above all – it’s the LIFE you were called to.

Being in a vibration of LOVE will ERADICATE FEAR!

Wouldn’t that be a great thing to eradicate FEAR and the place where all the dis-ease in our bodies live?

You were created to enjoy pleasure.

You were created for JOY and LOVE.

Fear must step aside.

Fear will eat you up.

It will cause you to hide.

You have no LIGHT when you are in fear.

You are not a joy spreader when you hide.

Remember that.

Remember God, the Universe, created you shine your LIGHT.

That’s the purpose of all of this.

So, do what you have to do, but above all… stay in your JOY STATE.

Stay in LOVE.

You can never go wrong.

As we enter this new season, this new year…..




Live Your Legacy!

I love you.

xx Lisa