For A Time, Such As This…

Okay, there is LOTS of money stuff that’s going to happen to you in your life – it’s just a matter of when. 

Wait, like today – when many of us are told to stay home and many people are unable to do their jobs.

Yes, a day like today.

The trick is to deal with all your money stuff NOW (Yes, especially now in the middle of a pandemic) and have a plan so when life, death, illness – and everything in between throws you an inevitable curve ball you can say with confidence, “I’ve got this!” and let all the money worry & fear roll off your back – like Chuck Norris would. {Insert laugh, I still think I’m funny!}

This is all about YOU, YOUR MONEY, CALLING YOUR TRUE ABUNDANCE now, not in 10 years from now…. 

It’s also about getting your financial poop in a group now, not in 10 years from now.

It’s also important to remember that money is sitting there waiting for you to go out and take it.

Even if you can’t do your regular job, trust me, money is always available to you – even if it may not be in the money form – because you can still manifest exactly what you need.

Don’t give up on the miracles.

Don’t give up.

Even if it feels bleak and dreary right now, I assure you.

Imagine you are on a plane.

You are in a storm, but you just need to break above the clouds.

You are so close.

You are so close to being able to fly in the blue sky above the clouds where the financial storms can’t reach you. (okay, so life will still be 50% fabulous and 50% crap – that never changes regardless how much money you have, but you can eliminate a WHOLE LOTTA unnecessary stress.)

That, my love, is your true birth right.

That, my dear friend, is yours to claim.

No one can take that from you.

No one can take joy or pleasure from you.

And even with the challenges, what if you were created for a time such as this?

What if this time was YOUR TIME?

What if this challenge in your life right now was the challenge that was ordained to be exactly what you needed for your highest good and what if you trusted that?

What if you trusted that you were made to receive all the desires of your heart and what if all that was needed to truly receive that was to TRUST FULLY and get on that plane to reach the blue skies?

Want to learn how to fly into the blue sky?

If you are stressed right now, full of anxiety, struggling, overwhelmed, not sure where to start, feeling guilt, feeling shame around money, I invite you to check out our webinar.

We want to introduce you to The Wealth Collective™.

This is the plane ticket you’ve been waiting for.

We’ve created something so timely.

And it’s taking off! NOW!

We’ve created the trifecta of accountablity, financial systems, money coaching, and knowledge to help get you out of the fog and into the blue sky.

Blue sky is available for you.

Blue sky is much close than you think.

But only you can choose that.

Only you can choose to….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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